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To what does the soul turn that has no therapist to visit?  It takes its troubles to the trees, the garden, the river bank.  We breathe, expand and let go, and something comes in from somewhere."  Stephen Harrod Buhner from The Lost Language of Plants


All true healing must begin at the source of the problem.  That's where our living flower essences can help!

Where the constituents within plants can affect your PHYSICAL body, a plant's higher frequencies can benefit your ENERGETIC body -- your soul and emotions.  These delicate frequencies are well suited to raising the vibration of your etheric body while balancing your brain waves and neural pathways


Here's why you need flower essences ...

Each thought or feeling sends a frequency along your body's neural pathways.  This triggers the release of neuro-peptides, which prompt a physiological response within your body.   You have hundreds of different NP's.  They release in different combinations, creating specific physiological responses.  Hormones, endorphins, adrenaline, oxytocin are all neuro-peptides


So how does your body know which NP's to release, and when to release them?  Our research has demonstrated that each emotion and thought has its own individual frequency!  As the electrical charge of an emotion cascades through your neural pathways, your body recognizes which specific NP's to release in response.  For example, when you experience fear, your body releases adrenaline and cortisol, which cause your heart to beat faster, your blood vessels to dilate to provide more oxygen to tissues, and your muscles to tense

This is your body's 'fight or flight' response.  It allows you to respond quickly to stay safe 

But, what if you experience low level fear (such as stress) over a prolonged period?  The effects of constant release of stress NP's becomes detrimental, doesn't it?

That's what happens when you don't properly process your emotions.  You might push a feeling or emotional pain from your conscious thoughts, but, the electrical charge keeps looping through your neural pathways, releasing NP's that eventually overtax your body.  Over time, you begin to experience pain, or inflammation, disease, or dysfunction in your body

Our essences raise your vibration allowing you to see things from a different perspective.  Try one and seeOur proprietary research has demonstrated that when you change the frequency of the emotion you are feeling, it changes the emotion. And your body responds by releasing appropriate neuro-peptides.   Change the frequency of fear to the frequency of joy, and your body quickly switches from releasing adrenaline to releasing endorphins.  It's that simple ... and that profound!     

Each of our individual organic living flower frequencies are vibrationally potentized and expertly crafted to address a specific emotional frequency.  View our practitioner quality single flower essences.   We've also created transformational living flower essence fusions using a concert of flower frequencies to address a wide range of emotional issues

Of course, flower essences are more effective when used with introspection, meditation, self-reflection and a willingness to let go of the thoughts and feelings that are not serving your higher good.  That takes courage!  ... And sometimes a counselor or a friend to help you begin to see a different perspective!


Not all flower essences are alike!  Traditional Bach Flower essences don't work the way our potentized living essences do.  Bach-style essences are homeopathy.  Learn more about what sets our essences apart  

The effectiveness of any flower essence really comes down to how closely you pinpoint the actual emotional issue or its source, and which frequency you choose in order to change it.  Since your unconscious mind controls 97% of your thoughts and actions, that might be harder than you think!  That's why our expert testing always insures the best results for you!


If you prefer do it yourself ...  Take our happiness quiz!  It will guide you to the essences that will be most helpful for you! 

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