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Are Enlightened Feelings products 'flower essences'?  No.  

Since our flower frequencies are the only products of their type in the world, we sometimes use the term 'flower essences' for Google, export, and FDA classification.  But, they really are entirely different

Learn what makes Enlightened Feelings flower frequencies different from traditional flower essences


Are flower essences similar to essential oils?  No.  

Essential oils are a distilled concentration of chemical compounds found within plants and their flowers.  They are identified by their intense fragrance.  Essential oils are designed for topical and ambient use only.  They are highly toxic if ingested

Flower essences are created using a repeated dilution of plant compounds to the point where only the the energy signature remains.  There is no scent.  Flower essences are designed to be ingested.  There is no scent, and generally the only taste is that of the alcohol preservative used

Our LIVE flower frequencies are different from essential oils and traditional flower essences in that we do not pick the flowers or process them.  We don't harm the plants in any way.  In fact, we actually enhance them!     


Who can use live flower frequencies?  Basically everyone, including children and pets!  But, we do not recommend our products for those who use homeopathy.  Use caution if you are taking pharmaceuticals, as there is alcohol in our products, and emotional healing can sometimes precipitate physical healing, which reduces the need for pharmaceuticals.  For pets and children we strongly recommend you use our products that are specifically designed using more gentle frequencies for pets and children


Do live flower frequencies work for everyone?  YES.  As long as you choose the right product for your needs.  But, not everyone is very self-aware and therefore some people will not notice a distinct shift or change.  The products can't turn you into something you are not.  They just allow you to be who you really are without emotional encumbrances.  So, it always feels perfectly natural and more like the real you  

For best results choose our photo testing services to ensure you receive the optimal products for your needs



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Technical overview about our products including contra-indications and regulatory information for export and shipping




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