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Are Enlightened Feelings products 'flower essences'?  No!  

They are more like flower quantum super-essences!  They mimic the higher-range signals of your neural network to communicate naturally with your body and mind

There are 8 differences between our products and flower essences.  Since our flower frequencies are the only products of their type in the world, we sometimes use the term 'flower essences' for Google, export, and FDA classification.  But, they really are entirely different


Learn what makes Enlightened Feelings flower frequencies different from traditional flower essences



Are flower essences similar to essential oils?  No!  

Essential oils are a distilled concentration of chemical compounds found within plants and their flowers.  They are identified by their intense fragrance.  Essential oils are designed for topical and ambient use only.  They are highly toxic if ingested

Flower essences are created using a repeated dilution of plant compounds to the point where only the the energy signature remains.  There is no scent.  Flower essences are designed to be ingested.  There is no scent, and generally the only taste is that of the alcohol preservative used

Our LIVE flower frequencies are different from essential oils and traditional flower essences in that we do not pick the flowers or process them.  We don't harm the plants in any way.  In fact, we actually enhance them!     



What is the diffeence between our flower frequencies and homeopathy?  Homeopathy is also a frequency modality, as are flower essences, which are a genre of homeopathy.  But they work on a different premise known as similus  

Although our products have some similarities with homeopathy in their dynamization, attenuation, and the application of the Law of Infinitesimals, the primary difference is that we do not start with materials listed in the General Pharmacopoeia, Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia, or Veterinary Pharmacopoeia.  We also do not match the vibration or symptoms of the malady.  Instead, we RAISE the frequency of the biological terrain to its optimal state  

Homeopathy requires diagnosis of a precise and very specific set of symptoms with the goal of using a corresponding preparation to exactly match the frequency of the malady.  Homeopathic remedies work by matching the vibration of the malady in order to stimulate a healing response or to negate/neutralize it. (Nicola Tesla's law of electromagnetic fields)

This often produces Herrings Law of cure through stimulating a hyper healing response in the body. (similar to a vaccine).  That's why improperly prescribed homeopathy will cause negative reactions.  That is why homeopathic products must be dispensed by highly trained and licensed health practitioners 

Although the creation, preparation and production of our products has some loose similarities, there are additional/different procedures and steps taken in the production and bottling of our products.  Primarily, our products do not kill, harm, or process organic materials in order to capture their frequencies.  We need their full, vibrant life force to be intact  

We do not extract compounds or constituents.  In fact, the energetic signature of a flower is often very different in application from its traditional medicinal use.  For example, mullein is traditionally used to treat the lungs.  Our verbascum (mullein) flower frequencies are used to heighten and re-enforce a sense of independence and inner autonomy

Our goal is to raise the overall frequency of the bio-terrain, bringing the body's vibration to its optimal level of function so that the nervous system operates optimally.  Our products can be safely applied over a wide range of issues and have much broader parameters in their function so that they can be useful for virtually everyone.  If improperly applied, they simply have no effect.  Above all, when used properly, they do not elicit negative side-effects and cannot do harm



Who can use live flower frequencies?  Flower frequencies are safe for people of all ages, including babies and children.  Our products are even safe and helpful for recovering alcoholics and addicts. But, please don't use our potentized living essences for children or for animals!  We have created special children's essences and pet essences that are more gentle for the delicate nervous systems of children and animals  


   Alcohol pre-caution?  Our products contain 1 drop of alcohol per dose.  FDA recommends taking medications at least 2 hours apart from our products.  That way it is easier to determine the source of a health reaction  

For those with religious beliefs or alcohol addictions, pregnancy, drug testing, or medical contra-indications, we recommend adding your dose to water and let it sit for 30 minutes before drinking so that the alcohol will completely evaporate.  We also offer alcohol-free essences on request.  But they do have a shorter shelf life



Do live flower frequencies work for everyone?  YES. As long as you choose the right product for your needs.  Everyone, including children and animals, can benefit to some degree from living flower frequencies


However, those with control issues may unconsciously try to block the release of deep emotional issues, because letting go does not feel safe.  Control issues develop in childhood when you regularly experience situations in which you don't feel safe, stable, or secure.  We have developed a special essence formula specifically to help address this problem.  Learn if you need Control Release  



What will I feel when I take the essences?  The products can't turn you into something you are not.  They just allow you to be the beautiful soul you really are, without emotional encumbrances.  So, it always feels perfectly natural and more like the real you.  Generally you feel lighter, more at peace, more grounded in your body  

How you do anything is how you do everything.  So, how you process your emotions will be the way you normally respond, except in a condensed, accelerated way.  If you are releasing a painful or traumatic past, an intense mental processing and release occurs between day 3-7 and lasts only for a day.  Then you shift into a lighter state that becomes your norm

Not everyone is very self-aware and therefore some people will not notice a distinct shift or change.  For many the transformation is so seamless and effortless that they don't feel it.  But, those around them may notice the difference in their behaviour and attitude.  For others, the change is so striking that it shakes their world.  For a wonderful few, the changes are so gentle, positive, and profound that they are in awe of the process and the transformation in which they are taking part

If you take an essence fusion that isn't the right one for your issues, you won't feel any shift.  Sometimes what you think the problem is, really is only a symptom.  It isn't the core underlying issue.  So, for best results choose our photo testing services to ensure you receive the optimal products for your needs



Are there any contra-indications to taking live flower frequencies?  Yes!

We do not recommend our products for those who use or have used homeopathy.  (see below)    Exceptions are homeopathic tissue salts (minerals), and topical pain relief (arnica), which are compatible


Use caution if you are taking pharmaceuticals, as there is a small amount of alcohol in our products (1 drop per dose).  Consider as well that emotional healing can sometimes precipitate physical healing, which reduces the need for pharmaceuticals  


Our flower essences may reduce or eliminate the need for anti-depressants.  Feeling great can make you want to stop taking anti-depressants 'cold-turkey.'  However, these medications can only be gradually reduced under the supervision of a physician


Flower essences are a self-help tool.  They are not suited for those with diagnosed mental disorders or chemical imbalances.  However, they may be used in conjunction with counselling or medical care


Pregnant women should use caution, as our products do contain 1 drop of alcohol per dose, and some of our formulas may be too high-frequency for a developing fetus.  Use our children's essences instead, as they are more gentle.  You may also email us to special-order alcohol-free essences 


Please don't use regular live flower essences for children or for animals!  They are too high frequency for their nervous systems.  We have created special children's essences and pet essences that are more gentle for the delicate nervous systems of children and animals  



How often should I take the living flower frequencies?  You can use our products as often as you like, for a multitude of reasons and needs.  They are an amazingly effortless tool to help keep you in balance and thriving

Flower frequencies are not harmful in any way.  You can take them as often as you have habit patterns, negative beliefs, or emotional traumas that still need to be resolved.  You can also choose to take botanical frequencies to keep your vibration high, or just to continue that 'feel-good' feeling

Once you enjoy the feeling of joy and freedom our living botanical frequencies can offer, you won't want to stop taking our essences!  That's why 85% of our clients are loyal repeat customers!  

We offer everyday feel-good botanical frequencies that are used only as needed, and botanical frequencies that are used for 3-5 days to address immediate issues as they arise




Can behaviours and habit patterns return after taking the flower frequencies?  Once you have completely cleared your emotional past with flower essences, generally you are not as emotionally impacted by the types of experiences that would normally trigger an emotional response or 'push your buttons'.  You'll respond to daily life in an entirely new way

However, when we are helping you with subjective issues relating to your conscience or self-perception, we can help you achieve self esteem and inner balance.  But, we cannot overwrite your conscience or you would become a sociopath!  

That means you won't be immune to the experiences you encounter throughout your daily life.  Some of your interactions will be life affirming and positive.  Some will be negative and shake you up or hurt you deeply.  Issues that involve conscience or morality (such as feelings of guilt, shame, anger, low self esteem) will need to be addressed again periodically (every 4-8 weeks).  That's because we can only overwrite the negative feelings and beliefs you felt in the past.  We cannot erase your conscience! 

But, our living flower frequencies can certainly help you to regain balance each step of the way!  So, every time negative feelings such as guilt or feeling underserving begin to creep in, you will need to take an essence fusion for 3-5 days so that you can resolve these negative feelings before they become habitual again.  This will ensure you continue to remain clear and free   




How will I know the flower frequencies worked for me?  We recommend you begin by taking our happiness quiz 

Record your results.   It will give you a benchmark for how you were feeling before you began using the flower frequencies.  Also, take a passport-style headshot photo of yourself

Begin by taking your essences long enough to permanently clear your current emotional issues and create a new habit pattern in your mind.  For most people, changing a habit pattern takes 21-42 days.  For some, it can take as long as 66 days

Overwrite or release the harmful past with our helpful flower frequencies fusions ---> Then fill back up with positive life-affirming feelings prompted by our live flower frequencies.  Take out the bad --> Replace with the good

After you complete your essence protocol, cover your quiz results and take the quiz again.  Now compare the results.  Do you see a better score in the areas you were addressing?  Now take another selfie.  Compare the two photos.  Do you look more relaxed and happy now?  Is there a light in your eyes that wasn't present in the first photo?        



How do I care for my flower frequencies?  Our potentized living flower frequencies are not like flower essences.   They don't act like other essences, so don't treat them like you would other essences.  You are using a premium product that might just change your life for the better, so treat our living flower frequencies with care and respect

Do not refrigerate or heat our essences.   Keep them away from cell phones and other devices and appliances that emit or receive electro-magnetic signals.  Keep them away from light and xrays  

If you travel with our products use the silver mylar bubblewrap packaging in which your products were shipped to you.  Place them in the centre of your packed checked luggage--not in your carry-on bag or purse



How do I select which flower frequencies are the best ones for me?



How do I administer Enlightened Feelings flower frequencies?



How do flower frequencies change your emotional state?



What can I expect to experience during a testing session?



How do I prepare for a testing session?



Why do animals respond so favorably to flower essences?



More questions answered ....



Caveat as required by Health Canada and FDA:  For your protection and mine, the information contained on this website is provided as general and scientific information and is not intended as medical or psychological advice.  Our flower essence remedies are a self-help option, not a therapeutic treatment.  The essences are designed as self-help tools to raise your own inner vibration.  Essences are not intended to address physical or mental health issues.  They are not appropriate for those under psychiatric care or with a history of mental illness  



Shipping and Export information:  

Our products contain a proprietary combination of frequencies.  (Think in terms of a medody played by an entire orchestra vs played on a piano)  

Our products are not Dangerous or Hazardous Goods, and are safe for air transit, since the content is just 5% alcohol with 95% water.  Our flower frequenies are not classed as tangible ingredients.  Bottles are just 15 ml, 30 ml and 60 ml in size 

Our labels meet the standards for all regulatory bodies and countries to which we export.  The frequencies that we use and the method we use to capture the botanical and sound frequencies is proprietary and is a closely guarded secret to prevent intellectual theft (Chapter 20.61).  We can say that, in the same way that natural vitamins do not contain the same frequencies or identical properties as synthetic vitamins, our frequencies cannot be duplicated artificially.  Nor can they be identically repeated, since weather, time of day and many other factors combine in the outcome of what we create.  Our products do not register as a restricted substance during drug testing.  However, some of our products will eleveate nitrous oxide levels


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