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December 1, 2022 @ 9:09 AM

It's time to think about getting your order in before the holidays so you can start the new year with a fresh new outlook on life!

Avoid disappointment!  Deadline for shipping to USA in time for Christmas is December 15th.  

Deadline for shipping in Canada in time for Christmas depends on location.  For orders to BC or east coast, please place your order by December 12th  For orders within Ontario or Quebec, please place your order by December 14th.  Depending on weather, we may add a $2 'signature required' to orders shipping to colder regions to ensure your package does not freeze in a mailbox

Office hours for December are Monday- Friday 9AM-4PM  

Our office will be closed from December ............

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November 27, 2022 @ 8:00 AM

Our testing cards were originally developed for use in our Practitioner Training Program.  But, we have discovered that they are an amazingly helpful tool for everyone!

It took us 4 years to figure out how to successfully implant the frequencies of our essence fusions into the cards.  These testing cards can be used in a multitude of practical ways .... pressed against your chest for a quick mini-essence treatment ... placed on a photo of someone who needs assistance ... for self-testing, or for testing others ... 8 different ways in total! 

Here is just one method of testing (It's my personal favourite!) ... 

The 3-card BIG REVEAL

This oracle-style method is ideal when you are feeling something intensely .........

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November 25, 2022 @ 6:22 PM

Is ‘STRUGGLE’ how you would define your life?

We think of struggle as a force that is impeding us.  But struggle isn’t a circumstance or force that is happening to you.  It is happening FROM you.

Struggle occurs because of resistance & avoidance.  You are resisting what it will take to make a change.

Struggle is the universe's way of trying to change your directionThe universal law of attraction dictates that what you resist persists.  Nothing can change until you change how you think and what are doing or not doing.

For example:  You aren’t struggling with forgiveness.  You are struggling with the willingness to forgive.  

You aren’t struggling to make your marriage work.  You are struggling with leaving and how ......

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November 7, 2022 @ 7:56 PM


We apologize for any challenges negotiating our website right now.  We are under massive reconstruction to improve your browsing experience on mobile devices and to get ready for a site migration to a new host.  

Stay tuned as we continue to upgrade our E-Store and educational pages to offer the best on-line experience for our fellow travellers on your healing paths

Thank you for your patience!  Let us know what we can improve for you!


Need to chat with us?      Email Us    tel: 1.519.586.2983

Monday-Thursday 9AM-5PM EST

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October 28, 2022 @ 11:56 AM

You may have noticed our website & email were offline this past week.  That's because we were migrating our websites to a new host.  The sites were down for about 90 minutes in the afternoon of October 21st.  

But, after the move, they forgot to reconnect the emails!  All our emails have been down for an entire week and were only fixed on October 28th.  

 If you tried unsuccessfully to email us, please try again!

A big thanks to our clients who took the time to call and make certain we were still in business!  They alerted us!  

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September 6, 2022 @ 10:00 AM

To manifest your wishes and desires more readily, your vibration has to be as light and high as possible.  As Benjamin Disraeli said, “You will never go any higher than you think”

This means your health should be optimal, the food you eat healthy and nutritious, and you must practice forgiveness

Organic food carries a much higher vibration than commercially farmed produce.  Vegetarian diets free the body of heavy digestion.  Fresh live foods naturally possess more life energy than meat (dead animals) or processed foods

Supplement your diet with quality nutritional products, particularly super-food supplements.  It is important to ensure plenty of minerals in your body as calcium ions promote .........

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September 4, 2022 @ 5:06 PM


CLUTTER  is an important principle of Feng Shui.  In feng shui, your home represents the different aspects of you, and your life--your family, career, prosperity, relationship, health, future, and self.  A cluttered house = a cluttered, confused mind and body that isn’t letting go of the past.  It places unnecessary obstacles in the way of your present and your future


Clutter or hoarding delivers subliminal messages of obstacles, confusion, resistance, and not letting go.  If you can't let go of material objects you have collected, you certainly cannot let go of all the negative emotional attachments these objects represent  


Clutter exacerbates stress by causing mental .........

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August 31, 2022 @ 9:48 AM

We LOVE finding ways to make your challenges become much easier!  Of course, our living flower frequencies certainly top our list of tools to assist you!

Do you have a youngster heading off to kindergarten for the first time, a child heading to a new school, or a teen heading off to college or university?  ADAPT TO CHANGE can make the transition effortless for them!  This lovely essence fusion can help to instil a greater sense of adventure and openness the new experiences.  This is the antidote to fear, stress, and homesickness

Don't forget to order ADAPT TO CHANGE or MOVING ON for yourself, too!   After all, your life will be changing with the upcoming empty nest!


We have other amazing remedies for.........

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August 25, 2022 @ 3:25 PM


Accessing Alpha


Mention the word 'meditation' and most people automatically think 'flakey new age hokum' or austere religious eccentrics chanting 'OM' while sitting in uncomfortable positions for hours on end.  Yet, almost everyone indulges in meditation periodically.  We call it 'visualization.' 

Most people do not realize how often they meditate without even being aware ... Have you ever gazed out a window lost in thought?  Have you ever taken a short nap and awakened with the answer to a problem?  Do you fantasize sometimes?   Do you pray?  Have you ever driven your car somewhere and lost track of how you arrived?  Do you dream?  Have.........

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August 17, 2022 @ 2:56 PM


As an empath whose job is to help people connect with what they feel, I have learned unequivocably that we are all invisibly connected.  I cannot separate myself from others any more than I can separate myself from air

Often when I am testing a person by photo for the essences they need, even if they are thousands of miles away in another country, they can feel that something is happening.  I can feel how they are feeling, and exactly how a particular essence impacts them, even though they are nowhere near

How does this happen?  Everything that exists is made up of energy in the form of atoms.  Energy, by its very nature is active...it vibrates.  Vibration affects everything around it, which affects .........

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