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December 27, 2023 @ 9:24 AM

Starting the New Year with Joy and Happiness!

Every year for more than 25 years, I have made an annual practice at New Years, of writing down a list of all the wonderful blessings and magical experiences I have enjoyed over the previous year.  These are moments that have brought me joy and inspiration and that I choose to remember and hold close to my heart 

As I write, I get to 're-live' the experiences all over again!  It feels heart-warming and grateful to have so very many blessings.  It is especially wonderful to look through previous years of blessings and remember all the wonderful experiences and cherished memories of a life well-lived

I then make a list of all my long-range goals ...

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December 20, 2023 @ 8:00 PM

A first-nations chief once told me that women hold the power, and always have.  They just haven't realized it

Women raise the children.  WE teach our children ethics and moral principles that will govern their lives.  Mothers are the moral compass of society.  Every son is the product of his mother.  We teach our sons and daughters how to love, how to treat others, how to have relationships, how to become productive adults


Think about that. ...  How much power women hold to shape the very fabric of society through the power of our own values, our wisdom, our own self worth


Our power does NOT come though COMPETING with men for equality and power (yang energy)

It comes from our ...............

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December 13, 2023 @ 9:13 AM

My parents grew up during during 'the hungry 30's'.  That's what the last great depression was called

The Great Depression was a desperate time.  The stock markets crashed.  Businesses closed.  There was no work to be found.  People became homeless  

My mother recalled that her father went to South America to work on oil rigs.  Her mother was left caring for 5 kids alone, with no home, no money, and very little food.  They moved every 3 months ... paying one month's rent and then getting evicted when they did not pay rent for the next 2 months  

As a result of that stressful childhood experience, my mother became very frugal and cautious.  She bought things ......

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December 6, 2023 @ 5:03 AM

Do you find yourself surrounded by negative people and situations   Are you being negative and seeing the downside in everyone and every situation?  

Well, negativity isn't your natural state.  In fact, it is a social thing!

Habitual negativity is learned and adopted from your surroundings and from your childhood experiences.  Did you grow up in a dysfunctional home?  Are you a fan of television, movies, the internet, and the news?  Media is rife with negative messages.  Is your home or workplace riddled with drama, chaos, conflict or excitement?  You might come to believe that is just life 


But, your natural state is happiness and positivity.  Since negativity is .........

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