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June 20, 2024 @ 8:00 AM


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When Pluto is in retrograde (backward motion from May 2- Oct 12, 2024) cosmic forces bear down to prompt transformation of power--our own personal power, as well as those in positions of power.  This is a time when corruption (both inner and outer) comes into focus--a time to address what needs to be reworked, transformed, or healed in both individual and collective power  
Areas to address: self empowerment, ego vs integrity, power struggles vs authentic power, will power vs lack of commitment, sacrifice vs using others, empowering your innate intuition vs believing the illusion of what you see and hear

On a personal level, empowerment is Pluto'.........

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June 9, 2024 @ 7:58 AM

We have just become aware that our fibre-optic internet/phone service has been malfunctioning for quite some time, causing intermittent black-outs in our service.  If you have been trying unsuccessfully to contact us, or it appears that we have not responded to your email, please let us know ASAP!  We are trying to have the issue resolved, but so far no one can find the source  

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