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Why is it so important to balance your emotions and heal your negative experiences?


"When something within us is disowned, that which is disowned wreaks havoc"   Ralph H Blum and Susan Coughan


Pain is how your body expresses feelings you've kept locked inside

Humans are sensitive, social, emotional beings.  We interact with the world, and everything within it, via our senses and our feelings.  Although we want to think our rational mind rules, in reality, our subjective sensory and emotional experiences dictate 97% of the choices and decisions we make, the attitudes and beliefs we adopt, and how we interact with others   


Some of your experiences were happy, positive, and life affirming.  Some of what you learned from your mentors and those around you was constructive 

But, you've also had negative experiences that have left an emotional impact that is still lingering long after the memory has faded.  You have learned fundamental 'untruths' from your parents, teachers and society.  And you have adopted those damaging beliefs as our own.  You've probably refused to acknowledge or own parts of yourself that you don't like or can't accept.  You've felt the sting of heartbreak, betrayal, shame, guilt, grief, loneliness or rejection  

Throughout life you've had myriads of seemingly inconsequential conversations or events that left you with unhealthy judgments about people and different aspects of life.  And you are probably carrying something you have not forgiven 


Disease is in essence a conflict between sould and



We all travel unwittingly through life collecting all sorts of emotional and energetic debris without awareness of how it shapes and changes us in negative ways. We don't realize the damaging physical and psychological after-effects that linger long after an experience has been forgotten.  Like a virus, our emotional baggage keeps operating as a hidden program, deep within the software of our subconscious mind


Your personal feelings are your identity, personality and your true self.  Intimacy involves open, honest non-judgemental sharing of who you are and what you think and feel.  Suppressing your true feelings can lead to a negative self-image and the feeling of being untrue to oneself.  This only alienates you from others, making it even harder to open up later



It's likely you have no clue how your current attitudes and beliefs are sabotaging your life right now!  





Did you know ... Emotions are simply a form of energy that generates an electrical current which passes through your body via your neural pathways.  The electrical charge triggers the release of chemical proteins that cause physiological reactions.  Discover the true purpose of emotions


Every thought and feeling creates such specific biological responses, that physical symptoms can actually pinpoint what's really going on in your unconscious mind!    That means negative emotions really DO cause disease and illness!  Learn more about how your body responds to emotions ...



Learn how your body talks to you through symptoms ...        




Pain & suffering are warning signs that you are living against your own truth

When you suppress or control feelings, the frequencies can't flow through your body properly and dissipate naturally.  You may think you have effectively minimized how you felt, but the energy of the emotion is still at work  

It turns inward, causing anger, depression, pain, health problems, control issues, frustration, emotional 'shut-down', or self-sabotage.  It also has a measurable impact on the beating of your heart, increasing blood pressure, accelerating heart rate, and arousing the sympathetic nervous system


A dangerous cycle begins.  As you judge yourself and your experiences, low self-esteem and unworthiness begin to develop.  This affects your health and vitality, and inhibits your ability to create or receive what you really want in life


So, emotions really DO cause disease and illness! 


Learn how you can neutralize those negative memories and feelings effortlessly ...    



Did you know that 85% of the population feels they are not happy? 


Depression is 10X more prevalent today than it was in the 1950's!  Stress is now the number one health complaint in North America 

And yet, your natural state is JOY and LOVE!  How did you get so far from who you really are?  How do you find your way back to your natural state of JOY and serenity? 




"The best way to create peace in the world is to create peace inside ourselves."  Michael Moon


Most people are busy seeking treatment and cures for their health issues, trying to change their situations, their relationships or jobs, only to meet with frustration or disappointment.  They read and study how to use the 'Law of Attraction' or 'The Science of Getting Rich".  But, they don't get results.  Time and again the same problems and situations return with a new face   

The problem is, you are missing the key piece to the puzzle ...  Here is the key 



Your life as it could be ...

  • Gain a more optimistic, positive outlook
  • Feel less burdened by worry, stress, or struggle and feel more ease in life
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence
  • Attract good things and wonderful people into your life
  • Experience the ecstasy of an open heart
  • Give, receive and accept more love and blessings into your life
  • Have healthy, satisfying relationships with others and with yourself
  • Nurture yourself
  • Forgive your past
  • Eliminate the 'buttons' that people push


How amazing would it be if you could do something RIGHT NOW to invite that into your life?  It’s what your heart wants most deeply and it’s what the world needs most urgently

When you take those first steps to make a change within yourself, sometimes your world and those around you change profoundly too!  That's because the resistance is gone from your energy field, allowing others to be more open, real, and intimate with you, and good things to be naturally attracted to you


"...The remedy that you gave Ariel and myself seemed to have the largest impact on my husband!  He has completely transformed and has decided to place his focus on love and he now shares his love with Ariel and I, he received a wonderful promotion, had his working hours changed to what he has always wanted, and it looks like he may receive yet another promotion before the year is out.  Now that he has shifted so much, Ariel and I are no longer under constant attack and we are free and happy ... there is a wonderful loving energy around us all.  Simply amazing!!!!"  Amy W  Niagara Falls ON




It is time to dissolve the effects of your negative emotional experiences!  




Access the effortless way to HAPPINESS!




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