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Discover how AWESOME you are!Want to become your very best and truest self and express your full potential?  These transformative essence fusions were carefully formulated to help you effortlessly dissolve negative beliefs, habit patterns and self-sabotage that are inhibiting your relationships, success, happiness, prosperity, and self-empowerment

Each essence fusion combines multiple individual flower essences to address multiple aspects of a complex state of being, for a more powerful and comprehensive approach to your issue.  Essence fusions are extensively field tested to ensure efficacy across a broad range of situations and personality types


Learn about the 7 emotional wounds that may be sabotaging your success 


"I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks for the essences you selected for me just shy of a month ago (I Am Deserving, Success & Love Empowered).  Each one has assisted me in one way or another.  When I say assisted I truly mean breaking old mind habits over another.  As a result I feel my approach & attitude towards my work environment has improved tenfold, which I believe will be beneficial to my current challenges or should I say opportunities!  Thanks again & I look forward to any other suggestions that you may have.  Warm regards,"  Phil T  Toronto


Feel mental shifts begin after just a few days.  Lasting results in 21 days.  Repeat once a month for 3-5 days to ensure you remain free and unencumbered by life's challenges. Full instructions are provided with each essence remedy




Some of our clients' experiences



We offer accurate testing services

Let us pin-point the essence fusions that will be most helpful to you!




Self Acceptance

"Self Acceptance"

If you don't like yourself, you are pulling on others to make you happy.  Everything changes when you begin to love yourself  

The more you love and accept yourself, the less you seek validation and approval.  You no longer send out the energy of desperation, or need to be filled from the outside 

A wounded person will long for love.  So, you will create a 'mask' to hide all that you believe to be unacceptable within yourself to try to fool others that you are not defective, inferior or worthless, as you feel you are.  You will work hard to elicit approval and acceptance so that you can feel loved and a sense of belonging.   

But, trying to become your spiritual or personal ideal leads to feeling flawed or unable to attain perfection.  When you fall in love with yourself and are comfortable and happy in those times when you are alone, then you can be with others and remain in balance  

This lovely gentle essence ends being self-critical and feeling unworthy.  It is especially ideal for women with body-image issues.  It helps you unconditionally love and accept yourself and your body just as you are and feel entirely comfortable in 'your own skin'  


21 days + repeat once a month for 3-5 days

30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml $50

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Self Esteem



"Self Esteem"


An uplifting, empowering essence fusion that promotes feelings of self worth, confidence, and greater independence.  Quells neediness



21 days + repeat once a month for 3-5 days

30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml $50 

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Feel uplifted as you step into your authentic power and give up the need to control situations or others.  End the cycle of giving away your power by playing the rescuer or victim.  Shift your energy from worrying about what others will think about you to what you know to be true about yourself. Stand up for yourself in all situations with compassion, not anger or defensiveness. Take charge of your own path and journey.  Feel more disciplined, assertive, assured, ambitious, and responsible for your own path in life


21 days + repeat once a month for 3-5 days

30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml $50


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Love Yourself

"Love Yourself"

A sweet, kind, uplifting feel-good self-hug.  LOVE YOURSELF fills you with healthy benevolent self love.  Frees your inner child and helps you to feel loved and lovable


"...definitely something to this… I feel different in a good way.  I continue to be amazed at how quietly this all works"  Jeanne C  Estero FL


21 days + repeat once a month for 3-5 days

30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml $50   


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Highest Self"Highest Self"

Assists with self-doubt.  Increases grounding and stability.  Helpful when a person, event or conversation throws you off balance and causes you to doubt yourself or tests your self love.  Magnifies your natural attributes and Divine self.  Re-sets your core to increase self-authority, inner strength, potential, action, and ability to manifest the future you envision  

This essence feels like a cross between Empowerment, My Authentic Self and Success 


21 days + repeat once a month for 3-5 days

30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml $50

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"Self Forgiveness"

A lovely sweet essence fusion to help you feel more loving and compassionate toward yourself.  Effortlessly prompts self forgiveness and inner peace.  Releases self-recrimination, self-judgment, and grudges against self 



21 days + repeat once a month for 3-5 days

30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml $50

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Guilt Release"Guilt Release"

Guilt and shame carry the lowest vibration of all your emotions.  Feelings of guilt or shame can cause you to sink into self-destructive behaviour.   Becoming your own judge, criminal and punisher causes feelings of separation, isolation and loneliness   

There are 4 faces of shame ….  


GUILT = I did something bad

SHAME = I AM bad/unworthy  

HUMILIATION = Judged by others

DISGUSTED = Judging someone else



GUILT RELEASE provides atonement (at-one-ment) by helping to build a better balance with the cosmos through inner peace.  Effortlessly releases unconscious guilt and shame.  Dissolves negative self-talk, self-judgment, self-punishment, and feeling bad about yourself


GUILT RELEASE helps you feel free and able to set healthy boundaries to not let others take advantage of you or make you feel responsible for their unhappiness.  Allows you to see a situation with greater clarity, logic, and a higher perspective so you don't automatically accept blame  

Also ideal for those with an over-developed conscience who tend to take on blame for everything


21 days + repeat once a month for 3-5 days

30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml $50

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I Am Deserving

"I Am Deserving"  

When you feel malice toward another person, you curse them with your ill will.  But, they have a choice to reject this.  When you curse yourself through self pity, self-criticism, and self sabotage, there is no resistance.  The curse takes hold and continues to punish until you change your feelings about yourself  


"We cannot draw to ourselves more than we think we are worth"  Iyanla Vanzat


To open your arms wide to love and abundance, you have to feel truly worthy of the blessings, love, and opportunities that come to you.  That is why 'I Am Deserving' is so important! 


"I have noticed some shifts already in my ability to receive, with little synchronicities occurring, generosity, and ah-a insights. I am looking forward to the next 17 days of increased deservingness"  Jennifer B  Santa Fe NM 


It overrides negative messages you've been receiving from others and from yourself, that you are flawed, inadequate, or not deserving, and helps to instil self-acceptance, confidence and ease.  Think of it as both an empowerment tool and a relationship tool


21 days + repeat once a month for 3-5 days

30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml $50

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Also available in Empowerment Trio





I Am Lovable

"I Am Lovable"

A sweet uplifting essence to help you to feel more lovable and willing to receive love.  By promoting self-love, I AM LOVABLE helps you to fully believe when others tell you that they love you, and helps you to accept and receive when others want to do nice things for you.  You may even treat yourself with more love and kindness!


3-5 days as needed or for persistent issue 21 days + repeat once a month for 3-5 days

30 ml  $30   

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Soul Retrieval

"Soul Retrieval"

Designed to reclaim and re-seat fragmented or disowned aspects of your true self.  Helps to re-seat you back into your body and re-integrate aspects of self that you have rejected, denied, or disowned.  Also helpful to re-seat the personality after a traumatic accident or brain injury

Sometimes we think we have to be perfect to be spiritual.  Or, we think we have to be perfect in order to be lovable.  So, we begin to see certain aspects of our personality as bad, and we push those aspects away and deny them


"Old memories of self, mistakes I made and would not face, have come up.  I remembered the times I was not treated with respect, and suddenly realized it was because I was giving away my power by disowning myself.  As the essence progresses, my creative self-expression and inner child have returned.  Nice"  Lori D  Thorold ON


Loving your 'shadow self' is the only way to transmute negative energies into light and love so you can reclaim wholeness within your soul.  SOUL RETRIEVAL can assist with re-integrating and loving your 'shadow' self to create wholeness and balance.  It helps you find joy in your own inner child


Use for 21 or more days

30 ml  $30  ~  $60 ml  $50

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Confidence inspires success!

SUCCESS prompts you to feel more grounded, capable, competent, organized and motivated.  The drive to achieve or take action is stimulated


"My friend Bruce has taken a bottle of Success and I can see a difference in him lately. How incredible this all is. How on earth you've figured this all out amazes me."  Barbara C  Buffalo  NY 


21 days + repeat once a month for 3-5 days

30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml $50


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Also available in Empowerment Trio  





Uplifting Confidence

"Uplifting Confidence"

Boldly instills feelings of self-worth and confidence.  Ideal for starting a new endeavor, sales, stage fright, bullying in the workplace, or increased confidence at work and in social situations  


"I notice especially in the morning, how much more grounded I feel. I feel like I can really sink into the moment and look people in the eye and I comfortably take up more space."  Casey M, actress  Hollywood CA



 21 days + repeat once a month for 3-5 days

30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml $50

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Cowardice is a major cause of low self esteem  

COURAGE helps to dissolve and dissipate trepidation, fear, inhibition, timidness, and cowardice.  Helps you feel more grounded, in balance, and able to hold your own in situations which previously frightened or alarmed you


21 days.  Then as needed   

15 ml  $15  ~  30 ml  $30  

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Respect Me!"Respect Me!"

Dissolves false negative self-images.  Purges buried anger from a lifetime of feeling excluded, outcast, or not being treated fairly or with respect.  Helps you to recognize unfairness


"What I have noticed so far is a calmness... A sort of bliss. I have been energetic, motivated, and almost giddy... Social situations that I would normal be terrified of ... I look forward to"  Meg K  Fonthill ON


Allows you to make peace with feeling 'different' from others.  Promotes self-acceptance and inner strength that helps you to stand up for yourself, or refuse to accept injustice  


"The biggest change I've noticed is that I cleared the awkwardness of feeling different from other people"  Evelyn R  TX


May be helpful for gentle souls, artists, those who are bullied, special-needs, or those who feel socially awkward or like an outcast


"A big thaw.  I don't care what people think.  I feel unencumbered.  I give permission to myself to sing, allowing my divinity to be expressed."  Karen U  St Catharines ON


This essence is best followed by an empowering essence such as SELF ETEEM, or by a protection essence fusion


Use for 21 days.  Repeat, if needed for 3-5 days once a month

30 ml  $30     

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My Authentic Self"My Authentic Self" 

One of our greatest fears is "if you really know me you will not love me."  

But, how can you ever be loved just for yourself, or find the right partner, or even the right career if no one actually meets the real you?  Not being your true self results in loneliness even when with others, unfulfilling relationships, low self esteem, and never getting your needs met   


"OMG!  This is marvelous.  Other people need to know about this!  It's like pieces of me are being extracted for me to fully observe."  Laurie W  Thorold ON


Your entire life falls out of alignment when you aren't being the real you.  When you lose yourself you lose everything

This important essence fusion gently integrates and reconciles all aspects of self to help you feel confidently happy with yourself without being concerned about what others think.  It allows you to be honest with yourself and others, to tell the truth, and live in truth, especially when boundaries are crossed.  It helps you to gain a strong, fully self-integrated, confident, authentic self.  It helps you to be able to set boundaries and hold your own space  


"I feel like I have achieved the honesty I was looking for, I am feeling like I have made the shift & am consciously (& unconsciously) working towards being my authentic self. I have found the motivation & am walking through the path of uncertainty & have exciting plans in place.."  Kelly K  Ft Erie ON


MY AUTHENTIC SELF is also very helpful for those who don't want to face or accept their negative qualities or 'shadow side'.  It helps you be true to your soul, true to your feelings.  This can be life altering!  


"Throughout the days I was taking it, I fell in love with myself. I am important and I matter. I am amazed with myself now and how I respond and feel about things. What other people say, those that bother me before, does not have much weight now. The thoughts of others, those that I assume they have of me, do not matter. I feel good about me. It feels good to be detached from useless thoughts and emotions. I'm excited to move on to other flower essences and become a better me in the process. I'm grateful to have found you and your flower essences. It's a wonderful blessing.”  Maria G  Oxnard CA 


This is the ideal essence for those who have self-image problems such as low self-esteem, trying to be perfect, attracting the wrong partners, neediness or discomfort being alone, self-consciousness, insecure and jealous when in a relationship, hiding your true feelings or true self and order to keep the peace, and for 'people-pleasers' who compromise their own needs in order keep others happy.  


Do you have more than 3 of these symptoms?:

  • No longer are in touch with who you really are
  • Self-conscious, uncomfortable and awkward in social situations
  • Afraid to relax and just be yourself
  • Not getting your needs met
  • Acting to elicit love, approval, or acceptance
  • Lonely, even when with others
  • Low self esteem
  • Attract the wrong kinds of partners, unfulfilling relationships, abusive relationships
  • Needy, jealous and insecure
  • Easily embarrassed, feel judged by others
  • Feel unlovable
  • Self-judgment, self criticism
  • Do not realize your value to others


21 days + repeat once a month for 3-5 days

30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml $50

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You did not wake up today to be mediocre!

Empowerment Trio 

3 powerful essence formulas to help you to become your very best:     

     . Spiritual Power  helps you to be genuine to your soul.  Allows you to 'walk your talk' and express your true power  
     . I Am Deserving  helps you to feel worthy of having more  
     . Success  increases confidence, motivation, achievement, and organization  


30 ml -- $90 value  $80  (Save $10)  

60 ml -- $150 value  $125  (Save $25)       


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*Individual bottles of your favourite remedies may be re-ordered in any size





Social Butterfly

"Social Butterfly"

Promotes greater confidence, personal ease and comfort in social situations.  Ideal for those who feel awkward, shy, or introverted, or experience mild social anxiety 

Try it for blind dates, social gatherings or when meeting people for the first time


"I was dreading New Years.  But, I took Social Butterfly and surprised myself by having a wonderful time at the party. I found a new ease when talking to people and I wasn't self-conscious when dancing"  Lori D  Thorold ON 


see also Father Issues 


Use for 1-2X daily for 3 days.  Then daily as needed

30 ml  $30

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Social Empowerment"Social Empowerment"

Neutralizes the emotional and psychological impact of social rejection, bullying, mean or 2-faced people, and feeling misunderstood, like an outcast or social misfit


"I do believe the Social Empowerment has played a role in reducing my anger. There isn’t as much panic about being left out so I’m able to relax more. I’m noticing I don’t feel as much of a need to entertain people. Feeling like I need to entertain people so I won’t be abandoned has been a core belief of mine from childhood. It’s exhausting, makes me resentful of others and is a huge part of my anger."  Anita G  Maryland 


This essence also helps you to be more out-going and better able to connect with others and instils greater social rapport with others.  It fosters self-acceptance and inner comfort while instilling confidence and appreciation of others.  Very empowering for those who feel awkward or out-of-place in social settings or shunned in their workplace 


"thank you so much. Social Empowerment is doing wonders for me. I got like three four numbers from some pretty girls tonight and people are just being nicer in general. I'm not used to it. I'm so much more open to meeting new people. I'm not afraid. I'm not scaring people away. I'm meeting better people. People are kind and warming up to me. People are NOT draining my energy. It's easier for me to go out into the world and meet people and grow successful socially. I am attracting tons of positive social good healthy energy. Thank you"  Jack M  Brooklyn NY


21 days + repeat once a month for 3-5 days 


30 ml  $30  ~60 ml  $50

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Holding My Own Space


"Holding My Own Space"

Effortlessly hold your balance and self-containment within your relationships without losing yourself, falling out of balance, feeling needy or insecure, or projecting your issues onto others.  Helps you be more true to your own needs


21 days + repeat once a month for 3-5 days

30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml $50

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Father Issues

"Father Issues"

An unhealthy relationship with your father can inhibit success, assertiveness, confidence, and ability to be gregarious.  From your father you learn about assertiveness, authority, generosity, and how to socialize and move outward into the world  

Shyness and social inhibitions also begin in childhood with your male parental role model, as do issues with authority figures.  If you are unable to assert yourself appropriately, express ambition without guilt, allow yourself dreams for your future, or move into your true potential, it may be due to your unhealthy or non-existent childhood relationship with your father  



"I'm really grateful for the flower essences, Lori.  I feel that they are really helping me on many levels.  Last night I was dreaming almost all night and I am going over my past and working things out.  I believe it is due to my desire to grow and change and the essences are a catalyst in the process.  I truly want to heal and then be more able to help others.
Another amazing thing is happening.!!!!  My clients are giving me large tips.... something that has not happened a lot in the past.  I am accepting them with gratitude.  Wow!!!  I think my energy is shifting with regards to prosperity too.  How wonderful!!!  Thanks again Lori."  Heather H  Welland ON
Father Issues prompts the release and healing of all types of pain surrounding your father, including neglect, abuse, abandonment, punishment, fear of authority figures, and rejection. This profound and powerful essence fusion can be very life-shifting for both men and women!


Use for 21 days or longer.  Repeat for very deep or resistant issues, or take Control Release before beginning this essence fusion


30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml $50

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Drama Free


"Drama Free"

Helps you to use your dramatic qualities in positive ways such as enthusiastic leadership and to inspire others, rather than in negative, self-sabotaging ways.  Quells the need to focus on the negative and to dramatize your problems or attract chaos and crisis (be a drama queen), and stops you from taking on other people's dramas, crises, and problems.  Keeps you from being knocked off balance by dramas and helps you remain neutral in the midst of chaos.  Dissolves negative expectations

Also helpful for those who are addicted to adrenaline (causes include: prolonged periods of stress, survived a dysfunctional childhood, easily stressed, diet--especially for sugar, junk food or coffee)   


Symptoms you are a 'drama queen' (or are addicted to adrenaline):

  • quick temper or over-reactive
  • attract crisis and chaos
  • constantly talk about your problems
  • exaggerate or dramatize
  • focus on the negative
  • crave attention, reaction, approval, validation or praise
  • attract people who are in crisis or chaos or need help
  • watch a lot of TV & movie thrillers and violent dramas
  • are not using your natural enthusiasm, leadership, or ability to inspire others in positive ways
  • give away your power by choosing to believe you are a victim of fate
  • crave sugar, chocolate, coffee or junk food


21 days + repeat once a month for 3-5 days

30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml $50

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