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FAQ's About Custom Testing


Why would I need custom flower essences?

The way you experience the world is a combination of memories, experiences and learning -- most of which happened so long ago and have become so habitual that you no longer know why you you act the way you do.  Memories and experiences are stored in your unconscious mind.  Your unconscious mind is so powerful it controls 97% of your actions, motivations and desires, and even your state of health.  Learn more about the mind-body connection  

Our custom testing is designed to pinpoint EXACTLY what you need by accessing what's stored in your unconscious mind.  You don't have to struggle through remembering or reliving traumas or painful experiences, and trying to understand them.  You don't have to return week after week, analyzing or thinking about your problems.  You will simply let it all go ... quickly and effortlessly, while retaining important realizations that will elevate your understanding and connect you to the loving wisdom of Divine Intent.  Learn more about what to expect during your custom test

In this state you are able to shift your perspective to effortlessly release the negative 'stuff' and the harmful beliefs you have been carrying and holding as your own 

As your vibration rises and increases, the way you view your outer world begins to shift.  Your thinking becomes more positive, and that enables the positive law of attraction in the fastest, most effortless way ever.  Powerful realizations and 'aha' moments occur to help you understand your life from a different perspective.  As you become rebalanced and can express the authentic you, your life begins to change in positive, constructive ways, with you empowered as the creator 

What could be more beautiful, more empowering than that?  It could change your entire world! 


What if I can't come to your office for a custom test?

Order a photo test

We offer convenient and accurate testing using a recent photo of you.  Your appointment will simply take place by phone, instead of in our office.  Learn more...



How do I prepare for a testing session?

Think about what it is you want to accomplish or achieve or change in your life.  This sets the intent before you arrive 

Do not eat heavy food or consume coffee or alcohol for 2 hours prior to your session.  This allows your stomach time to complete digestion so your mind and body can focus entirely on receiving the frequencies without interference.   Bring a bottle of water and granola bar or fruit to eat after your session, if you think you might become hungry  


What can I expect to feel during a testing session?

Come with an open mind, as no two sessions are alike.  Your emotional and physical issues are unique to you, and no one else feels exactly as you do.  Be ready to shift and change.  Be ready to trust that everything that transpires during your session will be for your highest good

We use kinesiology testing (involuntary muscle response testing) to assess the exact living flower essences you need.  As you hold each essence we assess your muscle strength in response to the flower frequencies.  A pattern--'your story'--emerges as the testing progresses.  As your story unfolds, you begin to see and understand the real underlying causes for your current feelings and situation.  It is truly a fascinating journey!   

Your test will take an average of 1.5 hrs-2 hrs, depending on your issues and what you need to release.  Some sessions can run longer if you feel drawn to talk about your feelings or past experiences

After your session you can expect to feel 'lighter', more balanced, relaxed and calm, and more optimistic and happy.   Your face may look different--less strained, more symmetrical.  Your eyes more bright and twinkling

After a few days taking your custom formula. you may begin to experience a temporary upset as buried feelings come to the surface to be released.  This heightened emotional state is short-lived, unless you fight it or try to suppress your feelings.  We provide helpful handouts to assist you in quickly processing your feelings.  You need to keep in touch with us while taking the essences so we can assist you as you process your experiences and help to make the experience easier


How will I know the living flower essences worked for me?

There are two types of people who choose flower essences.  Those who are not concerned with spiritual development or self-transformation and simply want to remove obstacles or change behaviors.  And those who are sensitive and spiritual, more aware of their feelings, and are pursuing evolution in consciousness

The more introspective you are, the more profound the shifts are likely to be for you.  If you meditate or practice qi gong or yoga, you will likely have a more profound experience

The essences won't turn you into something you are not, so do not expect to feel anything other than your REAL self--without impediments.  That means you--lighter, without baggage

The real evidence is usually what happens in your OUTER life.  Are people responding differently to you?  Are you responding to situations in a different way than before?  Are situations, entanglements and relationships inexpicably shifting or healing or falling away?  Are opportunities, serendipitous events or good things beginning to happen?  For those who have felt 'stuck' or at a standstill, are you suddenly resuming your favorite activities or beginning to take action?  Are you feeling emotions more deeply?  Are your senses heightened?  Are you experiencing feelings of happiness or contentment?  Has your perspective on the past begun to shift?  Has anger or resentment melted away?

Some people will not be aware of a major change, even though it is happening.  That's because you release endorphins as you begin to feel good.  Endorphins cause you to forget pain.  (This phenomenon is what ensures that women still want to have more children after enduring childbirth)  

To measure your progress, before you begin taking your essence remedy, we recommend scoring yourself on a scale of 1-10 in the following areas of your life....  Happiness ~ Self Esteem ~ Anger management ~ Forgiveness ~ Pleasure in life ~ Relationships ~ Intimacy ~ Family ~ Career ~ Financial security ~ Health 

Upon completion of your essences, score yourself again in these areas without looking at your first scores.  Now compare the two sets of scores.  Is there a change?  Improvement?  Major shift?  Does the shift correspond to the remedy you were taking?


Can behaviors and habit patterns return after taking living flower essences? 

Once you have completely cleared your emotional past with flower essences, generally you are not as emotionally impacted by the types of experiences that would normally trigger an emotional response or 'push your buttons'.  You'll respond to daily life in an entirely new way

However, when we are helping you with subjective issues relating to your conscience or self-perception, you can certainly achieve self esteem and inner balance.  But, we cannot negate or overwrite your conscience or you would become a sociopath!  

That means you won't be immune to the experiences you encounter throughout your daily life.  Some of your interactions will be life affirming and positive.  Some will be negative and shake you up or hurt you deeply.  But, our living flower frequencies can certainly help you to regain balance each step of the way! 

Begin by taking your essences long enough to permanently clear your current emotional issues and create a new habit pattern in your mind.  For most people, changing a habit pattern takes 21-42 days.  For some, it can take as long as 66 days

Overwrite or release the harmful past with our helpful flower frequencies fusions ---> Then fill back up with positive life-affirming feelings prompted by our live flower frequencies.  Take out the bad --> Replace with the good      


How often should I take the living flower frequencies?

Flower frequencies are not harmful in any way.  You can take them as often as you have habit patterns, negative beliefs, or emotional traumas that still need to be resolved.  You can also choose to take botanical frequencies to keep your vibration high, or just to continue that 'feel-good' feeling

Very likely you won't need a custom essence again for quite a long time.  But, once you enjoy the feeling of joy and freedom our living botanical frequencies can offer, you won't want to stop taking our essences!  That's why 85% of our clients are loyal repeat customers! 

We offer everyday feel-good botanical frequencies that are used only as needed, and botanical frequencies that are used for 3-5 days to address immediate issues as they arise

Issues that involve conscience or morality (such as feelings of guilt, shame, anger, low self esteem) will need to be addressed again periodically (every 4-8 weeks).  That's because we can only overwrite the negative feelings and beliefs you felt in the past.  We cannot erase your conscience! 

So, every time negative feelings such as guilt or feeling underserving begin to creep in, you will need to take an essence fusion for 3-5 days so that you can resolve these negative feelings before they become habitual again.  This will ensure you continue to remain clear and free  


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