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Emotions and Your Mind

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Did you know happiness, joy and peace is your natural state? 



It's true!  Happiness is not an elusive something you have to strive for or achieve.  It's already waiting inside you!  

Happiness is the feeling you have when your needs are being met and you are in balance


Freedom to choose a different future or past

You've been constantly taught and conditioned to accept feeling unhappy. ... from your own observance or others' feelings and and interactions, from what your parents and teachers taught you, from television, movies and books ... 



In fact, because of what others have taught you and what you have observed during your life, you may have mistakenly come to believe that's just how life is.  You have learned it is not OK to ask for what you need, that you must settle for less than you really want.  You have learned to make choices that fall short of happiness  



In reality, it is the accumulation of what you have learned that is now holding you back from being truly happy





The Secret Life of Emotions ...  Here's how your beliefs have come to be a part of you ....


Positive and negative feelings are the internal mechanism you use to decide what is good or bad.  Beginning in infancy, your rational mind makes judgments about your experiences based on your perceptions of pain or pleasure.    Your personal experiences and feelings are subjective.  Nevertheless, they act as evidence.  So, you believe them to true 


That is why by the age of 5 a child decides what they must do in order to survive  




Negative beliefs are especially powerful because they stem from your motivation for survival--your fundamental desire to avoid pain and stay safe.  It is from your early childhood experiences that most of your attitudes, fears, inhibitions and self-limitations develop.  From that very young age you adopt a life-long 'belief' about love and how the world is


That's why childhood experiences often become re-enacted in adult relationships, at work, and in your lifestyle, even though they are uncomfortable or painful.  There is safety in what you already know



"The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken"  Warren Buffet



For example ...

The adult child of an alcoholic will often choose an alcoholic or addictive partner  

A child who lives with criticism and a perfectionist parent will grow up to be controlling, a perfectionist, and/or an over-achiever.  The underlying belief will be 'You have to be perfect in order to be lovable' 

A child who lives constantly with fear and insecurity will grow up to feel uneasy in the absence of stress, and will feel bored, restless, apathetic, or at a loss unless chaos, problems and drama are present

A child who is abandoned by a parent will grow up to choose 'unavailable' partners who are unable to fulfill their emotional needs.  The underlying subconscious belief is 'I am not lovable.  But, if I can make this person love me it will prove I am lovable'





There are 7 emotional wounds that can leave deep and lasting scars and keep you locked in destructive behaviour patterns or even harm your health  ...



abandonment ~ betrayal ~ guilt ~ shame ~ injustice ~ rejection ~ fear  




Mental health is part of self-care

When you experience one of these traumatic emotional wounds your mind develops negative personal 'truths' which then govern your reactions, choices and decisions, and will continue to do so throughout your life  

It doesn't take long before your life is filled with personal limitations and imbalance ... can't trust ... can't forgive ... don't risk ... must become perfect to be loved ...


In addition, North American culture and technology has conditioned you to ignore your feelings with distraction.  "Don't cry honey,  Here, have a cookie" or "Stop crying or I will give your something to cry about." or "You should look on the bright side.”  or “Look like this and you will be happy.” 


As a result, you may have lost touch with what you truly need and how you truly feel.  You have learned to substitute 'cookies', beauty, and other material things for emotional comfort and fulfillment.  And that's not good, because emotions serve a very important function that everyone is ignoring! 



Learn why you have emotions ...



Negative emotions such as depression, anxiety, frustration, anger, resentment, anxiety, stress, lethargy, guilt, fear, abandonment, judgment, grief, sadness, victimization, and hopelessness are how your mind and body tells you that your needs are not being met.  Do you understand this?  YOUR NEEDS ARE NOT BEING MET!

In negative states you are out of balance, disempowered, unhappy.  You may feel victimized or powerless.  Your life begins to spiral downward ... or it simply stalls and you feel stuck






Here are a few examples of common self-limiting mental patterns along with the emotional wounds that first created these patterns ...



Get into the habit of asking yourself "does this support the life I want?"

  • no risk because you might not succeed (humilation, criticism) 
  • need for perfection or to be perfect (rejection or criticism)
  • low self-esteem (rejection, humiliation, abandonment, criticism, betrayal) 
  • money problems (rejection--if I am rich or successful, people won't like me, fear--I won't be able to handle the responsibility, guilt--I don't deserve it) 
  • relationship problems (abandonment, rejection, injustice, betrayal, humiliation)
  • become an under-achiever, failure or invalid (abandonment--I will be nurtured and cared for, I can never be deserted, I will not pose a threat)




Your life, your reality, cannot change until you change your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions.  Until then, your circumstances and experiences will keep repeating over and over again



You must ask yourself  "What is it going to take for my life to change?"   





That's where we can help!  

And the best part is, the solution feels effortless!





Happiness is your natural state.  Everything else you have learned


Your life as it could be ...

  • Respond to life in more positive ways
  • Feel more serenity and ease in life 
  • Gain healthy self-esteem and confidence 
  • Attract more good things into your life 
  • Have healthy, satisfying relationships 
  • Align with your true destiny
  • Neutralize the 'buttons' that people push




Enlightened Feelings living flower frequencies elevate your vibration to allow you to discover and break through your own limiting beliefs and awaken to greater possibilities and potential.  From your first essence fusion remedy you will begin to discover effortless change that begins at the very core of your energetic being and moves through your whole body, mind, auric field, and outward into your life.  Major lifelong issues suddenly begin to resolve, and limitations dissolve

How the essence fusions work ...



Are you ready to let go of the past?  Gain the freedom of walking unencumbered through the world.  A happier, more fulfilling life begins here, right now, with a choice.  Simply choose happiness.  Take your first step to inner peace  ... 



Your new life is waiting!!  ...


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