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A happy, well-balanced pet ensures a happy pet 'parent'!


Pets do have feelings!  Back in 2006 we proved animal emotions exist because of the association of  emotions with physical responses in the body.  Emotional frequencies are the mechanism used to elicit the release of neuropeptides within the body.  Without emotions, it would be impossible for animals to function physically   

Our living flower essences for pets are human grade!  All of our pet essences are captured from living plants, but many of our pet essences are unpotentized to ensure they have softer, lower frequencies so they are gentler for your pets.  Our pet essences also have just 5% alcohol as a preservative

Please do not give our living essences to pets on medications


AH topical essence fusion"AH"
We've captured the frequency of DNA repair and the comforting frequency of pain relief along with Helpful for older petssoothing comforting living flower frequencies to help energetically release the emotional origins of your pet's health issue and pain.  Ideal for pain and degenerative conditions that have not responded well to traditional medical treatment, such as arthritis, lameness, cruciate ligament injury, grass colic, and hoof pain, including bruises, laminitis, gravelitis, and navicular.  Also comforting for wounds, dental pain, and insect bites.  The release of energy restriction in the body has demonstrated to accelerate healing processes by 30-50%.  Starts to work in minutes.  Use as needed


"I was treating my standardbred mare for a fractured pelvis.  After more than a year of trying every therapy I could think of, the mare still could not walk.   After  just 21 days using AH, the mare could put her foot on the ground and was walking!  After 40 days, the mare was 95% improved."    Blaine K  Mt Pleasant ON


Available in 30 ml atomizer @ $30 ~ 60 ml atomizer @ $50  Place Your Order


"I had a tiny bit of the AH in the bottom of the bottle.  I tried rubbing it on Sammee's (ore shoulder and hocks as you'd suggested.  Boy, what a different dog!  Instead of being spaced out with pain, she was so much more interactive, playful, and happy.  I'm thrilled and so is Sammee.  Can't wait for her new bottle to show up."  SJ Arizona




AH PLUS topical essence fusion



"AH PLUS"Ideal for leg injuries We've captured the frequency of DNA repair and the comforting frequency of pain relief along with soothing living comforting botanical frequencies that release the harmful effects of trauma help to prompt more rapid natural systemic mending and healing.  Starts to work immediately.  Use topically or orally as often as needed


"Just to Let you Know, Your AH Plus is Awesome. Dottie's (dog) wounds are Healing Quickly, and Her Appetite is Back to 100%."  Kaz M Veron BC


Available in 30 ml atomizer @ $30 60 ml atomizer @ $50  


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Ari's injuryACTUAL CASE STUDY:  Ari was savagely attacked by another cat.  He had scratches and bite marks on his belly, face, throughout his body, and a very deep 1.5" diameter wound on the inside of his front leg.  Fur, skin and flesh was completely ripped off and muscle was exposed.  Ari was traumatized, in pain and limping badly 

First we gave Ari Rescue and Revive to quickly release his trauma and fear.  He relaxed within a minute and we were then able to treat his wounds without a struggle

The leg wound was cleaned with peroxide.  Colloidal Silver was drizzled on to kill any bacteria or pathogens.  After a few moments we sprayed AH PLUS on the wound.  Totally safe for him to lick his wound! 

Ari was treated twice a day for 3 days.  By then he had stopped limping and his wound had healed by 50%. Then we simply applied AH PLUS once daily.  His other wounds were treated daily with peroxide but did not receive AH PLUS   

The white arrow shows an untreated scratch on Ari's face.  It is virtually the same as 6 days prior.  The diameter of the original leg wound is indicated by sparce fur and is marked by a white outline.  The wound has healed by more than 80% in just 6 days!  The fur is rapidly growing back. There is no proud flesh, infection, granulation, or scabbing.  Ari seemed to know that the AH made him feel better.  He 'asked' for it each day and, as you can see by the photo, would calmly stretch out his leg to expose the wound while we sprayed it on



AH Flexible essence fusion
Created especially to release long-held suppressed patterns of mental pain, fear of change, stubbornness and inflexibility that permeate joints to cause physical pain, stiffness and inflexibility.   Ideal for cruciate ligament injuries, stifle joints, hocks, shoulder stiffness, fetlock joints, etc where these mental states manifest into physical maladies  
Quickly releases pain and promotes flexibility and ease of movement while the frequencies of DNA repair may prompt more rapid regeneration.  Starts to work in minutes.  May enhance the efficacy of natural therapies such as massage, acupuncture, or bowen therapy  

Convenient atomizer.  Spray topically as needed.  Visible results starting in about 3 days.  Do not use with liniments or other topical applications


Available in 30 ml atomizer @ $30 ~ 60 ml atomizer @ $50




Chi Tonic for Pets




"Chi Tonic" 

This remedy helps to restore life force energy and vitality when the animal is weakened or depleted, or has a debilitating condition such as cancer.  Increases will to live and chance of survival  


Available in 30 ml @ $30 ~ 60 ml @ $50


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Abused Animal Recovery


"Abused Animal Recovery" 

This remedy began as a custom formula for a timid, rescued dog.  But it is helpful for many pets that have suffered debilitating emotional abuse.  It instills confidence and happiness, allowing the animal to connect better with humans and bond emotionally    

30 ml @ $30 


"I have definitely noticed a shift in Talulah since starting the abused animal formula.  She is much more confident and relaxed and accepting of love and affections.   She’s also much more free in giving me information and asking for what she wants."  Rebecca C CA USA  Tibetan Mastiff 


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Animal Anxiety Relief



"Animal Anxiety Relief" 

This gentle remedy helps to calm anxious pets  

Potassium deficiency can cause anxiety and phobias.  Often pets and horses who exhibit heightened anxiety which does not dissipate quickly are simply deficient in electrolytes.  Always administer animal electrolytes first to see if that helps before deciding an essence fusion is needed


30 ml @ $30      


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Adapt to Change for Pets


"Adapt to Change" for Pets

A wonderful remedy that assists your pet to quickly adapt, and accept change gracefully and effortlessly. Ideal for any significant change in the animal's life such as relocating or bringing a new baby or pet into the home.  Quells homesickness and insecurity


Dog testimonial


15 ml (cats) @ $15 

30 ml @ $30


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Animal Heartbreak Heal



"Animal Broken Heart Heal"

Our animal version of Heartbreak Heal.  Designed to dissolve grief, loneliness and depression an animal may experience after losing a companion, beloved owner, or puppy/kitten/foal


30 ml @ $30


We also offer Comfort and Solace for pet owners who have lost a beloved pet

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"Breathe" for Pets  
Developed initially for snub-nosed dogs such as Pugs and Bulldogs, BREATHE has proven to be helpful for all animals with breathing issues.  Breathe helps to 
release the complex emotional origins and stressors (such as anxiety, or not feeling they have a right to be alive) that contribute to constricted breathing and reduced circulation, which may prompt the opening and expansion of airways from the nose right through to the chest.  Increased oxygen intake and decreased stress, improves energy, and overall health, vitality and mental wellbeing of your pet   

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   Available in 15 ml  @ $15  ~  30 ml @ $30




Calm & Secure for Pets



"Calm & Secure"  stress relief

A lightly calming stress relief remedy for dogs and cats. Quells common situational anxiety and fear.  Use when needed for trips to the vet, groomer, travel, entertaining guests & more


15 ml (for cats & animals under 5 lbs)  $15 

30 ml @ $30


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Calm & Secure ALONE

"Calm & Secure ALONE"  Separation Anxiety Relief

An amazing natural remedy proven to quickly stop dogs, cats and especially horses from feeling anxiety, loneliness and stress when separated from companions or left alone.  Quickly instills a state of serenity, independance and confidence.  Behavior calms within minutes.  Permanently eradicates separation anxiety when used daily for 15-21 days      

Very helpful when trailering horses for the first time, or moving to a new stable.  Especially helpful for barn-sour horses and horses that don't want to ride out alone 

15 ml (for cats & tiny animals) @ $15  

30 ml @ $30

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Calm & Secure PLUS

"Calm & Secure PLUS"  For extreme panic & irrational fears


Created especially to reduce or eliminate excessive or panicked fears.  When used as directed, this amazing remedy permanently dispels panicked fear of fireworks, gun shots, thunderstorms and other irrational fears. 

Use daily for 21-42 days for optimum results

  30 ml @ $30  ~  60 ml  @ $50    Place Your Order



"I wanted to share an exciting update on my dog Pennie!  Yesterday hunters were out shooting behind our property which has always been a huge issue.  Instead of whining and crying and trying to hide or attach herself to me she actually turned and barked towards the shooters. Thrilling!"   Claire S  Clifford ON

"Honey wants to thank you and I am thrilled.  When I am able to get her to consume enough in her water or food she stops her constant whining and just looks calm...she use to follow me everywhere all around the house crying and whining. If I ignored her she just got louder.  Her demeanor is serene and we so apprediate the difference.  I will order again very soon."  Peggy S  Lancaster CA





Chill Out for hyperactive Pets

"Chill Out for Pets"

Calms and relaxes hyper, easily excited, over-reactive, territorial, or intense animals .... even Jack Russell Terriers!  Instills a calm sense of well-being.  A godsend for those with hyper-active dogs!


Use daily for 21 days.  Then occasionally as needed


30 ml @ $30  ~  60 ml @ $50



"Maverick" Jack Russell Terrier


"Maverick is doing good.  At the kennel two spaniels walked right by him while we were checking in and he just looked at them and played with his ball. On walks he has been really good too"  Jaclyn P--Jack Russell Terrier owner  St Catharines





Recovery for Pets


Soothing drug-free anti-stress for quick recovery from traumatic events or competition stress.  Instills a feeling of well-being. Use immediately after dog-fights, accidents, shows, competition, races.  Quickly subsides psychological damage from shock, injury or abuse, which may contribute to preventing 'burn-out' or 'souring'.  Restores vitality, wellbeing, and inner balance

racehorse trauma recovery


Use as needed  


15 ml (cats & tiny animals)  $15 

 30 ml  $30   

60 ml  $50 

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Prt Rescue & Revive

"Rescue & Revive for Pets"

Promotes fast recovery from trauma or situational anxiety!  Fast-acting relief for stressful situation or events such as going to the vet, or travelling in a car.  This emergency essence is a grounding, calming stabilizer when administered following any shock or trauma, such as attack by another animal.   Works in under a minute!  Its calming, grounding qualities make it wonderful for restoring mental stability and calm balance following an accident, fall or fright, or stressful situations such as going to the vet.   Helps promote a feeling of relaxed peace, wellbeing, and clarity.  Much more effective and fast acting than Bach Flower Rescue Remedy

Use as needed  

Available in 15 ml @ $15 ~ 30 ml @ $30

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Shield for Pets


"Shield for Pets"

Animals are highly empathic and loving.  So, they can begin to feel what their human owners feel and take on health or emotional problems.  Shield protects highly sensitive animals and service animals from the invasive negative energies of humans.  Very useful when there is dissension in the home or the family is breaking up. 

Also helps to stop your pet or horse from picking up your health issues or negative emotions.  Especially helpful for horses being ridden by multiple people, such as those in stables and riding academies   


Use as needed   30 ml @ $30  ~  60 ml @ $50

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Train Ease



"Train Ease for dogs"

Promotes rapid stress-free training for your dog--and that means less stress for YOU!   In just 3 days, your animal will be more focused, sensible, and more willing and happy to train.  Ideal for dog or puppy training classes


Use for 15-21 days  

30 ml @ $30  ~  60 ml  $50









Wean Ease

"Wean Ease for puppies, kittens and foals" 

Safely and easily wean your animals without stress, distress, or trauma!  Use Wean Ease to soothe and calm your new puppy or kitten when you first bring it home.  Stops whimpering and distress and promotes independence.  Behaviour calms in minutes.  Use for 3-5 days

Wean Ease helps both mothers and babies!  Breeders can administer to mom and babies before separation to ensure effortless weaning and reduce health risks such as mastitis, colic, or panicked self-injury.  Puppies and kittens quickly develop calm independence and mother quickly stops lactating. 

Instills a calm state of serenity, independence, confidence, and willing attitude in babies to ensure ease in training.  Most effective when administered starting 3 days prior to weaning.  Administer for 3-6 days total  


15 ml (for cats, kittens, puppies, and dogs under 5 lbs)  @ $15 

30 ml  @ $30 (large animals)  ~  60 ml  @ $50 (multiple animals)

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Calm & Secure ALONE

"Calm & Secure ALONE for Horses"

An amazing remedy proven to quell separation anxiety and stress when horses are separated from companions, left alone, trailered, or ridden away from the stable.  Quickly instills a state of serenity and independance. Stops panicking, whinnying, stall walking, running through fences.  Eases stress and loneliness for horses who are stabled alone.  Also useful for barn-soured horses.  Starts to work in 10 minutes.  Permanently eradicates separation anxiety in just 15-21 days when used as directed

   Use as needed for trailering


30 ml @ $30  ~  60 ml @ $50 (for 2 horses)




Storm's story ... Storm was a rare palomino saddlebred.  As a naturally high-strung breed, Diane just accepted that when Storm got upset, he would get totally wound up and out of control.  His insecurity caused him to crowd other horses, as well.  Since taking Calm & Secure ALONE, Storm has become relaxed, confident and a much more trustworthy mount out on trails.  In Diane's words  "Storm has become the horse of my dreams!"




"Remington""Unflappable for Horses"
Created especially to reduce or eliminate over-reactive, irrational, or panicked fears in animals. Promotes and sustains a calm, sensible, confident horse.  Ideal for horses that spook easily

Use daily for 21-42 days for optimum results

30 ml @ $30  ~  60 ml @ $50 

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Train Ease for Horses


"Train Ease for Horses"

This remedy is a wonderful investment in the mental and emotional health and value of your horse.   Helps your horse become calm, focused, sensible, and more willing to train.  Promotes easier, more stress-free breaking and training of young horses, and rapid, stress-free re-training of horses that have not been ridden for a very long period of time


Use for 3-15 days 

30 ml @ $30  ~  60 ml @ $50 for multiple horses  




"My green reining quarter horse had not been ridden more than 6 times in the space of 3 years, and had not been off the property or had much attention at all for more than 15 months.  When I decided to sell her, I started giving her Train Ease for 3 days before a prospective buyer came to see her.  She behaved quietly, respectfully and performed flawlessly even though she had not been ridden or lunged in months.  She went quietly down the road ridden by a novice.  The buyer was highly impressed and bought the horse immediately.  Amazing essence!"  Lori D  Fonthill ON 




"Winning EDGE"   

Create the winning edge for your racehorse or equine athlete, no matter the discipline!  Increases boldness, confidence, enthusiasm, poise, and heart while reducing stress.  Helps your horse want to perform its very best.  If your horse has lost its edge, has soured, has unrealized potential, or really could be performing better, this is the formula you need to bring out their very best!  Creates positive mental shifts in just 3 days.  Drug test safe for race and competition horses

Many trainers have created top top-winning equine athletes with this product and carefully guard this as their secret edge! 

Use starting 3-4 days before competition or race  

30 ml @ $30  ~  60 ml @ $50 for multiple horses  

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"One of our thoroughbred colts shows talent, but lacked motivation and focus.  We noticed a measurable difference in his focus, attitude, and willingness to train after using the performance blend.  He's doing much better now"  Wendy W  Thoroughbred trainer Ocala FL




Wean Ease

"Wean Ease for Horses"  

This remedy is a wonderful investment in the mental and emotional health of your young horses.  Safely and easily wean your foals without stress, trauma or harmful side-effects!  Administer to both mare and foal for 3 days before separation to ensure effortless weaning and reduce health risk.  Foals quickly develop calm independance and mare quickly stops lactating.  Vet-proven in mares to end lactation and mammary gland discomfort 50% faster.  Minimizes adverse health risks such as mastitis, colic, and accidents caused by panic and distress.   Instills a healthy mental attitude including a calm state of serenity, independance, confidence, and willing attitude in foals to help ensure ease in training.  For best results start 3 days prior to weaning.  Administer for 3-5 days total

30 ml @ $30 for mare and foal  ~  60 ml @ $50 for multiple horses 



"I have been breeding horses for over 20 years.  The weaning process is always a stressful one, no matter what you do or how you do it.
I discovered Wean Ease after years of breeding and I can say it is by far the best product I have tried, with no side effects.  By giving it to the mare and the baby prior to weaning (48 hours), during, and for a few days after weaning, I have noticed that the babies are more settled, less distressed, they don't call their moms as much and are more sensible (no silly accidents!)
For the mares, they are also more settled but most of all, the udder "dries up" a lot faster, at least 48 hours sooner than without Wean Ease, and that's a big plus, reducing drastically the risks of mastitis. I wish I had had it when I stopped breast feeding!"
Candice M  Desert Rose Equine  Mt Pleasant ON




Zen for stress & anxiety





"Zen for Animals"  

Designed to relieve stress and anxiety in animals.  Zen is very calming and sedating.  It provides a sense of lovely inner peace and tranquility.  Use as needed 


15 ml @ $15  ~  30 ml @ $30 










Comfort & Solace


"Comfort & Solace"

Quickly dispels grief and heart ache for pet owners who have lost a beloved pet, or for pets who have just lost a companion.  Tip:  When preparing to euthanize or re-home a pet, keep this remedy on hand and use daily to comfort and support you through the process


"I took the grief drops immediately after I euthanized my dog a few days ago.  I have used your essences for quite some time and have always found them helpful.  But, that was the fastest your essences have ever worked for me!  It has definitely helped my memories bring me comfort instead of sorrow"   Wendy W  Pt Colborne 



3-5 days when loss is imminent or recent.  21 days for longer-held grief and sorrowUse for 21 or more days  


30 ml @ $30  ~  60 ml  $50

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FREE E-BOOK  Are you grieving the loss of a pet?  Author Marybeth Haines offers 7 effective tools for healing from pet loss in her book The Power of Pets.  Receive a FREE E-Book and Pet Loss Support" when you visit www.powerofpets365.com and click on the blue box link.  The Power of Pets is primarily about healing from the death of a pet, but the tools can help with any type of grief




puppiesPUPPY Pack  For new pet owners!  4 of our most helpful natural pet remedies.  It's by far the kindest way to welcome your new puppy to your home! Use as needed.  A $90 value.  Just $75  (save $15!)  

      .Wean Ease   Quickly alleviates the trauma of weaning.  It's by far the kindest way to welcome your new puppy to your home!  15 ml
     .Rescue & Revive  Use as needed to provide calming comfort in stressful situations such as going to the vet, visitors in your home, or following an accident, fight, or fright  15 ml
     .Calm & Secure ALONE  Quickly stop separation anxiety and promote independance and mental comfort in animals who are left alone or separated from their companions  30 ml
     .Train Ease  Ensures a willing, co-operative, relaxed attitude in your animal when training.  Enhances commu
nication.  Elevates the IQ, EQ and conciousness of your animal  

30 ml

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