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The effect of traumatic events lingers long after the event itself.  During moments of trauma recall, the part of the brain that is responsible for speech production shuts down.  Your ability to articulate your experience and your feelings becomes blocked and you are unable to process and release what you feel.  Verbal forms of therapy may actually hinder the process of healing and re-traumatize you 

These transformative heart-and-soul-healing essence formulas effortlessly dissolve and overwrite the residual energies left by traumatic, painful, or heart-breaking events in your life.  Some of our formulas will even go right into the physical body where you are energetically holding the trauma and have been unable to let it go  

The only way to be HAPPY is to let go of things that make you sadThese loving flower frequencies fusions offer freedom from grief, emotional pain, anger, inability to forgive, and defensive behaviors that keep you from experiencing happiness and fulfilling love


  Learn about 7 emotional wounds that can sabotage your life and happiness


Our fusions are carefully formulated and extensively field tested to ensure efficacy across a broad range of situations and personality types.  Old issues begin to release after just a few days, with lasting results in 21-66 days.  Full instructions are provided with each essence fusion


Learn how your health can be affected by negative emotions such as sorrow, anger, resentment, broken heart or emotional isolation



Confused about which essence remedy to choose?  Trauma is often deep-seated and complex.  We offer 3 different levels of highly accurate personal testing by photo to ensure you get the ideal products for your needs  


Want to do it yourself?  Check out our Testing cards designed to help you accurately choose the ideal essence fusions for your needs





Trauma Release

"Trauma Release"

Promotes gentle psychological healing after physical or psychological shock, trauma, or violation including rape, incest, assault, physical abuse or punishment, foster care, injury, betrayal trauma, and abuse of authority.  Suitable for any kind of deep physical and mental/emotional trauma, where the trauma becomes energetically 'stuck' in both mind and body

This essence fusion often feels very physical, because it effectively releases trauma 'memory' from tissue in the body where it is being stored.  Overwrites the emotional trauma to gradually restore wholeness and well-being


Suitable for both men and women

Long-held or childhood physical trauma requires at least 42 days to dissolve completely.  We recommend taking Control Release before beginning this essence to ensure your body and mind will not resist releasing the trauma


Also available in Trauma Release 4-step protocol


Use for 42 days 

60 ml  $50 

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I Am Not a Victim"I Am Not A Victim"

A deep healing essence that helps to release victim mentality and the detrimental effects of trauma and having been victimized.  Especially important for traumatic childhood experiences, abuse and neglect, which can create very disempowering mental programs that translate to attracting lifelong victimization  

Being a victim justifies a lot of frustrations and failures in your life.  I AM NOT A VICTIM releases feelings of powerlessness and the need for approval from others.  Increases the ability to set boundaries and to hold your own space and stand up for yourself.  Also helps to awaken a realization of your own subconscious role in repeatedly attracting victimization.  Reaches right back into past life experiences when needed


"It’s given a sense of understanding that I’m not the circumstance I’m in, not the ones that I’ve gone through. They're merely lessons.  While I’ve known this, I’ve never felt it like this before.  I received strength and a greater perspective from outside the situation.  I’m really kind of fascinated by this shift!"  Sherry H WNY  


I AM NOT A VICTIM also helps you to take charge of your emotions, instead of being victimized by them.  Since victim mentality becomes deeply ingrained, this essence formula requires a minimum of 42 days to release, and may require 66 days in some cases  

We recommend using this essence fusion in an essence protocol, rather than as a stand-alone remedy.  For example, Control Release --> Trauma Release --> I Am Not a Victim --> Empowerment (or another self esteem essence fusion)


Also available in Trauma Release 4-step protocol


42 days  60 ml  $50

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Trauma Release Protocol

"Trauma Release Protocol"

A powerful 4-step protocol to help gently and effortlessly release the emotional, mental and physical debilitating effects of deep trauma of all kinds, including sexual abuse, physical abuse, psychological abuse, accident trauma, war conflict, military service, refugee trauma, PTSD, and Pandemic Post-Traumatic Syndrome (aka 'Long Covid')


First, we use CONTROL RELEASE to release the fear-based control issues and mental blockages that stop you from releasing your trauma.  The next essence formula THE BIG RESET reminds your mind and body what your default state should be.  Then we address the deeply-held physical/emotional effects of the trauma and release it from your body using TRAUMA RELEASE.  Then we address the loss of power and feelings of victimization with I AM NOT A VICTIM.  This essence fusion also helps you set boundaries and more easily stand up for yourself, hold your own space, and not be so intimidated by masculine energy or those in power or authority 


Set consists of 60 ml Control Release ~ 15 ml The BIG RESET ~ 60 ml Trauma Release ~ 60 ml I Am Not a Victim


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We recommend following this protocol with an empowering essence fusion such as I AM Deserving, Empowerment, Self Esteem, Success, or Spiritual Power





Abandonment Heal

"Abandonment Heal"  

Abandonment is one of the 7 life-changing major emotional wounds.  ABANDONMENT HEAL releases and overwrites painful feelings of loss, sorrow, heartache, emptiness, and feeling unloved or unlovable, rejected, or abandoned and replaces with a feeling of gentle comfort and nurturing.   Eases your grief and isolation.  Helps you find acceptance and inner peace  

Powerful enough to heal rejection or abandonment by someone significant, such as a relationship breakup, absent parent, marriage breakdown, or death of someone significant to you


Use for 21-66 days  

30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml  $50  

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Sexual Abuse Release

"Sexual Abuse Release"

Promotes gentle psychological healing after traumatic physical and emotional violation such as rape, incest, assault or abuse of authority.  Suitable for any kind of physical trauma to the body (including traumatic accidents), where emotional trauma becomes energetically 'stuck' 


"I have just finished the Sexual Abuse Release and over the 7 weeks have experienced a significant and what feels like miraculous reduction in the bladder pain, soreness, burning, frequency, cramps and urgency. I would say it's about 90% better now. I still have to keep acidic drinks to a minimum, but can go about my life much more normally and sleep. Bless you for the work you do."  NL UK


Effectively releases trauma 'memory' from tissue in the body where it is being stored.  Overwrites the emotional trauma to gradually restore wholeness and well-being

Long-held or childhood physical trauma requires at least 42 days to dissolve completely.  Because of the intensely physical experience of the emotional trauma, we want you to know that you may  actually feel where in your body you have stored your trauma as it releases


"On the very first night I felt other energies leaving me (felt like they had been feeding off and taking my energy).  On the 6th day my body started to ache and would return over and over. Took a while for this to leave.  Boundary issues kept visiting me again and again giving me adequate practice!"  Meghan D  SC


Recommended to use contraceptives following this essence.  Has demonstrated to help energetically to increase possibility of pregnancy by releasing mental and emotional blockages that prevent conception


We recommend taking Sweet Innocence or Be Kind to Yourself after completing this remedy


60 ml  $50

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Womb Heal

"Womb Heal"

Promotes gentle psychological healing after miscarriage, hysterectomy, or abortion.  May promote menses.  Do not use if pregnant or nursing


"I feel a lot lighter than I did at the start and a lot more comfortable in my own skin.  I let go of a lot of guilt, pain, resentment, self-loathing and fear during the process...I'm so glad I did it."  Carla W  UK


Try Sweet Innocence after completing this essence.  It will leave you feeling as fresh and happy as when you were an innocent child


"Today was the first day after using Womb Heal (yesterday morning and this morning) and Forgiveness (last night and about to use again tonight before going to bed)...I have to say that even though today is the first day of my monthly cycle, I feel a deep sense of relaxation and a certain kind of "well being" that I can not explain both in my core and in my abdomen”   Anna C  White Plains NY


Use for 21 days.  Do not repeat

  30 ml  $30

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Helps facilitate rapid effortless recovery from emotionally overwhelming events and experiences.  RESTORE fosters supportive calming grounding and balance to keep you feeling solid and stable  

Works quickly and effortlessly to energetically dissolve shock, despair, disillusionment, fear, mental replay, wildly fluctuating emotions, and panic.  Helps restore optimism and innocence that was lost.  Quickly dials down the panic, and dissolves chaos and static within the energy field.  Instills a feeling of smooth, expansive wholeness and joy  


Very useful for those who are overly sensitive to violence and feel overwhelmed or distraught after angry emotional confrontations or after watching negative or violent TV, movies, news or media.   Assists those who feel helpless, overwhelmed and unable to change all the bad they perceive in the world.  Useful for those who work with rescue organizations  




When used for 3-5 days immediately following a trauma it will quickly act to reverse the negative effects of the experience and restore balance.  Use for 21-66 days when post-traumatic stress is long-held.  Use as needed to help with hyper-sensitivity


30 ml @ $30  ~  60 ml @ $50

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Soul Retrieval

"Soul Retrieval"

Helpful for those who reject or disown their own 'shadow self' or negative attributes, and those who have experienced an emotional trauma that has caused an internal disconnect.  Reclaims fragmented or disowned aspects of self. Helps overcome negative past life experiences that are sabotaging you in this lifetime.   


"Old memories of self, mistakes I made and would not face, have come up.  I remembered the times I was not treated with respect, and suddenly realized it was because I was giving away my power by disowning myself.  As the essence progresses, my creative self-expression and inner child have returned.  Nice"  Lori D  Thorold 


Soul fragmentation can also be caused by accident trauma, head injury, incest, sexual or physical abuse, religious conditioning, perfectionism, or misguided spiritual beliefs  

SOUL RETRIEVAL re-integrates your whole self, including 'negative' qualities you have rejected or disowned.  Allows you to accept and integrate your negative qualities.  Helps you find joy in your own inner child  


Disowned aspects of self can sometimes appear as dark shadows or entities attacking you.  If shadows or entities return persistently despite repeated energetic clearing, then consider that SOUL RETRIEVAL may be what is actually needed


Use for 21 days

30 ml @ $30  

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Divorce Heal

"Divorce Heal"

This powerful heart-healing remedy helps to overwrite the trauma of a painful, contentious relationship breakup that has changed your entire life.  It dissolves heartbreak, rejection, feeling unloved, animosity, rancour, and other powerful negative emotions, even when long-held.  Helps you heal and let go of the past so you can feel serene and in balance again


Use for 21-66 days

30 ml @ $30  ~  60 ml @ $50 

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Broken Heart Healing"Broken Heart Heal" 

BROKEN HEART HEAL was created for the most challenging types of grief that are so completely life-altering, and persist for a much longer period of time.  Ideal for the loss of a partner, parent, or child.  Also useful following divorce or rejection


"Broken Heart Heal was huge for me.  I didn't realize how much I was weighed down by all of my losses.  That was huge.  I tell everyone I can about your flower essences."   Evelyn R  Hunt TX 


Grief is often something we can't or don't want to let go.  There is an underlying fear that if we stop grieving we will forget, or that the person's time and relationship with us will lose its impactful meaning  

But, grief is very harmful to your physical body and mind.  Grief separates you from others and from your loved one in spirit.  Its low vibration diminishes your life force, which damages your heart, breathing, and circulation  


BROKEN HEART HEAL gently and gradually releases deep heartache, grief and loss.  Shifts you through and beyond long-term grief.  Turns sorrow and grief into acceptance and understanding when your loss seems so unfair and your whole life has changed.  Also helps to release guilt and reluctance associated with moving on with your life


We recommend 'Be Kind to Yourself' to follow or be used in conjunction with this essence


Use for 42-66 days 

60 ml @ $50  

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Unrequited Love Heal"Unrequited Love Heal" 

The greatest wounds we can experience is to be rejected, betrayed, abandoned or feel all alone

UNREQUITED LOVE HEAL supports endings.  It is suitable for any kind of rejection, betrayal, or lack of reciprocation.  It neutralizes feelings of heartache, wishing it could be different, inner turmoil, angst, and negative self-blame such as "what is wrong with me?" 

It helps you feel and understand that there is nothing wrong with you--It is the other person's issues coming into play   

UNREQUITED LOVE HEAL dissolves karmic ties so you are able to easily let go of all thoughts and desire toward those who have been aloof, unresponsive, uncaring, or do not love you in return  

It helps you feel stronger, more centered, and able to see more clearly.  It uplifts and elates, allowing you to feel free, happy, loving, and open to new relationships and experiences.  Most importantly, it infuses bright self-love and self-value to help you find greater sense of self-worth


21 days or longer

30 ml @ $30

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"Forgiveness" Forgiveness

Forgive yourself.  Forgive others.  Find inner peace in the release of resentment, grudges, anger, indignation, and judgment 


"The first day I took forgiveness I double dosed it. That night I had a spectacular vision there was a large crowd of humanoid beings that were freely walking out of a prison that held all the people I could never forgive. I mean even someone that gave me a nasty look as a child I never forgave. I mean there was a huge mob almost looked like the terra cotta statues that were found in China. However it’s early and there are more deeply held persons that require my forgiveness. This stuff helps!  Take it now!"   Daniel O  Pico Rivera CA


21 days + repeat once a month for 3-5 days

30 ml @ $30  ~  60 ml @ $50

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Guilt Release"Guilt Release"

Your brain does a strange thing when you have been violated or traumatized ... if the perpetrator does not apologize or atone for hurting you, your brain takes on the shame, guilt, and blame for what happened to you  

Guilt and shame causes self-destructive behaviours that further damage you.  So, you are harmed a second time!


"So, definitely some things I felt guilty over, came up from the past.  I'm feeling better about some main past issues.  I feel like my brain is thinking more clearly and I definitely think I'm happier.  People noticed something different about me and they just can't put their finger on it.  Two people said I look younger !!"  Joyce M  NY 


GUILT RELEASE effortlessly releases guilt and shame.  Feelings of guilt or shame can cause you to sink into self-destructive behaviour.   Dividing self into judge, criminal and punisher causes feelings of separation, isolation and loneliness 

GUILT RELEASE provides atonement (at-one-ment) by helping to build a better balance with the cosmos through inner peace.  Dissolves negative self-talk, self-punishment, and feeling bad about yourself.  Allows you to see a situation with greater clarity, logic, and a higher perspective so you don't automatically accept blame  


21 days + repeat once a month for 3-5 days

30 ml @ $30  ~  60 ml @ $50

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Moving On

"Moving On"

Ideal for those who have suffered a loss, death, injury, or challenge that changes your life as you knew it—for example: cancer, or the loss of a relationship, job, a spouse, your home, or a limb.  Moves you out of self pity and shifts you forward, helping you to accept that you can have a brighter future. Helps you embrace that you can have more, not less


Use for 21 days

30 ml @ $30

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Faith Hope & Trust

"Faith Hope & Trust"

A lovely gentle essence to assist those experiencing dread and hopelessness.  Helpful for those trapped in hopeless situations they cannot change.  Helps you to feel more positive, optimistic, and not become jaded by those who are thoughtless and insensitive


Use for 21 days.  Repeat for 3-5 days as needed

30 ml @ $30

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Sweet Innocence


"Return to Innocence"

This essence is especially helpful as the positive final step in restoring your sweet innocent self after completing a trauma-release essence fusion such as SEXUAL ABUSE HEAL, DEEP WOUNDS OF CHILDHOOD, or WOMB HEAL 

It promotes a gentle restoring of your innate innocence and purity.  Supports your happy 'inner child'  


Use for 21 days

30 ml @ $30

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Helps you to surrender and accept what cannot be changed so you can move on without bitterness.  Prompts acceptance of those things you cannot change, and allows you to make peace with the past and just not care anymore about the injustices, hurts and and wrong-doings caused to you.  Promotes release of persistent negative feelings and instills inner peace and tranquil serenity


"I have a sense of peace like I never had in this lifetime. Yes I’m not ok with what happened … However I myself as a person feel so much better. Even the people around me have changed. Everyone around me seems to treat me with a higher sense of respect. I don’t fear being harmed by others. And now I know why I was always having dreams about returning to school and falling behind. It was simply a subconscious message that I had unfinished business that required my attention. Also I know now what that hidden hurt was that randomly tried to come out at times. Also my lifelong forehead tension has gone away."  Daniel O  CA 


Helpful when you can forgive but still feel the hurt and animosity of wrongs done to you.  Allows inner peace, forgiveness, grace in rising above the situation. Increases elation and wellbeing


Use for 21-66 days   

30 ml @ $30  ~  60 ml @ $50

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