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Connecting with Your 7th Sense

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If it does  not bring you joy, why are you doing it?


Did you know that your senses are controlled by the same part of the brain that stores memory?  That is no co-incidence.  Evolution has provided all living things with seven senses to help you to interpret your environment.  Remembering sensations, feelings, and experiences ensures you make better choices, such as avoiding danger or pain, and prompts you to seek experiences that feel good


So, the most important function of your senses is to help you make choices that ensure you are happy and your needs are met 


Your 7 primary needs are ...

safety & security  ~  belonging (acceptance, closeness)  ~  challenge and growth  ~  happiness  ~  self-esteem  ~  justice & fairness  ~  fullfillment  



You are endowed with seven senses ...

touch  ~  taste  ~  smell  ~  hearing  ~  sight  ~  feeling/sensing  ~  emotions  

Yes, your emotions are one of your senses!


Each sense focuses on and interprets energy waves such as heat, light, and sound in a different way.  The senses of taste and smell allow you to enjoy food--a mechanism that ensures you get enough nutrients, and don't eat foods that might be poisonous.  In fact, the olefactory sense triggers your most powerful memory response


Touch allows you to experience pleasure and pain, the ability to physically connect, as well as the ability to interpret whether something is good or bad for you.  Hearing and sight allow you to become aware of what is around you


The Secret to Effortlessly Trusting Yourself is 'Clear & Prtoect'

Your sixth sense allows you to 'feel' what is intangible.  It picks up highly subtle clues from your environment such as body language, voice inflections, energy patterns and auric fields, thought waves, intent  

Your sixth sense utilizes multiple sensory organs, as well as your skin and body hair.  Hair is an antenna.  It is highly sensitive to energy.  Hair will actually stand on end when it senses something non-physical such as cold temperature or energy.  That may be why animals are highly adept at using their subtle sixth sense of 'feeling'


Everyone has this subtle sense of intuition, and everyone uses it to some degree.  But, because of its complexity and subtlety, few pay conscious attention to it or understand how to use this sense to its fullest degree. Since you are constantly bombarded by sensory input in urban environments, your subtle sixth sense often gets drowned out or overpowered.  (Our essence fusion Clear & Protect can assist with opening your intuition)      



All living things, including plants and single celled organisms also possess a seventh sense, although few understand that it is an actual sense.  Your seventh sense is your emotions

Emotions originate in the same part of your brain as all your other senses.  Just like each of your physical sensory experiences, your emotional experiences are integrated with the part of your brain that stores memories.  This special sense is designed to make you conscious of what is helpful or harmful to you

Even a single-celled organism or a cell from your body placed in a petri dish will move away from something that is harmful to it and move toward something that nourishes it or brings pleasure.  The emotions of fear and pleasure are not limited to the brain.  They are intrinsic in every cell of every living thing



The degree of intensity felt by emotions acts like a barometer.  It prompts you to take appropriate action to ensure your needs are addressed.  Emotions like happiness, satisfaction, and fullfillment tell you that your needs are being properly satisfied.  'Negative' emotions such as fear, anger, boredom, resentment, and frustration make you acutely aware that your needs are NOT being met


That makes emotions very important to your sense of wellbeing and survival.  Yet most people suppress, dismiss, judge, or ignore their negative feelings, rationalizing them away.  Worse yet, we are taught that negative feelings like anger and sadness are not socially acceptable


The sole purpose of feeling an emotion is to prompt you move toward what will bring pleasure, or to move you to take steps to change or rectify what is wrong, abusive, unhealthy or dangerous.  That makes emotions one of your most important senses! 


Negative feelings are particularly intense because their function is to prompt change.  So, when you ignore or suppress your 'negative' feelings, you ignore their message, and therefore don't take the necessary action to change what is uncomfortable, abusive, unfullfilling, or wrong in your life.  Consequently, you ensure your continued unhappiness, loneliness, and lack of security and ease in life


For example, anger reveals that you perceive injustice or unfairness. And that makes anger a really GOOD thing!  But, if you suppress anger or don't take appropriate action to rectify a perceived unfairness, your self-esteem declines, and that is a bad thing  

The key to to learn to use anger as a tool, not a weapon.    Learn more about what anger is telling you  ...



You feel fear when your safety or security is being threatened.  It prompts your 'flight or fight' instincts, and that keeps you safe and alive  

Stress is one form of fear.  Mostly it is the fear that you are not adequate to handle the responsibilities at hand.  Just like anger, stress is self-esteem related.  Learn more about stress ...



Loneliness tells you that your need for companionship, belonging, and connection to others is not being met.  Since you are the only one responsible for your happiness, loneliness is prompting you to reach out and take action to connect

But, if you wait for others to come to you and don't proactively reach out to satisfy your need for companionship and closeness, you will begin to feel negative thoughts and doubts about yourself.  Learn more about loneliness  ...



Boredom reveals that challenge and growth is not occuring.  When you ignore your need for challenge and growth, your self esteem suffers



Frustration is felt when you try unsuccessfully or ineffectively to get your needs met.  Depression follows frustration.  It occurs when you stop trying and give up

Depression is a shut-down of the entire sensory process.  Since we are living in a society that prizes and rewards rational thinking over emotional wellbeing, it is no wonder that 85% of the population experiences chronic stress, and depression is at an all-time high.  Using drugs to combat depression only feeds the hopelessness, escapism and low self-esteem that is the source of depression.  Learn more about depression ...   


So, it is critically important to allow yourself to FEEL! 


There is no right or wrong to emotions.  So, stop judging how you or others feel.  Love, hate, joy, anger, satisfaction, fear, security, boredom, fullfillment ... ALL these feelings exist for the sole purpose of forcing action, either toward pleasure, fullfillment, and growth, or away from pain

  Try to become more aware of what your feelings are trying to tell you.  Appreciate your feelings for making you more aware of the need to pay attention to how a particular life situation is affecting you.  Take intelligent action to satify what your feelings represent.  They are the key to addressing your deeper needs


When you respond to emotions in a conscious way, your self-esteem begins to soar.  Your life and relationships immediately improve.  So, your emotions are a wonderful gift for your wellbeing and happiness, and can also be a great gift to others in your life


Learn how to effortlessly balance your emotions and find the emotional satisfaction and peace you seek ...

Recommended reading ... The Secret Language of Feelings by Calvin D Banyan




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