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Suffering with INSOMNIA?  Here's 12 CAUSES
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Everyone experiences difficulty falling asleep sometimes.  But, some people seem to be habitually unable to easily fall asleep. Apart from medical disorders such as sleep apnea, there are at least 12 different reasons why people experience chronic or occasional insomnia


1)  The most common cause of insomnia is chronic or habitual stress.  Stress triggers your body's natural fight-or-flight response, prompting the release of adrenaline and cortisol to prepare you for immediate action.  But, if the body is releasing adrenaline and cortisol, it will be in a hyper-vigilant state, and you won't be able to sleep.  It will be like drinking several cups of coffee before bedtime.  

Especially now, everyone is experiencing much greater stress and insecurity due to news media reports, isolation, and civil unrest.  No one feels safe.  So it is no wonder that so many people are experiencing insomnia.   

Stress occurs when you feel overwhelmed.  The problem feels bigger than you.  Adrenaline releases during arguments, excitement, or whenever you are feeling unsafe.  The most common reason for hyper-adrenal release is watching dramas or thriller TV and movies and the news.   While movies and TV shows may not be real, your brain can’t tell the difference and will prompt stress neropeptides which places your body in an elevated alert state.  As a result, it is difficult to fall asleep.   

Adrenaline is also prompted by the consumption of stimulants such as coffee or sugar and sweets.  Paradoxically, sugar and coffee cravings increase during times of stress as an instinctive way to gain energy.  Sugar, in particular, is a neurotoxin and can cause muscle spasms, leg cramping and restless leg syndrome, which prevent sleep.  So, if you are feeling stressed, avoid sugar and coffee, as they will only exacerbate your feelings of stress.   

Avoid coffee, juice, and sweets particularly in the evening, and take a ‘negativity diet’ by avoiding dramas and violent or thrilling television programs or movies and evening news reports.  This will help to calm adrenal response.

Try our STRESS BUSTER! at bedtime.  Spray lightly on shoulder areas plus 3 spritzes in the mouth.  STRESS BUSTER! is calming and helps you stay in the moment.  In the daytime it relieves stress.  At bedtime, it allows your mind to be still so you can fall asleep more readily.

If the cause of stress and lack of personal security is a workplace, home or family situation, appropriate essences such as DIVORCE HEALSERENITY, OR SUPPORT maybe the best solution.  Enlightened Feelings also offers a wide range of stress-relieving flower frequency remedies such as WORRY FREE, I AM FLEXIBLE, ZEN, and CHILL OUT.  Try DRAMA FREE to end addiction to stress and adrenaline.  


2)   Believe it or not, the next most common cause of insomnia is insufficient fiber in the diet.  Studies have shown that increasing dietary fiber by at least 25% can often alleviate insomnia.  A couple of bran muffins each day or a dose of magnesium can actually help you sleep!  


3)  Certain mineral deficiencies can also cause insomnia.  In particular electrolytes magnesium, calcium, and potassium are important in relaxing muscles, reducing edema, and aiding digestion, which contributes significantly to better sleep.  Potassium deficiency can cause anxiety and heart arrhythmia because the cells cannot exchange fluids and are therefore literally starving or suffocating.  Magnesium is a natural relaxant.  It helps to prevent muscle spasms and leg cramping, as well as aiding in peristalsis (intestinal function).


4)  Dehydration is another cause of insomnia.  You are 70% water and you expel 1.5-2.5 litres of fluids each day that must be replenished.  Increase water consumption throughout the day.  Paradoxically this will also help to reduce edema.  Drinking a glass of water before retiring at night can often help you fall asleep more readily and helps prevent heart attack.


5)  Pain is a powerful inhibitor of sleep, whether from an injury, toothache, chronic throbbing from inflammation such as arthritis, or an uncomfortable bed and pillow.   Lack of sleep from pain or discomfort inhibits your body’s ability to heal and regenerate.  

Enlightened Feelings offers 3 topical pain relief remedies.  AH is very helpful for quelling chronic pain, including arthritis, bursitis, back pain, or inflammation.  AH PLUS is helpful for healing injuries and their associated pain.  AH FLEXIBLE assists with joint pain, stiffness, and inflammation.


6)  Lack of exercise and activity results in too much nervous energy.  How can you sleep if you have not exhausted pent-up energy?  Exercise prompts the release of endorphins which are powerful natural opiates that relieve pain and induce profound relaxation.


7)  Poor quality of sleep occurs when there are sleep disturbances in the environment, such as pets on the bed or in the bedroom, a partner who snores, or traffic passing by.  These are factors that can only change by a pro-active decision on your part.   


8)  Inharmonious feng shui may also be a factor.  Feng Shui is the art of creating health and harmony in your environment via subliminal messages.  

For example, the bedroom should always be in the back of the home to create a feeling of safety and security.  If a bedroom door or window is left open it can unconsciously create a feeling of insecurity or lack of safety, as can improper positioning of the bed.   For example, when laying in bed, the feet should not point toward the door, as though you could be carried out feet-first. 

The bed should be in a commanding position, where you can clearly see the entrance into the bedroom from the bed, and the bed should not lie between a window and the doorway.  Energy/wind moves between these two portals, and that can disturb sleep.  Also, you should not be able to see into any mirror when laying in bed, as it can startle you or make you feel someone is present. 

The bed should be your most careful purchase, as you literally spend 1/3 of your life in bed.  Your bed and bed linens should be perfectly comfortable, spacious, and welcoming so that you actually relish going to bed.

9)  Serotonin and melatonin are neurotransmitters that help to trigger sleep.  They are tied to your body’s circadian rythm which is oriented to the 24 hour day/night cycle.  About two hours after sundown your body naturally wants to go to sleep.  Temperatures cool in the evening.  As temperatures drop it is another signal to your brain to go to sleep.   The opposite occurs in the AM, due to light from sunrise and warming temperatures.

So, try to adhere to retiring for bed about 2-2.5 hours after sunset.  Lower the thermostat by about 4° at least an hour before bedtime, and program it to increase the ambient temperature 1/2 hour before arising in the morning.   To ensure activation of melatonin, allow no lights whatsoever to filter into the bedroom at night, whether from a window, clock, television, or cell phone, or from a night light.  Light signals the brain to stay active and keeps you awake. 

10)  EMF radiation is becoming an increasing problem in the bedroom. Electromagnetic fields create a stress response in the body, causing the release of adrenaline and cortisol.  This is akin to having a cup of coffee before bedtime—except that it is much more detrimental to your health.  The majority of cellular regeneration takes place during deepest sleep, so your body should be protected from stress factors of any kind. 

The major offenders are televisions, cell phones, and computers.  So, remove them from the bedroom.  It's not enough to turn these items off.  If you don't want to remove these items, then purchase EMF shields to neutralize EMF radiation emitted by your devices.

Enlightened Feelings offers EMF SHIELD flower frequency remedy as a effective way to dissolve stressful static in the energy field caused by EMF radiation.  It also can act as a stress-relief remedy.  Learn more about EMF Shield ... 


11)  The most overlooked common cause for sleep deprivation is a lack of vitamin D.  Vitamin D is naturally derived from exposure to sunlight.  For proper brain function you need both proper nutrients and at least two hours of sunlight directly on the retina of the eyes.  In addition you also need at least one half hour of sunlight on the fatty areas of the skin in order for your metabolism to produce vitamin D. 

Since sunlight is a fat-soluble vitamin, it requires that fatty parts of your body are exposed to sunlight in order for the vitamin D to be absorbed and utilized.  If you can't expose your skin to natural sunlight, a vitamin D supplement of at least 4000 IU’s is required each day.  To absorb and utilize vitamin D3 you must take it either with animal fat in your food, or take a fish-based Omega 3/6/9 supplement when you take vitamin D.


12)  Many people are unable to ‘turn off their brain’ at bedtime.  They begin thinking and worrying about events that have happened or things they need to do.  

The bedroom should not be a workplace.  Nor should it be 'busy' or cluttered.  It is a place for rest and restoration.  That means you may need to send your self subliminal messages that this is a place of rest.  Soft pillows, cozy blankets, low lighting, beautiful colors—these things create a space for relaxation.  Use warm dark colors on the walls.

Whenever possible remove the television, computer, books, and any work-related materials from the bedroom.  Work-related objects send subliminal messages to your brain to keep alert for working and planning.  Your thoughts are unable to quiet down and remain in the moment.

Clear all clutter--even in drawers and closets.  Clutter sends a silently scolding message that you still have unfinished business and work to do.

One way to circumvent this is to write a list each day detailing what you need to do the following day.    In this way your brain can relax knowing that the next day’s planning is already done.

Another way to take your brain out of logical mode is to do something creative before bedtime. Creativity shifts your brain into alpha state, as does meditation or listening to new age or classical music.  This opens you to the first stage of sleep.

If that fails, try Enlightened Feelings STRESS BUSTER! nightly at bedtime.  3 spritzes of STRESS BUSTER! in the mouth and one on each shoulder will relax tense neck muscles, help you to stay in the moment, and stop mental chatter.  

Learn more about STRESS BUSTER! ...  

Or try our natural sleep support remedy RESTFUL.  RESTFUL gently trains your brain to cycle properly though all 4 brain wave cycles during sleep so that you awaken rested and refreshed.


These recorded brainwave patterns of a test subject show how quickly Restful begins to normalize sleep cycles.  Brainwaves in healthy sleep should cycle through Alpha (7.8-11 htz dream state), Delta (4-7.8 htz) and Theta (1.8-4 htz)  3-4 times during the night. 

Abnormal sleep pattern Sleep patter using sleeping pillsHealthy sleep pattern after using Restful3rd day of using Restful--90% quality sleep


Image 1 shows an abnormal sleep pattern before treatment with 86% quality sleep and almost 9 hours of sleep required.  Image 2 shows a brain wave pattern using drugs to produce 88% quality sleep, but very little dreaming (problem-solving), with almost 9.5 hours of sleep required, and a groggy morning awake-time.  The third image shows normal brain wave patterns after using Restful.  The sleeper awakes rested and alert with 89% quality sleep after less than 8.5 hours.  The 4th image is after 3 days using Restful.  After only 3 days, the brain waves have normalized to produce 90% quality sleep, requiring only 8 hours of sleep


 Learn more about RESTFUL ...





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