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A gentle drug-free sleep aid for those who habitually cannot quiet their mind at bedtime.  The frequencies of this essence help induce healthy, restful sleep by stopping mind-chatter and allowing you to relax into the moment and let yourself fall gently asleep.  

Without stress, brain-wave cycles begin to normalize naturally during sleep so you awake refreshed and energized.  Increases dreaming and enhances problem-solving during the dream experience  

This is NOT a sleeping pill and does not cause dependancy or morning grogginess.   You are able to awaken if needed, and fall back to sleep promptly.  Used nightly for 3-6 nights RESTFUL will gently 'train' your mind to become still and fall into a healthy sleep without resisting.  May be added to the bath  


Use for 6 days.  Then as needed    

15 ml @ $15 ~ 30 ml @ $30 


Available in Stress Relief Pack



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