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 These powerful essence formulas help to release the negative effects of daily life, allowing you to effortlessly raise your spiritual IQ.  They protect your energy field, helping to keep you in balance and holding your own space. Detailed instructions are included


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Clear & Protect"Clear & Protect"  

Take responsibility for the energy you bring to your relationships, as well as the energy that you allow from others!  

Clear & Protect balances, nourishes and strengthens your auric field from the inside out, radiating a higher frequency that clears your energy field of negative thoughts, feelings and negative energies.   Provides a buffer from the harmful effects of all types of negative energies, dissonance and EMF's that have no place in your energy field, allowing your clear energy field to radiate out to balance your environment and those around you.  It's like a constant meditation, keeping you in balance, aware, attuned and connected to your higher self


"... This strength of protection is one that allows permission-only interaction - cool people smile & nasties are disgusted / repelled accordingly"  JE  Chicago IL

By clearing the static and energy blockages from your energy field, Clear & Protect promotes a free-flow of intuition, which provides protection and discernment in another important way.  Unimpeded, your vibration rises, allowing you to experience life from a higher perspective and a more balanced reality.  You are better able to adapt and recover from your daily challenges  


"I have to say that the protection makes a huge difference inside of me, even clams down those adrenalin/palpitation moments and turns them into a kind of meditation! It's hard to explain....!"  Candice M  Brantford ON

Clear & Protect offers you an effortless way to raise your vibration and the vibration of the planet!  Works in minutes and leaves a light, happy positive feeling all day


"Clear & Protect is truly amazing !! The situation at work has not changed but I am not being affected by it.   I remain happy ……   focused …... and am able to keep my team positive as they “flounder” thru the night. I was really feeling it all before. Even considered quitting."  Cyndi H  Indiana

Clear & Protect is well suited to individuals beginning to open to higher consciousness, self-healing or spiritual transformation.  It is also highly recommended as a daily practice for healers and psychics, as well as those who are sensitive or empathic and are easily knocked out of balance by absorbing the energies of those around them.  Clear & Protect ensures you are always at your very best


"Never never NEVER visit your family without it!"  Nancy Weil  author of "If Stress Doesn't Kill You Your Family Will" Tampa FL


Also available in Chakra Set  ~  3 Protectors Set  


Use as needed

30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml @ $50

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Now you can protect yourself (and your pets!) from those people in your life whose negativity leaves you feeling anxious, drained, or out of sorts.  Groups or gatherings will no longer leave you feeling overwhelmed or drained


"I find it soooooo helpful throughout the day when I am around a school full of teenage kids!!!"  M K  Teacher St Catharines ON

Shield provides an energetic shield to protect you from psychic attack, negativity, the  emotional 'debris' of others, and ‘toxic’ people.  It protects those who are highly sensitive, easily exhausted, or negatively affected by crowds and exposure to too many people 


 "While taking Shield I found that I was able to stay disconnected from other people's emotions which was very nice!"  Donna S  OK

Shield is a must-have for those who are ultra-sensitive to other people's energies and environmental stimulus.  You can even use Shield to energetically protect yourself during divorce or a bad relationship breakup


"Love love love that stuff.. its like a relief!! Thank you!"  Cindy R  Park Ridge NJ"


Shield is also helpful when you are in workplaces or situations that are not aligned with your personal and spiritual values


I have really been enjoying the essences!  I noticed the effects of Shield IMMEDIATELY and I am ready to order more. I never ever want to run out!"  Chyna W  Mill Creek WA



Also available in 3 Protectors Set  and  Stress Relief Pack


Shield for Children 30 ml  @ $30


Shield for Pets   30 ml  @ $30


Use as needed

30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml @ $50

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Empath Attunement"Empath Attunement"

Your energy is constantly seeking a way to connect with every other energy you encounter.  When you feel that connection you are fully engaged with the Source that connects us all.  Every relationship, everything you do, succeeds or fails based on the potential of this connection


Being an empath is your superpower.  But it is also your 'kryptonite'!


Empaths naturally see and feel on 3 levels simultaneously.  They see and read the body language and facial expression of a person.  They hear the words and intonation.  And, they also feel the energy and psychological makeup of the person  

When an empath senses those 3 elements are at odds or conflicting with one another, the empath becomes very uncomfortable. They can sense the dishonesty, and don't know what to do with that information or how to respond appropriately

Empath Attunement facilitates a deeper Divine compass through enhanced awareness.  This powerfully transforming essence begins by clearing deep subconscious karmic weaknesses which prevent you from fulfilling your empathic gifts fully

The essence then goes on to prompt an inner evolution.  You shift beyond the empathic ability to feel people’s feelings and begin to move deeper to connect at the soul level where you feel and perceive people differently—with deeper compassion, neutrality, and detached understanding.  At the same time as your energy moves outward, you are inwardly stronger, more balanced and stable, and feel secure in your power and protection  

Where previously your empathic abilities or introversion may have led you to feel insecure, anxious, or out of balance in social situations because you either sensed insincerity, were overwhelmed by sensory input, felt drained and out-of-sorts afterward, or felt no kinship with others, Empath Attunement allows you to interact with others while feeling centred, confident and connected.  Your energy remains strong and you do not feel drained or out of balance    

We do not recommend using EMPATH ATTUNEMENT if you will be in the company of those who are angry or drain your energy.  Choose SHIELD instead


Use as needed for up to 7 days at a time.  Longer than 7 consecutive days may result in losing yourself within the energy of others.  Repeat as needed  


30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml @ $50


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EMF Shield



"EMF Shield"

EMF Shield uses nature's wisdom to counteract the detrimental effects of EMF frequencies on the human body!  Harmonic flower frequencies help to relax the nervous system and calm hyper-alert parasympathetic response, allowing you to feel calmer and have greater energy and focus


Also available in  3 Protectors Set


Use as needed

30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml @ $50

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Space Clearing


"Space Clearing"

Space Clearing helps to effortlessly clear your space, home, or office of negativity, bad energies, EMF's, entities, etc.  It is designed to be added to a feng shui salt water cure with/or in place of coins

Space Clearing is ideal for offices where scent is not permitted

Space Clearing may be stronger than traditional salt water cures.  The effect is often palpable, neraly instant, and lasts almost a month  

Simply top up your salt water cure with water as needed, and add 14 more drops of SPACE CLEARING to keep your living space clear each month!  Create salt water cures for all your challenging living or work spaces!   

Instructions to create your salt water cure and care for it are included.  Keep away from pets and children  


15  ml (20 applications)  $15  ~  30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml @ $50   

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Nurturer in Balance"Nurturer In Balance"
Hold your balance as a natural nurturer!
Nurturer in Balance is ideal for women who are self-sacrificing, especially for their family, as well as those whose careers are in nurturing professions, such as nurses, alternative healers and empaths.  Nurturer in Balance keeps you from being overly nurturing, from taking your work home with you mentally and energetically, and from being a martyr or rescuing
" I found the Nurturer in Balance helped me tackle stuff (clutter) around the house without getting negative, resentful, and annoyed at everyone and not getting overwhelmed"  Carrie P  Welland ON
Nurturer in Balance keeps you from absorbing the negative energies and illnesses of your family members or clients.  It is so very helpful for moms -- those naturally loving nurturers who are always busy looking after everyone else's needs except their own!
Nurturer in Balance instills the balance you need to look after your own needs while you help others.  It is also a helpful 'fix' for those who tend to be 'rescuers' and want to 'fix' or help everyone else 
Nurturer in Balance may also address weight issues that result from constantly absorbing the energies of others
Use 3-5 days as needed
30 ml  $30  ~  $60 ml  $50
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Created to release highly traumatic emotional experiences from your energy field.  Restore is especially helpful for those who are highly sensitive and easily distraught or shocked by social injustice, animal abuse, climate change, or all the wrongs in the world, and feel helplessness to change anything

When used for 3-5 days immediately following an emotionally traumatic event it will quickly act to reverse the negative effects of shock, despair, disillusionment, overwhelm and panic caused by witnessing violence or watching violent movies or television shows  

Restore dissolves chaos and static within the energy field and instills a feeling of smooth, expansive wholeness and joy.  Instills supportive grounding and balance.  Restores optimism and innocence that was lost  


Use as needed for hyper-sensitivity  

Use for 21-66 days for PTSD

30 ml  $30  ~  $60 ml  $50


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Karma Clear


"Karma Clear"

A very powerful clearing and purging remedy that leaves you feeling free and unencumbered.  Dissolves the negative effects from your past  

KARMA CLEAR overwrites guilt, karmic debt, unforgiven past experiences, and unhealthy energetic ties to those from your past.  It can even reach into past lives when needed.  Leaves you feeling clear and unimpeded


"All I can say is “WOW!” This is some powerful stuff. Since day one so many changes have been happening in my life and they’re all good.  It’s like this essence was a super charged high voltage that busted through the blockage."  Daniel O  Pico Rivera CA


Use for 21 days.  Repeat for once a month 3-5 days to dissolve new karma and conscience issues before it negatively impacts your life


30 ml  $30  ~  $60 ml  $50

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Family Karma

"Family Karma" 

An incredibly clearing and neutralizing formula to help dissolve the negative echoes of your ancestral history  

The effects of generations of family traumas, family dynamics, negative beliefs, and curses has accumulated within your DNA.  The genetic memory in your DNA traces back at least 10 generation.  You also carry the unconscious memory of your own past lives


War, cultural persecution, poverty, struggle, rape and trauma, injustice, and negative beliefs about life leave genetic scars that trap us into similar cycles of dysfunction and victimhood.  When you overwrite this harmful coding, you change your destiny, and heal not only yourself, but your entire lineage, including those in spirit who came before you 

It is a powerful, but sometimes uncomfortable cleansing experience, since you may not be able to relate personally to some of the things that surface.  For all who have completed this clearing, it is life-altering in a very positive way  

This clearing helps to heal the world, too, as the pain and anger of our family who came before us eternally echoes within the energetic field that surrounds us.  Not surprising then that this formula has demonstrated to help dissolve family curses   

FAMILY KARMA does not discern between your personal karma and that of your ancestors.  It moves through the past and into the present to clear your own personal karma as well.   This purification leaves you feeling peaceful and light and may also help to neutralize unhealthy karma you have created with your family in this lifetime


Use for 42-66 days

(21 days) 30 ml  $30  ~  $60 ml  $50

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Soul Retrieval"Soul Retrieval"

Created to re-seat you back into your body and re-integrate aspects of self that you have rejected, denied, or disowned.  Also helpful to re-seat the personality after a traumatic accident or brain injury

Sometimes on our spiritual journey we think we have to be perfect to be spiritual.  Or, we think we have to be perfect in order to be lovable.  So, we begin to see certain aspects of our personality as bad, and we push those aspects away and deny them.  In doing so we give away our power and invite victimization

You are both light and dark.  Loving your 'shadow self' is the only way to transmute negative energies into light and love so you can reclaim wholeness within your soul.  SOUL RELEASE can assist with re-integrating and loving your 'shadow' self to create wholeness and balance


"Old memories of self, mistakes I made and would not face, have come up.  I remembered the times I was not treated with respect, and suddenly realized it was because I was giving away my power by disowning myself.  As the essence progresses, my creative self-expression and inner child have returned.  Nice" Lori D  Thorold


This is a good essence to choose if you feel dark entities are persistently around you.  If you have tried various ways of clearing yourself and dark entities keep returning, there may be a reason you have not considered....  

Most often, dark or 'shadow entities' are simply negative aspects of self that you have disowned or pushed away.  Although you sense or fear these entities are dark or bad, they may really be negative parts of yourself that you have judged and rejected and therefore cannot love, accept or integrate.  You are treating them as though they are bad and don't belong to you  

All darkness seeks union with light.  These entities persist because they very-much need to be loved, accepted and re-integrated.  SOUL RETRIEVAL helps foster this grounding, integration and self-acceptance     


Use for 21 or more days

30 ml  $30  ~  $60 ml  $50


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The 3 Protectors Set"The 3 PROTECTORS"

We've bundled our most popular everyday protection essences to help you save $$!

  • EMF SHIELD uses nature's wisdom to counteract the detrimental effects of EMF frequencies on the human body!  Helps to relax the nervous system and calm hyper-alert parasympathetic response, allowing you to feel calmer and have greater energy and focus
  • SHIELD provides an energetic shield to protect you from psychic attack, negativity, other people's emotional debris, and ‘toxic’ people.  Also helpful for those who are ultra-sensitive to EMF's, computers, and environmental stimulus
  • CLEAR & PROTECT balances, nourishes and strengthens your auric field from the inside out, radiating a higher frequency that clears your energy field of negative thoughts, feelings and negative energies

     Use as needed  


30 ml set @ $80 (reg $90)  ~ 60 ml set @ $120  (reg $150)

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Chakra SetChakra Balancing Set  

Set of 10 essences provides multiple benefits.  Each chakra formula addresses the emotional causes and vibrational imbalances associated with disruptions in the chakric system.  It's a convenient 'tuning kit' in a bottle when you don't have time for a Reiki or Vibro-Acoustic treatment!  A favourite with Yoga enthusiasts!  

Use 3-5 days as needed to restore clearing and lasting balance to body and mind 

Chakric System


     .Root Ckakra  Provides grounding and vitality.  Helpful for traumas, fears, or shock
     .Sacral Chakra  Opens you to pleasure and fun.  Inspires creativity.  Use with 3rd Eye essence to help manifest what you envision
     .Solar Plexus  Restores internal balance, self empowerment, and helps release karma to promote a return to innocence
     .Heart  Fosters love and vibrant health
     .Thymus  Instills unconditional love.  Provides soul grounding when you want to leave your body or escape
     .Throat Chakra  Fosters release of guilt and fear.  Promotes forgiveness of others.  Aids in communicating your needs
     .Zeal Point  Promotes balance of central nervous system.  Promotes forgiveness of self.  Opens you to universal energies
     .3rd Eye  Expands consciousness and heightens intuition.  Use with Sacral Chakra to promotes the ability to manifest what you envision
     .Crown Chakra  Instills love, clarity, purification.  Connects you to Divine intelligence

     .Clear & Protect  30 ml  A wonderful antidote to the negative energies around you!  Clears your auric field.  Acts as a shield against EMF's, negativity, psychic attacks, etc. and keeps you from absorbing other people's energies.  Enhances your intuition


9 X 15 ml bottles + 30 ml Protection  $165 value   $125  (save $40!)

30 ml set  $199.98  (save $100!)

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