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Lori D'Ascenzo


What can you say about a life-long over-achiever?  Lori D’Ascenzo raises the bar on anything she chooses to do!


A broad and eclectic life brimming with multiple interests, talents, and decades of volunteer community service has catapulted Lori’s professional life from artist and internationally acclaimed designer, to pioneering publisher, alternative health professional, and research scientist.  She has specialized in the emerging fields of BIOScience and psychophysics for over 25 years


Lori accredits her outstanding achievements to several uncommon inate abilitites.  She was born synesthetic and an empath.  Her extremely heightened and expanded senses allow her to experience and understand the world in an enhanced and multifaceted way.  Gifted with an exceptionally high IQ, Lori has a unique capacity to utilize her creative right brain and senses to instantly comprehend linear left-brain concepts in 5 dimensions.  She understands quantum concepts innately.  Einstein was also credited with this unique capacity  


Lori is a leading authority on the influence of emotions on neuropeptides and a leading authority on the role of emotions on physiology and health in both people and animals.  Her research findings have been cited and quoted in more than 1600 research papers, theses, articles, advanced science journals, and health publications globally.  A dynamic speaker, Lori's presentations on a wide range of topics are a fascinating blend of science, anecdotal stories, and profound insights



Lori is also a published author and journalist.  Her broad and eclectic interests are a decided asset as a health science writer.  By studying an eclectic multitude of health disciplines rather than one narrow specialization, Lori has gained a much broader and far more comprehensive integrative perspective that allows for a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness between body and mind   



For 17 years she specialized in establishing science-proven credibility for alternative therapies in the orthodox medical arena.  Her penetrating insights into the underlying forces of life and her uncanny ability to find relevant links between seemingly unrelated topics has helped Lori to uncover startling new truths in health and medicine.  For more than 2 decades, this has kept her on the forefront of emerging research in quantum medicine 



She has interviewed, studied, written about, and learned from some of the world's most respected scientists, researchers, and natural health experts encompassing a broad spectrum of science fields.  She was one of the first in North America to be trained by Russian space scientists in psycho-neuro harmonization through neuropeptide and neurotransmitter modulation



In 1996 Lori proved that emotions are actually one of the senses.  She coined the phrase 'the 7th sense' to describe emotions, which is now recognized globally  


In 2006 Lori proved that ALL animals and living things are sentient by establishing that sentience resides in the neural network and cells rather than in the brain, as traditionally believed  


In 2012 Lori began mapping the specific frequencies of emotions and their corresponding neuropeptides.  That same year she created the world’s first enhanced living botanical frequencies.  They are the most powerful and effective genre of flower essences on the planet 


The goal was to modulate emotions by using natural frequencies captured from living plants. Plant frequencies are bio-identical to the neural signals of the nervous systems within all biological organisms.  As a result, Lori became a pioneer in creating complex formulations of living botanical frequencies to effectively overwrite complex negative emotional issues


Lori and animals ….

Horse Whisperer
Lori grew up on a farm and was a horse whisperer even as a child.  She owned and worked with horses for more than 30 years  
As an empath, Lori has repeatedly demonstrated an uncanny ability to sense what is really wrong with an animal and what it is feeling.  She has a natural ability to empathize with a horse and understand their behaviour.  Her sister, now retired, was a horse breeder and racehorse trainer, which afforded Lori the opportunity to work with many horses, collect case studies, hone her skills, and prove the efficacy and consistent reliability of her therapies and living flower essences
Lori has helped thousands of people and animals at the deepest, most basic core where health and wellbeing begins--at the energetic and emotional level.  Lori now plans to direct her teaching/mentoring talents to training practitioners all over the world to use Enlightened Feelings botanical bio-frequencies to help facilitate psycho-neuro harmonization through neural transmitter modulation   



How March 3, 2002, changed Lori's life forever ... 

....On that date, at 4PM, travelling at 60 mph on a highway in her convertible, Lori hit a caravan of stopped transport trucks  

How she survived the catastrophic crash is a miracle.  That Lori walked away from the accident defies explanation.  But, the true impact of that day was how it became a powerful catalyst that closed a chapter in her life and irrevocably changed Lori forever ...


In one cataclysmic moment, she lost all emotional attachment to memories and experiences, attitudes and beliefs that, until that point, had created and directed her life.  Areas of her emotions she had been blocking were instantly cleared.  She could feel again with great depth and childlike innocence

What Lori soon began to understand was that the accident had released her from the past and she was now free to choose whatever life she wanted.  Former idealistic ambitions and urgent missions were gone.  She was free of all desires but one ... to love and be loved

As she relinquished control and allowed the universe to unfold her new destiny, for the first time in her life, Lori experienced true happiness and freedom!  Her life became filled with moments of pure magic, wonder, and serendipity


Lori now fully understands that happiness is not something we need to seek or strive toward.  Happiness is our natural state.  Throughout our lives we've been conditioned to be unhappy!  

That fateful car accident was the catalyst for Lori to strip her life down to the core level, to lose emotional baggage and conditioning from her past so she could rediscover her truest self.  She began to understand that her destiny was to help others 'unlearn' their lives to achieve the same freedom, happiness and authenticity with which she had been gifted


Lori is still in awe at the amazing full circle that has come about as she again accesses her lifelong relationship with flowers to create the world's most revolutionary living botanical essences

She is now incorporating a whole lifetime of learning and experience from very diverse fields and synthesizing it all into one profound healing modality ... frequency healing with flowers


Lori believes that most everyone who becomes a natural healer has undergone an arduous journey of personal sadness, pain and ultimate triumph.  It is through our own painful experiences that we develop compassion, understanding, skills and wisdom 

That is the gift that Lori now brings to Enlightened Feelings. Using the tools she now shares with you, Lori has risen above life's painful experiences again and again to find happiness, love and inner peace.  She has discovered by deep and profound experience that love and joy truly are our natural state and everything else we have learned

Distilled from 2 decades of diverse training, research, experimentation, case studies, refinement, and experience, her unique self-help approach to wellbeing is subtle, but it gets optimal results quickly without pain, medical intervention, struggle, or frustration


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