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Requisites for application:  Training or certification in at least one health, mental health, counselling, coaching, or medical discipline or service (whether alternative or orthodox medicine) ...Therapies, nutrition, counselling, nursing, doctorate, etc.   Reiki Master or level 2 is accepted as a health discipline, only if you have other health disciplines or are a client and already have personal experience with our testing methods and our products.  

You must include both first and last name on your submission.  You must list all relevant training and certifications.  You must also list your location (city and state/province), as we are only certifying a limited number of practitioners in any region to prevent undo competition.

As our practitioners form a professional community that represents Enlightened Feelings, we do a routine background check on all applicants.  Applicants will be required to provide additional information at a later date before becoming accepted into our program


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