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Testimonials are about the beautiful ways we give love and support to our clients, and the beautiful ways they honour this.  We are delighted that we receive so many wonderful unsolicited testimonials from all over North America.  Here are just a few of hundreds of lovely comments we've received from people who have used our living flower essence remedies


"The level of care and integrity you put into this is really superb.  I haven’t seen anything like this."  Alexandra G  California


Here are just a few of hundreds of lovely comments we receive from our clients taking custom essence formulas.  Many of these "Progress is going well and intensely exhilarating"testimonials are from clients who ordered a custom testing via photo, so we have never actually met in person 

We are so grateful to our clients for generously sharing their stories and validating the care and love and expertise we put into all our products and services!  We go that extra mile for you because we truly care about you and want you to achieve amazing results!  We take your happiness personally!  Along the way to your healing and inner peace, we are often blessed to become friends.  Thank you!


client reviews of custom testing for pets


client reviews of our prepared essence remedies



"You are amazing Lori!! I could hug you! You have the perfect grandmother tone and sweetness to you! I can't recommend you enough! I am still beyond grateful for everything you have done for myself which has enabled me to help my own little family in ways I never though possible. Thank you so much!"  Adilene M  Phoenix AZ


"Thank you for making such a difference.  I wish you could see how you change people's lives.  I just wish you could hear us all talk about what profound changes the flower essences have brought about in us.  Profound."  Evelyn R  Texas


Help for Autism  "Rish (24 yrs old) has been having his essence for the last 2 weeks & is doing well,  the difference when he is on the essence vs when he is not is night and day. Especially this formulation is working very well. He seems happier, more peaceful. Less anxiety,  less aggression ... etc. His staff is asking me to order more before it runs out.  Thank you so much Lori , I am so grateful to you." NM CA


"It really is magical stuff the way the universe provides us with every thing we need exactly when we need it if we are only aware and brave enough to recognize and accept it...so happy for you that you are truly one of the blessed ones that get it and continue to share that gift."  Wendy W  Pt Colborne


"It is day 6 of my custom formula, and I feel fantastic! I was awake a good part of the night with this feeling of heaviness over the back left side of my head and down onto my left shoulder accompanied by a slight headache.
Around 7am ish my time, it felt like something shifted and the headache and feeling of heaviness went away.  Since then, I feel like I never have before. I believe I feel like 'myself' and only 'myself'. It is amazing!  As I type this I have tears of gratitude flowing down my cheeks and such a huge sense of relief that the past is over."  Jeanne H  California

You were right:  much more groundedness, less of a need to talk, more clarity in my communication, but less obsessively so, more being in touch with my feelings & the beginning of a lack of compulsion & desire to dwell in unhappiness.  Thank you for this great gift.  This has been some kind of process!  I always instinctively knew flower remedies were profound... Thank You!!!!  Mary Ann R  Rutherford NJ

"How very grateful I am that I found your web site. That I disregarded what someone else had told me and listened to my heart. My heart which is now full of love and gratitude. The shift has been nothing short of the miracle I have been searching for. To feel love and peace again. Forgiveness. To be smiling for no reason. Giving myself permission to feel whatever is coming up and let it flow through me. ... I can’t use the word grateful enough. I’m just full of gratitude. Having ideas flow through me of abundance and possibility. I have moments of being stuck. Yesterday I had a tough day and could not figure out why I couldn’t shake it. But again today. Peace and happiness. I want this life. I want this happy state of being. I want to continue my healing process. So thank you. Thank you for the path you’ve taken in your life to make this world a better place. Because the difference in my life is nothing short of a miracle. It was so dark and so bleak for so long. I was just hanging on for dear life. And to be on the other side of that. I sit here and cry in gratitude .... I forgot what peace felt like. For any amount of time. To sit and feel the perfection and peace of that moment. Thank you Lori."  Wendy P  Utah


"I'm grateful how much these essences have shifted how I view myself and where I am in life. I don't feel like I'm constantly in survival mode and just hanging on anymore. There is still a long road ahead but I feel more capable and hopeful."  Anita G  Maryland



“For so long, I had been struggling with finding my own voice, with knowing who I am and what it is that I wanted out of life.  With the responsibilities of a family, husband and a career I was sacrificing my own needs and wants for what I believed to be the benefit of everyone else….putting myself last so that everyone around me could be happy and fulfilled.  Little did I know that I was doing all of us an injustice in this way.  With the help of the flower essence formulas, I feel as though the self-inflicted pain and the negative things I was telling myself and believed myself to be have been lifted.  I can now easily see the patterns of reaction and habit that I had been living thru for so many years.  I can now objectively see what is happening and remember the choices I would have made before and make the decision to choose again….to make a better choice.  I know I could not have done this without help and I give thanks every morning to God, so thankful for the chance to try again and for leading me to the Enlightened Feelings website.  I am on my way back to wholeness, one step at a time.  Lori has been amazingly supportive throughout this process and I feel calm in knowing that I can return to these formulas if I ever need to.”  Jamie P  FL


"Words cannot even begin to express my unyielding gratitude to you and the amazing gift you give the world. I am so happy I found you online and went for it! Even though we’ve never met, I feel a closeness and a deep respect for you— yours is strong, good medicine friend, thank you, thank you."  Tonya E  Los Alamitos CA



"So much of what you said means so much to me and different aspects of my life keep falling into clarity for me now.  Thanks a million times over Lori.  I cannot even begin to tell you what an amazing shift of understanding this has been for me.  I actually feel like I get myself and my ways so much better now.  Since seeing you every day a knew understanding seems to descend on me and I feel like there is a great deal more to come.  I feel like I am understanding reality for the first time ever.  It's like I am trying to crawl out from under this pile of mental and emotional padding that I have built a life out of.  I feel like I am taking a step each day towards being empowered as I live from my authentic self."  Amy W  Niagara Falls ON


"This whole experience to date has been nothing less than sensational and I thank you from the bottom on my heart.  I don't think that anything that I've experienced to date in traditional therapy has come even close to this."   Heather H  Welland ON


"Today Is The Best I Have Felt In Years!!!  I feel so happy and playful and grounded and...myself. It feels GREAT and AMAZING.  Thank you for my custom essence and your guidance. Love and appreciation"  Catherine W  Benicia  CA

"My kids have all noticed how happy I am!  So has my husband.  Our relationship has never been this wonderful.  Never!  And it was so easy!!!  Like you said, "Effortless!' 

My oldest son especially understands since your drops healed him of his anger.  He now teaches a boxing class at his university and is teaching his students how to use their anger as a tool.  He's got the best attended free class on campus. 

You have been a profound miracle for me and my family, Lori!  I thank God for you and your gifts!!!!"  Polly D  Ammon Idaho


"Thanks for all your help. I truly appreciate your advice and help, it makes my life so much better. I still go back to your website when I feel like I'm looking for an answer and it helps. I can never thank you enough. I'm just glad I stumbled on your website."  Shelly C  Toronto ON


"I’ve noticed very significant changes in my resiliency.  It’s quite profound how much more calmly I’ve been able to respond to things that would normally throw me way off base emotionally. I also feel I’ve been much more compassionate towards myself - MUCH MORE!!  Instead of beating myself up, I’m having more realizations and insights. WOW. Much love and appreciation!!"   Alexandra G  California


"Thank you for everything.  I don't know what my life would have been if I hadn't been introduced to you and your great flower essences"  Leti A  Texas

"Tomorrow will be 21 days since I started taking my new formula.  I feel incredible on the emotional level.  Life happens with more ease and I really am able to enjoy each day."   Dara W  Buffalo NY


"I have been feeling so much better! It seems as if I emerged from years living under a rock.  I felt so stuck, trying to build up my business and trying to fit into a mold, and I am so done with all that.  I have had many realizations on how I can be happier by listening to what feels right to me, and not deciding this is how it needs to be done whether I feel good about it or not."  Natascha H  Arizona


"I can feel that I am starting to make progress with not taking things so personally and feeling so offended. It feels really light and freeing. I also have come to a point of being at acceptance for my current situation than I have never felt before. There was always so much stress and anxiety attached to it.

I walk with better posture more often.  My shoulders rolled back, chest out a bit, and my face upright and ready to face the world, instead of hiding it away in shame and disgust.  I walk like I feel empowered, because I do now."   Michelle H  Red Hook NY


"...as I come around to my fifth day on my custom blend, the feeling I have is sort of a homecoming. Like I plugged back in some strong currents that got got unplugged along the way in moments of self-doubt and dissatisfaction. And I am remembering how powerful and truthful and integral to my identity those parts actually are... I think I am finally coming home to myself!  Feels good. "   Julie A  Montreal QC

"Thank you so much for your limitless coaching and guidance... and for the inspiring work you are doing with flower essences ... for always aiding us to go deeper, self discover what is individually beneficial for us... and correct our sabotaging thoughts to break through barriers and get back on the right course.
You have definitely been a big part of helping us turn our lives around as well as family and friends we've sent your way... we are so grateful to have crossed paths with you."  Diana I. and family Oakville ON

"I just wanted to thank you for your assistance through a very difficult time in my life.  The essences you gave me helped me to make an important shift.  I had been avoiding making a very big life change for a long time.  I felt 'stuck' in the situation I was in and just did not seem to be able to do anything to correct the situation.  Within days of starting the essences I made a few phone calls that resulted in some big changes.  It was the most difficult time in my life and the essences helped me to get started and to follow through.  You also gave me a 'follow up' essence that made all the changes happen with very little emotional turmoil.   It was the fastest recovery I have ever experienced after such a big difficult change.  I really appreciated the time you took to help me work through all my feelings.  I feel more like myself than I have in a few years,  I am thrilled to be moving forward and enjoying life again."  Sincerely, Elizabeth T  Niagara Falls ON 


... from a woman who received a remote testing via her photograph ... "I am so amazed and impressed. You are a genius.  I feel better than I have ever felt before.  I have great thoughts lots of creative ideas and the best attitude and oulook.  I can see clearly now.  The weight and burdens have been lifted. I feel light and so free. its like floating.  Thank you so very much.  Finding you took me too long but I am so pleased and very appreciative.  Thanks Lori. I am full of gratitude."  Robin P  Kentucky 


"I am amazed at the interesting breakthroughs I have had since starting this.  Yesterday morning I was driving and I just felt such overwhelming happiness come out of nowhere that I started to cry. It was nice."  Casey M  Salem CT


I am much more aware of my feelings and that of others so I can immediately change my thoughts and calm my emotions so that I am not "ruled" by other's emotions.  Still getting use to it but I think I have a better understanding. I have a new respect for my value and what I bring to those who need my help.  Thank you again for all your help. It is greatly appreciated."  Sheri W  St Catharines ON


"You were right, this second batch feels a lot less emotional, though I did have two emotional breakthrough days where it was as though insight poured right through me.  It was a feeling of release.  I feel eager every morning and for instance, this past week was the busiest I have been in months and I wasn't frazzled at all!  Fear has seemingly evaporated.  In the past few days especially I feel like blinders have been removed and I am realizing that I don't have to wait to act in terms of some creative projects I have been meaning to tackle."  Casey M  Salem CT USA


"Thank you SO much for spending the time with me today! I really value your wisdom, knowledge and genuine concern for my health and wellbeing! ... You truly are a Guru and a Goddess! lol"  Diana I  Oakville ON



"Overall, I'm doing well.  I seem to be processing stuff quickly. Issues arising, confronting them and then dropping them is the pattern.  In general, feel more grounded in my power.  A lot of energy consistently downloading into my crown.  
Feeling a need to begin to really take care of myself again and be more social. Seem to be attracting more social interactions.  I'm recognizing I need to set the terms and conditions for my own life and consciously define what I need.  I'm also seeing how little time I have set aside for myself. 
In general, more neutral in my dealings with potentially tense situations. I'm feeling more secure, less fearful and reactionary.  A big shift is happening."  Nora McD  Philadelphia PA

Following a custom test in person:  "What an experience today was, I had to take a nap as soon as I got home I felt so tired. I haven’t slept that well in months, I woke up refreshed.  Thank you so much for getting me started and for your direct approach. It’s wonderful to finally meet someone who can help me get to the core of my problems."  Lisa I  Niagara Region  ON


"When I first was checking out your website I saw some of the photos of people and where it explained about the face being symmetrical and I knew that mine hasn't been recently. I noticed in photos and when wearing glasses that my eyes and eyebrows weren't aligned. Within the first 2 weeks on the essences I noticed this start to improve. Pretty remarkable in my opinion."  Michelle H  Red Hook NY


"thank you...you are a special person...you really care about your clients"  Irene R  Fairfield CT


"Thanks ever so much, I finally feel that the depression is gone and there has not been any anxiety nor panic. I'm so happy that I found you and your healing" ... Joan M  St Catharines ON



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