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Submit your selfie photo for testingOur accurate personal Photo Testing and coaching is a great solution to ensure you receive the optimal living flower frequencies for your needs!  We offer 3 types of remote testing to suit any budget and need

Photo testing is available to residents of Canada and continental USA

Testing is not intended to replace qualified medical care.  If you are being treated or need treatment for a diagnosed mental health condition other than depression, our flower frequencies may not be right for you.  We may decline to test or assist anyone we determine is unsuited for our botanical frequencies or services








Want to be sure you are ordering the essence fusions you really do need?  We'll test for you!


Here's how a MINI TEST works ....  You choose the essences you think you need.  And then submit your list with your selfie, and tell us what you want to achieve.  We'll tell you what you actually do need, and why   

Step 1)  Go to our shopping cart and add a mini test to your order.  When you complete your order, you will receive an order receipt by email.  At the bottom you'll find instructions for submitting your photo and information to us  

2)  Follow the instructions.  Include your order # so we can match the photo to the order!  Tell us briefly what you want to achieve with the essences

3)  We'll test your photo and call you to discuss which essences you actually do need ... Then you decide which essence fusions you want us to send to you  


PLEASE NOTE:  If you do not specify which essences you want us to test for,  we have to treat the order as a regular test  


Mini-Test Cost:  $10 (essences not included)


Order a Mini Photo Test





Not sure which of our live flower essence fusion remedies you think you need?  Photo tests can pinpoint your root emotional issue and find the ideal essence fusion formula(s) for you, along with dosage and duration for taking the essence remedies

Submit your selfie photo for a test

Simply place your order for a PHOTO TEST.  At the bottom of your order receipt you will see instructions for submitting your photo head-shot to us.  Send us a very recent selfie and tell us what you want to achieve.  We'll test your photo and create an effective personal protocol for you using essence fusions that are ideal for your needs.  A personal phone consultation with coaching is included with your order


Photo Test Cost:  $75   (essences not included)


NOTE:  If we find that you really need a custom essence formula rather than our prepared remedies, we will advise you before testing.  (This only happens when we see that your issues are very deep and painful.  You will need coaching along with nurturing support to help change your mental patterns and perspective )   





"One step in the right direction is worth 100 years of thinking about it"  T Harv Ecker


Custom testing services with life coaching and nurturing support.  A powerhouse combination to help you effortlessly release whatever is holding you back so you can achieve the life you really want!  

Custom testing is very useful as it helps pinpoint the true core of your emotional issues or blockages.  No matter where you live in North America, we can help you discover your own valuable insights, choose daily living that is for your highest good, and open your heart and mind to a positive future and unlimited possibilities


"I am shedding the negative things in my life and attracting the positive ..."Are you ready to begin your 'life makeover'?  Simply tell us a bit about what has happened in your life that you would like to change or resolve .... Our accurate custom testing will pinpoint the exact frequencies you need to effortlessly restore balance and happiness in your life

We are experts at custom testing.  We're astonishingly accurate at getting to the heart of your issues!  Your custom photo test comes with a personal consultation via telephone, along with personal monitoring while you are taking your custom formula

It's so easy!  Place your order for a PHOTO TEST.  At the bottom of your order receipt you will see instructions for submitting your photo and personal information to us.  We'll test your photo and create a life-changing custom protocol for you with a personal telephone consultation and monitoring and coaching during your process.  Allow 1-2 weeks for test results


Photo Testing  $165   plus custom formula $60-$90 (30-60 ml)  shipping extra


Client reviews attest to how effective remote screening can be.  Robin from Kentucky wrote ... "I am so amazed and impressed. You are a genius. I feel better than I have ever felt before. I have great thoughts lots of creative ideas and the best attitude and outlook. I can see clearly now. The weight and burdens have been lifted. I feel light and so free. its like floating. Thank you so very much. Finding you took me too long but I am so pleased and very appreciative. Thanks Lori. I am full of gratitude."


Order a Custom Photo Test



Follow-up custom re-test  Sometimes you require a second or third custom formula after taking your initial custom formula.  Most traumatic issues are multi-faceted and complex.  We can't always resolve multiple layers of trauma with just 1 formula.    You may need 1 or 2 follow-up tests.  There is no cost for testing if results conclude you do not need another formula


Re-testing  $45   + custom formula + shipping  



We also test pets!




We also test animals!  Learn about photo testing for animals








What do we see in your photo?  

Your deeply held feelings really are revealed in your face!  Toxic thoughts produce toxins in your body that show as tightness, sagging, lines, creases, shadows, stress, wrinkles and breakouts in your face and neck.  When you hold inner conflict between your feelings and your rational mind, we will see it as a lack of symmetry between the left and right sides of the face, in particular the eyes.  The eyes will show sadness or defensiveness and lack light or softness.  The smile will appear more pronounced on one side

Energy emissions are also present within your photo.  Your atoms produce an electro-magnetic field that is visible to us in your photo.  You might not be able to see it.  But we are TRAINED in how to see it


Do this simple test:  Hold a piece of paper over one side of your face as you look in a mirror.  Cover from the middle of your nose over to your ear.  Now change the paper to the other side of the face.  Does it look like 2 different people?  You need a custom test!


Before custom essence protocol



Before (left) and after  (right) images of a client ...  

Cover over 1/2 the face in the left image.  Now switch to the other side of the face.  Note the imbalance between the left and right side of the face.  Each half of the face looks like it belongs to a different person.  In particular, the left and right eye.  The smile is strained

photo after



In the second photo, taken just 6 weeks after starting a custom formula, notice greater facial balance and symmetry, disappearance of tension, and a more relaxed, genuine smile








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