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Are you Truly Happy?  Take the 2-step Happiness Quiz!…

Did you know ... a study revealed that happy people are far less likely to come down with a cold!  After assessing the emotional state of 300 healthy subjects, researches squirted a virus into each subject's nose.  Those who scored at the bottom of the happiness scale were 3 times more likely to develop a cold than those at the top of the happy scale!  That's because happiness boosts your immune system, while stress lowers immunity

Our happiness quiz will help you discover which areas of your life are out of balance and need a little help from our living flower essences


Step 1  Begin by rating each of the following areas of your life on a scale of 1-10     (10 is optimal).  Be as honest as you can

1) SELF ESTEEM  (how you feel about youself)


3) FAMILY  (Are your family relationships harmonious and loving?)


5) FINANCES  (Are you stuggling?)


7) NEEDS MET  (Are you able to ask for what you want or need?)


9) ACCEPTANCE  (Do you feel you belong?  Do you find it easy to be your authentic self?  Do you feel comfortable when with others?)

10) NURTURING  (Do you nurture yourself?  Do you look after your own needs?  Do you do the things needed to maintain vitality and health?  Do you regularly do things that make you feel good both physically and emotionally?)


SCORING:  Take a look at your scores.  Are you happy with the results? 

If not, continue to STEP 2 to see exactly which essences can most benefit you

If you have many categories with a low score, we recommend custom testing for best results.  We'll accurately pinpoint exactly what you need to create the life makeover you desire! 


Step 2 Answer each of these statements with either TRUE or FALSE (or YES or NO). 

This is a great way to discover exactly which essences will most benefit you!  Each question answered with 'false' or 'no' indicates an area that needs improvement.  Below each question we've recommended transformational essences to help with that issue. 

If you answer 2 or more statements with 'false', look for any essences that are listed in more than one of your statements.  Finding common essences will help you narrow down your choice to the best essence(s) for you

HELPFUL HINT:  Keep your scores.  After you have chosen an essence and have taken it for 3 weeks, redo this test.  Then compare your new results with your original test scores.  You'll be amazed at how much you've changed!            

1)  I feel lovable

Physical evidence of not feeling lovable or worthy:  Relationship with aloof or abusive partner, no relationship, people take advantage of you, heart or respiratory issues, mid-upper back pain, acting the way you think others want or expect, auto-immune disorders, scarcity

Essences to help you:  My Authentic Self ~ I Am Deserving ~ Forgive My Past ~ Love Yourself     ~ Love Magnet Trio ~Self Esteem ~ Guilt Release ~ Father Issues ~ Beloved Inner Child ~


2)  I feel supported

Physical evidence of not feeling supported:  mid-lower back pain, spinal problems, not asking others to help you, not enough time for yourself, lots of burdens and responsibility

Essences to help you:  Support ~ Be Kind to Yourself ~ Nurturer in Balance


3)  I feel loved

Physical evidence of not feeling loved:  abusive relationship, no relationship, dysfunctional family, people take advantage of you, tough luck, scarcity, respiratory issues, thoracic (upper) back pain

Essences to help you:  Love Magnet ~ Love Empowered ~ Love Yourself ~ Father Issues ~ Heartbreak Heal


4)  I take time for myself

Essences to help you:  Be Kind to Yourself ~ Holding My Own Space ~ I Am Deserving ~ Clear & Protect


5)  I like myself

Physical evidence of not loving yourself:  doing things the hard way, not taking time for yourself, criticism from others, criticizing yourself, people take advantage of you, abusive relationships, not eating healthy, tough luck, scarcity, auto-immune diseases, neck pain

Essences to help you:  My Authentic Self ~ Father Issues ~ Love Yourself ~ Respect Me! ~ Self Esteem ~ I Am Deserving ~ Soul Retrieval ~ Karma Clear ~ Forgive My Past ~ Success ~ Be Kind to Yourself ~ Social Ease


6)  I have forgiven and made peace with my past

Physical evidence of retaining emotional baggage:  financial difficulties, scarcity, relationship problems, dysfunctional family, tough luck, liver or pancreas health issues, neck and shoulder pain, back pain

Essences to help you:  Deep Wounds of Childhood ~ Father Issues ~ Forgive My Past ~ Forgiveness ~ Karma Clear ~ Guilt Release ~ Sexual Abuse Release ~ Restore


7)  I have forgiven myself for any mistakes I have made

Physical evidence of not forgiving yourself:  financial difficulties, scarcity, relationship problems, dysfunctional family, tough luck, auto-immune disorders, neck pain and shoulder

Essences to help you:  Forgive My Past ~ Karma Clear ~ Love Yourself ~ I Am Deserving ~ Guilt Release ~ Forgiveness ~ Self Acceptance


8)  I feel confident and capable

Essences to help you:  Stress Buster! ~ Success ~ Support ~ Self Esteem ~ Uplifting Confidence ~ Strength & Resolve ~ Shield


9)  I feel prosperous and successful

Essences to help you:  Success ~ Abundance ~ Karma Clear ~ I Am Deserving  ~ Prosperity Pack 


10)  I feel the universe (Creator) supports me and I attract what I need

Physical evidence of not feeling supported:  mid-lower back pain, spinal problems, not asking others to help you, not enough time for yourself, lots of burdens and responsibility, bad luck, financial difficulties, envy others, anxiety, suicidal thoughts

Essences to help you:  Abundance ~ Flow ~ Chill Out ~ I Feel Blessed ~ Open Door to Co-Creation ~ Moving On ~ Restore ~ Chakra Balancing Set ~ Clear & Protect


11)  It feels safe to truly be myself

Physical evidence that you are not being yourself:  Your relationships begin to break down after about 6 months.  You feel insecure or jealous.  You feel self conscious and worry what other people think.  Auto-immune disorders, back pain, skin problems

 Essences to help you:  My Authentic Self ~ Respect Me! ~ Holding My Own Space ~ Self AcceptanceSoul Retrieval ~ Social Ease ~ Shield ~ Love Yourself ~ Uplifting Confidence


12)  I am able to set boundaries and not let others upset me or throw me off balance

Physical evidence that you cannot set boundaries: you do things you don't really want to do, people take advantage of you, you have no free time, you feel anxious or uncomfortable in social situations, you are compassionate or empathetic, neck pain

Essences to help you:  Respect Me! ~ I Am Deserving ~ Shield ~ Clear & Protect ~ My Authentic Self  ~ Uplifting Confidence


13)  I love my job and feel that I am making a valuable contribution

Essences to help you:  Align to Your Destiny ~ Success


14)  I take life's ups and downs in stride and am able to hold my balance

Essences to help you:  Stress Buster! ~ FlowChill Out ~ Carefree ~ Restore ~ Rescue & Revive ~ Adapt to Change ~ Moving On ~ Uplifting Confidence ~ Clear & Protect ~ Chakra Balancing Set


15)  My relationships are loving and healthy

Essences to help you:  Holding My Own Space ~ Father IssuesLove Empowered ~ Love Magnet Trio ~ Forgiveness ~ Clear & Protect ~ Deep Wounds of Childhood ~ Mother HealingHeartbreak Heal ~ Broken Heart Heal ~ Social Ease  ~  Love Magnet Trio


16)  I love my life.  I feel blessed and grateful

Essences to help you:  Align to Your Destiny ~ Abundance ~ I Feel Blessed ~ Flow ~ I Am Deserving Restore 


17)  I have a loving and supportive family

Essences to help you:  Deep Wounds of Childhood ~ Father Issues ~ Mother Healing ~ Beloved Inner ChildShield ~ Karma Clear


18)  I am able to adapt quickly to changes in my life

Essences to help you:  Adapt to Change ~ Flow ~ Moving On


19)  I have moved on with my life after losing someone that I love

Essences to help you:  Heartbreak Heal ~ Broken Heart Heal ~ Comfort & Solace ~ Moving On 






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