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Our happiness quiz will help you discover which areas of your life are out of balance and need a little help from our living flower essences 

Did you know ... a study revealed that happy people are far less likely to come down with a virus!  That's because happiness boosts your immune system, while stress lowers immunity!



Step 1  HAPPINESS QUIZ  Begin by rating each of the following areas of your life on a scale of 1-10     (10 is ideal/best).  Be as honest as you can

1) SELF ESTEEM  (how you feel about yourself)


3) FAMILY  (Are your family relationships harmonious and loving?)


5) FINANCES  (Are you struggling?)


7) NEEDS MET  (Are you able to ask for what you want or need?)


9) ACCEPTANCE  (Do you feel you belong?  Do you find it easy to be your authentic self?  Do you feel comfortable when with others?)

10) NURTURING  (Do you nurture yourself?  Do you look after your own needs?  Do you do the things needed to maintain vitality and health?  Do you regularly do things that make you feel good both physically and emotionally?)


SCORING:  Are you happy with your scores?    If not continue to STEP 2 to see the actual cause of your unhappiness and which live flower frequencies can most help you


SMART TIP:  If you have many categories with a low score, we recommend photo testing for best results.  We'll accurately pinpoint your underlying issues and what you need to create the positive life makeover you need  



Step 2 optional  LIFE PERCEPTIONS TEST   Answer each of the following statements with either YES or NO  

This is a deeper way to pinpoint areas that needs change or improvement

Below each question we've recommended transformational essences to help release that issue.  To narrow down what will most benefit you, look for all the statements you answered 'NO'.   Scan the recommended essences for those ' statements.  See which essence fusions show up repeatedly, revealing a theme.  This will help you pinpoint the best essence(s) for your needs.  Make a list.    

Our essence fusions are listed by category under Our Products   

They are also listed alphabetically in our SHOPPING CART   



SMART TIP:  Keep a record of your initial scores.  After you have taken an essence fusion for 3 weeks or longer, redo this test without looking at your original scores.  Then, compare your new results with the original test scores.  Have they improved in relevant areas?  You'll be amazed at how much your feelings have changed each time to use one of our essence fusions!               



1)  I feel lovable

Symptoms of not feeling worthy of love:  You don't ask for what you want or need, people take advantage of you, disrespect from others, self-deprecation, self abuse, relationship with aloof or abusive partner, feel abandoned, neediness, insecurity, anxiety in chest/throat, heart issues,  respiratory issues/asthma, over-achiever, upper back or chest pain, acting the way you think others want or expect, self-criticism, self judgment, inferiority complex, estrangement from family, auto-immune disorders, scarcity

Essences to help you:  I Am Lovable ~ I Feel Loved ~ I Am Deserving ~ Love Yourself ~ Guilt Release ~ Self Acceptance ~ Self Forgiveness ~ Mother Healing ~ Abandonment Heal ~ Father Issues ~ Love Magnet ~ Open Heart  

You'll find these essence fusions under Self Image Issues  and  Childhood Issues 



2)  I feel supported

Symptoms of not feeling supported:  lower back pain, exhaustion, depression, stress, spinal problems, feel burdened, feel resentful, feel guilty asking others to help you, not enough time for yourself, lots of burdens and responsibility, stooped posture, feeling that you have to do it yourself because others will let you down, can't say 'no'

Essences to help you:  Support ~ Be Kind to Yourself ~ Nurturer in Balance ~ I Am Flexible ~ Control Release ~ Root Chakra

You'll find these essence fusions under Nurturing & Support  



3)  I feel loved

Symptoms and causes of not feeling loved:  sadness, loneliness, estrangement, depression, abandonment, dysfunctional family, poor posture, don't take car of yourself, can't reach out others, people take advantage of you, abusive relationship, self-criticism and self-judgment, no relationship, heart issues, pain in upper back and chest, shoulder/arm/hand injuries, stiffness, or pain, sinus issues/runny nose, dry or runny eyes

Essences to help you:  Love Yourself ~ I Feel Loved ~ I Am Deserving ~ Self Acceptance ~ Self Forgiveness ~ Love Magnet ~ Open Heart ~ Father Issues ~ Abandonment Heal ~ Mother Healing ~ Deep Wounds of Childhood ~ Heartbreak Heal 

You'll find these essence fusions under Self Image Issues   Relationship Issues  and  Childhood Issues  




4)  I take time for myself

Symptoms:  thyroid disorder, don't feel supported, feel burdened, ignore your feelings, depression, festering anger and resentment, chronic stress, no healthy boundaries, food cravings, feel guilt, too serious, over-nurture others, no fun in your life, can't say 'no', don't speak up, pain and/or tightness in throat, pain or stiffness in back of neck/head/shoulders, breast cancer 

Essences to help you:  Be Kind to Yourself ~ I Am Deserving ~ Nurturer in Balance ~ Beloved Inner Child ~ Women's Vitality ~ Chi Tonic ~ Throat Chakra Clear & Protect

You'll find these essence fusions under Nurturing & Support   Physical Wellbeing  and  Protection & Clearing 



5)  I am happy with myself

Symptoms:  doing things the hard way, not taking time for yourself, criticism and belittling from others, criticizing or belittling yourself, no healthy boundaries, jealousy, insecurity, people take advantage of you, attract abusive relationships, judging or criticizing others, not eating healthy, eating disorders, concerned with what other people think about you, bad luck, scarcity, auto-immune diseases, neck pain or stiffness, acne, weight gain or over-weight

Essences to help you:  My Authentic Self ~ Self Acceptance ~ Self Forgiveness ~ Love Yourself ~ Respect Me! ~ Self Esteem ~ I Am Deserving ~ Soul Retrieval ~ Forgive My Past ~ Be Kind to Yourself ~ Goddess

You'll find these essence fusions under Self Image Issues  and  Nurturing & Support



6)  I have made peace with my past

Symptoms of lingering emotional baggage:  generally unhappy, anger, resentment, bitterness, dwell on the past, emotional triggers, reactive, defensive, estrangements, unable to forgive, remorse, feel stuck, scarcity, relationship problems, unable to trust, dysfunctional family, liver, gallbladder or pancreas health issues, pain, injuries, back pain, plantar fasciitis, oedema, especially in lower legs, clutter in your house/closets/basement, food cravings--especially dairy and sugar

Essences to help you:  Deep Wounds of Childhood ~ Abandonment Heal ~ Mother Healing ~ Father Issues ~ Family Karma ~ Divorce Heal ~ Heartbreak Heal ~ Forgiveness ~ Forgive My Past ~ Karma Clear ~ Guilt Release ~ Sexual Abuse Release ~ Trauma Release ~ I Am Not a Victim

You'll find these essence fusions under Heal Your Trauma  and  Childhood Issues



7)  I have forgiven myself for mistakes I have made

Symptoms of not forgiving yourself:  shame, guilt, aloofness, withdrawal, secretiveness, negative self-talk, financial difficulties, scarcity, relationship problems, self-punishment, dysfunctional family, bad luck, auto-immune disorders, injuries and bruises, neck and shoulder pain and stiffness, tolerating abuse from others

Essences to help you:  Self Forgiveness ~ Guilt Release Love Yourself ~ I Am Deserving Self Acceptance ~ Forgive My Past ~ Karma Clear ~ Sexual Abuse Heal 

You'll find these essence fusions under Heal Your Trauma  and  Childhood Issues



8)  I feel confident and capable

Symptoms of low self esteem: shyness, jealousy, insecurity, bullied, victim of injustice, victimization, no healthy boundaries, under-achiever, over-reactive, don't speak up, self-imposed limitations, self-doubt, avoid drawing attention to yourself, stage fright, procrastination, indecision, don't listen to your intuition, under-paid, often feel stressed or overwhelmed, anxiety, negativity, attract crisis, drama queen, weight gain or overweight    

Essences to help you:  Self Esteem ~ Uplifting Confidence ~ Empowerment ~ Success ~ Spiritual Power ~ I Am Deserving ~ Social Empowerment ~ Stress Buster! ~ Drama Free ~ Support ~ Strength & Resolve ~ I Am Not a Victim ~ Solar Plexus Chakra ~ Shield

You'll find these essence fusions under Self Image Issues   Stress & Anxiety Relief  and  Protection & Clearing



9)  I feel prosperous and successful

Symptoms of poor prosperity consciousness: always more outgo than income, stress over money, criticize and judge wealthy people, often say 'no', make excuses to pass on opportunities, feel like a victim of fate, negativity, often criticize, lack of gratitude, hate your job, jealous of others, often make excuses for yourself or blame others for your circumstances, procrastinate, clutter in your home or workplace, stress or overwhelm

Essences to help you:  Abundance ~ Success ~ I Am Deserving ~ Father Issues ~ Flow ~ I Feel Blessed ~ Align to Your Destiny 

You'll find these essence fusions under Abundance



10)  It feels safe to be my authentic self  

Symptoms that you are not being yourself:  you are an empath, you are always on your best behaviour, your relationships break down after a few months, you often feel insecure or jealous, you are mortified by criticism from others, you feel self conscious and worry what other people think, you are a people-pleaser, others take advantage of you, you are a perfectionist, you feel like you do not get your own needs met, weight gain or overweight, auto-immune disorders, back pain, acne or skin problems

Essences to help you:  Control Release ~ My Authentic Self Uplifting Confidence ~ Social Empowerment ~ Spiritual Power ~ Highest Self ~ Soul Retrieval ~ Self Acceptance ~ Goddess ~ Holding My Own Space ~ Social Butterfly  ~ Shield ~ Clear & Protect ~ Solar Plexus Chakra

You'll find these essence fusions under Self Image Issues  and  Protection & Clearing



11)  I am able to set boundaries and hold my own space

Symptoms:  you are an empath, you get talked into things, you do things you don't really want to do, you are a people-pleaser, people take advantage of you, you have no free time, you feel burdened, you feel anxious or uncomfortable in social situations, weight issues, you dwell on injustices done to you, you are unable to speak up when you feel wronged by someone 

Essences to help you:  Respect Me! ~ Empowerment ~ I Am Deserving ~ My Authentic Self ~ Spiritual Power ~ Soul Retrieval ~ Nurturer in Balance ~ Social Empowerment ~ Root Chakra ~ Shield ~ Clear & Protect


You'll find these essence fusions under Self Image Issues  and  Protection & Clearing



12)  I enjoy challenges and handle problems easily

Symptoms of stress:  short temper, over-reaction, perfectionist, inflexible, feel overwhelmed, short-term memory lapses, procrastination, anxiety, smelly feet or armpit sweat, digestive issues, insomnia, extra weight around stomach area, liver problems, adrenaline addiction (crave coffee, sugar or chocolate)

Essences to help you:  Stress Buster! ~ Flow ~ Chill Out ~ Worry Free ~ Zen ~ Serenity ~ Drama Free ~ Rescue & Revive ~ Adapt to Change ~ Support ~ Control Release ~ I Am Flexible ~ Shield ~ Clear & Protect ~ Uplifting Confidence ~ Empowerment ~ Chakra Balancing Set 

You'll find these essence fusions under Self Image Issues   Stress & Anxiety Relief  and  Protection & Clearing



13)  My relationships are loving and healthy

Cause:  divorced parents, abandonment, dysfunctional family, alcohol or substance abuse, foster care, childhood sexual abuse  

Symptoms:  arguments, criticism, perfectionism, inflexibility, over-reaction, lack of communication and understanding, feel like your needs are not being met, loneliness, estrangement, abandonment, divorce, jealousy and insecurity, fear of intimacy, gas-lighting, control dynamics (narcissist), secrets, lying and withholding, feel unloved, feel manipulated, feel like you have lost yourself, weight gain, food cravings (especially chocolate and sugar)

Essences to help you:  Control Release ~ I Am Flexible ~ Holding My Own Space ~ Heartbreak Heal ~ Broken Heart Heal ~ Divorce Heal ~ Serenity ~ Heart Speak ~ Love Empowered ~ Love Magnet Trio ~ Forgiveness ~ Drama Free ~ Deep Wounds of Childhood ~ Mother Healing ~ Father Issues ~ Family Karma ~ Soul Retrieval ~ Clear & Protect 

You'll find these essence fusions under Relationship Issues  and  Childhood Issues



14)  I have a loving and supportive family  

Symptoms of dysfunctional family dynamics:  Alcohol or substance abuse.  Sexual or physical abuse.  Divorced parents.  Family 'secrets'.  'Control issues' expressed as behaviours such as perfectionist, empath, rely only on yourself and do not ask for help, being critical or inflexible, eating disorder, use covert manipulation, over-nurture others and neglect self, or you are a people pleaser.  Weight issues.  Choose emotionally unavailable partners or substance abusers.  Don't feel loved or lovable.  Fear of vulnerability.  Unable to express affection or your feelings.  Believe you have to be perfect in order to be loved.  Family rifts or you are estranged from your family.  Dread family holidays.  Fear of expressing your true feelings and thoughts. Feel like you have lost yourself.  Addiction to stress/adrenaline (focus on the negative, over-reaction, attract crisis, crave sugar, coffee, dairy or chocolate).  Breast or ovarian cancer.  Chronic pain.  Shoulder, arm, hand injuries or pain.  Back problems. 

Essences to help you:  Control Release ~ I Am Flexible ~ Deep Wounds of Childhood ~ Abandonment Heal ~ Father Issues ~ Mother Healing ~ Family Karma ~ Forgiveness ~ Forgive My Past ~ Guilt Release ~ Trauma Release ~ Sexual Abuse Release ~ I Am Not a Victim ~ Karma Clear ~ Open Heart ~ Sweet Innocence ~ Dissolving Anger ~ Beloved Inner Child ~ Divorce Heal (works for all types of relationships!) ~ Serenity (acceptance of things/people you cannot change) ~ Drama Free (stress/adrenaline addiction) ~ Shield 

You'll find these essence fusions under Heal Your Trauma  and  Childhood Issues



15)  I easily adapt to changes in my life and move forward

Symptoms of not being able to adapt:  control issues such as perfectionism, critical, rigid, inflexible, fear of new situations, stress, worry, anxiety, insomnia, social anxiety, not spontaneous, over-think, knee, hip, ankle, and/or joint pain 

Essences to help you:  Adapt to Change ~ Flow ~ Moving On ~ I Am Flexible ~ Worry Free ~ Zen ~ Serenity ~ Stress Buster! ~ Drama Free ~ Social Butterfly ~ I Am Not a Victim ~ Root Chakra

You'll find these essence fusions under Life Changes   Stress & Anxiety Relief  and  Heal Your Trauma   



16)  I have moved on with my life after losing someone that I love

Causes of grief:  bereavement, abandonment, loneliness, betrayal, rejection isolation, catastrophic injury (amputation, paralysis, etc), loss of a pet, estrangement, divorce, empty nest 

Symptoms:  tears, anxiety in the chest/throat, withdrawal, loss of appetite, weight gain or loss, food cravings, insomnia or sleep too much, lack of interest, depression, changes in eyesight, daily routine has changed, heart problems, lowered immunity (easily catch viruses), oedema 

Essences to help you:  Heartbreak Heal ~ Broken Heart Heal ~ Comfort & Solace ~ Abandonment Heal ~ Trauma Heal ~ Divorce Heal ~ Serenity ~ Moving On ~ Faith Hope and Trust ~ Heart Chakra

You'll find these essence fusions under Relationship Issues 



17)  I am happy

Symptoms of happiness:  gratitude, optimism, lack of stress, sense of belonging, healthy boundaries, sense of adventure, healthy friendships and relationships, open communication and honesty, strong immune system, quick recovery from illness, overall good health, pain-free  

Essences to help you:  I Feel Blessed ~ Flow ~ Carefree ~ Young at Heart ~ Chill Out ~ Beloved Inner Child ~ Faith Hope and Trust ~ Love Magnet ~ Chakra Balancing Set 

You'll find these essence fusions under Be Happy 



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