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Are you looking for an effortless catalyst for change or getting 'unstuck'?  Are you blocking your rightful abundance?   Can you change your thought patterns to attract prosperity and success

Our transformative essence fusions can assist you to effortlessly break free of habit patterns that are sabotaging your life and keeping you from success and prosperity 

Learn about the 7 emotional wounds that may be sabotaging your success. 

Our formulas are carefully formulated and extensively field tested to ensure efficacy across a broad range of situations and personality types. Feel mental shifts beginning after just a few days.  Lasting results in 21 days.  Use our essences again for 3-5 days every few weeks, to ensure you remain open to an abundant flow. Instructions are provided with each essence fusion


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Prosperity Enhancement


Blessings in a bottle!  Clears emotional blockages, patterns and limitations that prevent uninhibited receiving of opportunities,goodwill, luck, success and blessings.  Opens you to receiving on all levels. Stops struggle and helps you forge ahead.  Attracts luck, goodwill from others, as well as benefits and rewards both tangible and intangible by aligning with your own personal value system

"Abundance is not something we acquire.  It's something we tune into."  Dr Wayne Dyer

The ability to attract abundance is impeded by feelings of guilt, resentment, defensiveness, or lack of forgiveness.  These negative feelings develop as we interact with others each day.  To remain clear and ensure lasting abundance, take your remedy for 21 days.  Then repeat Abundance for 3-5 days every 4-8 weeks 

21 days  30 ml @ $30  or  60 ml for ongoing use  $50   

"I purchased Abundance and Open Door to Fortune (Co-Creation) for myself and they have been amazing. They really create a sense that everything "will be just fine" financially. And, that feeling is essential for taking positive action in the world to improve one's situation"  Michael G  Bowdoinham Maine

"Within the first week, older issues in regards to money resurfaced, however with a profound and much deeper understanding, a gentle manner with ease of communication and clarity.  No struggle and no fear.  Seeing from a higher perspective.  There has been an increase in abundant support, both physical and non-physical.  A stronger willingness on my part to accept and receive with joy.
The most profound changes I have experienced are within the realm of spirit.  More visions, voices/guidance, more `miracles`witnessed.  Heightened awareness. Thanks so much..."  Tracey R  Angels Landing  Wainfleet ON
"This is amazing stuff!  Yesterday, after sipping on the essence water I felt overwhelmingly happy in the shower and all day afterwards. Today my energy is increased, mentally, and people are also noticing a difference in me and have told me my energy is different!"  Sylvia S  RMT  St Catharines

"Align to Your Destiny"
Manifest your true vocation and essential identity!  To feel truly successful and fulfilled, your life has to reflect your spiritual truth.  That is why identifying your passion and purpose is so important!  

This essence is like an open sail that draws you to what makes your heart sing and brings true fulfillment ... your destiny and spiritual purpose.  It strengthens your will to make choices more in alignment with your highest spiritual intention.  It addresses unconscious past life issues and karma that are preventing you from stepping into your destiny, and enables you to receive on all levels.  This powerful formula can be life-altering in the shifts it gently helps to facilitate!  

21 days  30 ml  $30    

"I just received the flower essences!  As I held the Spiritual Shift (Align to Your Destiny) to my solar plexus, I felt a white energy surround me." Diana J  Boca Raton Florida

"I absolutely loved the positive effect the Spiritual Shift (Align to Your Destiny) essence had.  It's simply amazing....I can't say enough to describe its powerful effects. The nice thing is that it also seems gentle for enabling such change.   For meditation I was blown away by how much more visual of an experience, and with how much ease I could release any blocked emotion or physical discord I had.  I am noticing I am less resistant to opportunities that in the past I would've been too shy to experience.   I am also more trusting that the outcome of things will be more positive. 
It's effective alright, and you are correct that it keeps working even after you stop using it. Between the essence and the work I did, I find things are still changing.  A lot of challenging things are happening to me, however I am going through it with a lot more grace than I would have in the past, and I also noticed I have less anxiety over really sad / traumatic things" 
 Terry Mawhin  Reiki Master  Ft Erie ON


"Guilt Release"
Guilt and shame are the lowest-frequency emotions.  They stop your ability to receive or to feel deserving.

GUILT RELEASE effortlessly releases guilt and shame.  It dissolves negative self-talk and feeling bad about yourself.  Helps you feel free and able to set healthy boundaries so others cannot take advantage of you.  Allows you to see a situation with greater clarity, logic, and a higher perspective so you don't automatically accept blame   

  30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml  $50   



"I Feel Blessed"
An uplifting essence fusion to instill feelings of bliss, joy, blessings and gratitude, and a sense of belonging to 'The All."  Allows you to recognize and embrace the blessings present in your life with a calm expectation that things will go your way.  Life begins to have a flow, with greater serendipity.  Use with thoughtful deliberation and highest intent, especially following meditation.  We highly recommend this essence as a culmination following completion of your inner healing work.  Use as needed  

 15 ml  @ $15  ~  30 ml  $30  



"I Am Deserving"
To open your arms wide to love, success and abundance, you have to feel truly worthy of the blessings, luck, love and opportunities that come to you.  That is why 'I Am Deserving' is so important!   It overrides those negative messages you've been receiving from others and from yourself, that you are flawed or not deserving, and helps to instill self-acceptance, confidence and ease.  Think of it as both an empowerment tool and a prosperity tool 

21 days  30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml  $50  


"Karma Clear"
A very powerful clearing and purging remedy that leaves you feeling free and unencumbered.  It dissolves guilt, karmic debt, unforgiven past experiences, and unhealthy energetic ties to those from your past.  It can even reach into past lives when needed 

Karma Clear may also help to dissolve the effects of hexes or curses, including ancestral curses that can leave you feeling inexplicably unable to succeed or be happy no matter how much to try.  Leaves you feeling clear and unimpeded

21 days  30 ml  $30 


"Open Door to Co-Creation"
A highest-frequency essence fusion that opens the door to universal oneness.  This allows your thoughts to rapidly flow into manifestation with ease.  There is less resistance to obtaining your goals
This essence will quickly make you aware of the power of larger universal forces that are at work in partnership with your focus, thoughts and feelings.  A beautiful and awe-inspiring essence fusion.  Use with thoughtful deliberation and highest intent for what you wish to create or manifest.  Use for 3-5 day intervals every 4-8 weeks as needed  
15 ml  @ $15  ~  30 ml  $30    

"I used the Open Door to Fortune (Co-Creation) for 4 days with a very specific focus, and it worked perfectly. Then, 3 weeks later I used it with no particular focus and what I experienced was a profound gratitude "high." I had profound and deep feeling of gratitude towards everything! It's wonderful"  Michael G  Bowdoinham Maine
"I took the Open Door to Fortune (Co-Creation) at the onset of a migraine and it quickly went away.  Usually my migraines last for 3 days.  Is the essence releasing unexpressed energy or helping me hold my power? Elizabeth T  Niagara Falls  

Helps you feel more capable, competent, organized and motivated.  Confidence inspires success!

21 days  30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml  $50   

"I took Abundance and Success not long ago, and it has been a windfall for almost 2 months now!!!!!"  Sherry H health practitioner  Glenwood NY


Love and Abundance 9-week Protocol  

Step 1)  Release defensive behavior by forgiving your past   Step 2)  Release guilt and self-sabotage so that you can feel deserving and worthy  Step 3)  Open yourself to receiving abundance, love and success

     .Forgiveness    30 ml
     .I Am Deserving   30 ml
     .Abundance    30 ml

9 weeks to abundance  $90 value  $80



Prosperity Pack  A 4-step process to manifest abundance and limitless possibilities!   a $105 value  $90  (Save $15)  

     .I Am Deserving  Begin with feeling worthy of having more  30 ml
     .Abundance   Next, remove energetic blockages in your energy field and become open to attracting and receiving blessings   30 ml
     .Success  Then instill motivation, confidence and organization to plan and succeed   30 ml
     .Open Door to Co-Creation  Effortlessly manifest whatever you envision  15 ml  

*Individual bottles of your favorite remedies may be re-ordered in any size


See also  Empowerment  and  Career Enhancement




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