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In The Secret Language of Emotions author Calvin Banyan explains that your emotions play a critical role in ensuring your needs are met.  If feelings are ignored, your subconscious mind must find a way to get its message across and help you see that your deeper needs are being ignored

Health issues and symptoms are your body's method of rather pointedly alerting you when you haven't been paying attention to your thoughts and feelings and have been neglecting your own emotional needs!  


"When something within us is disowned, that which is disowned wreaks havoc"  Ralph H Blum and Susan Coughan


Disease is in essence a result of conflict between soul and mind



Here's how it happens ... Thoughts and emotions produce electrical signals in the brain.  These signals travel instantly through your neural network to cells, opening cell receptors to release chemical neuro-peptides (NPs) such as hormones, adrenaline, and endorphins  

NP's prompt all of your physiological responses.  In fact, without neuropeptide release, your body can't function  

So physical health is very closely tied to emotional health, because your feelings dictate the specific NP's your cells are releasing  



Health issues are the inevitable result of long-held emotional discord and unresolved negative feelings

Studies have shown that negative emotions actually weaken your body, while positive emotions strengthen your body  

Negative feelings and trauma can get 'stuck' in the neural network, causing a 'loop-back' or repeating cascade of NP's, which, over time, stress and weaken body functions as well as allow viruses and pathogens to enter cells through active cell-receptors.   So, indeed, your thoughts and feelings affect your physiological state 



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Pain is how your body expresses feelings you keep locked inside



Physical pain begins with emotional pain.  In fact, your body can't tell the difference.  You release the same neuropeptides for both!  So, emotional pain inevitably has to cause physical issues 


Learn the emotional causes of pain and why pain demands to be heard ...



Amazing TOPICAL essence fusions to help dissolve the energetic effects of emotional pain manifesting as physical pain and injury




The solution  In the 1960's, Russian space scientists discovered that by using electronic frequencies to mimic the nervous system, they could alter/manipulate neuropeptide release and restore the body to normal function.  After receiving training in this advanced healing protocol we incorporated it with the innovative principles of cellular biologist Bruce Lipton, quantum physicist William Tiller and numerous other ground-breaking scientists  

We discovered that by using natural frequencies emitted by living flowers as catalysts, we are able to overwrite the damaging electrical signals your negative emotions elicit.  Your body and mind accepts these frequencies effortlessly

As the flower frequencies gently harmonize and raise your body's frequencies, the emotions themselves become positive, and NP release switches to beneficial feel-good NP's  


emotions change <-- Flower Frequencies --> physiology changes



The natural bi-product  When you overwrite a mental or emotional pattern to prompt beneficial neuropeptides, does the physiology change as well?   Neuropeptides do govern all physical functions.  So yes, that can be a beneficial side effect.  That's why our goal is to help you to effortlessly feel happy, empowered, and emotionally balanced  


Catalog of living flower frequencies to help you find inner peace and heal all aspects of your life



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