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"The best way to let go of something is to reach for something new"  Ruthie Hale

With more than 90 flower frequency formulas available on our website, selecting the right flower essence remedies for your needs can seem daunting at first.  But, getting the right remedies is very important to ensure the best results.  So, our website offers many different ways to make it easy to choose the ideal essence remedies for your needs

You can take the Happiness Quiz or the Quick Mood Test, and we'll suggest remedies for you.  These quick self-tests are fun and easy ways to see which areas of your life you need to work on  

Or, you can opt for a photo test, or a custom photo test, and let us assist you.  We'll find exactly what you need to achieve the best and most lasting results

Or you can create your own personal custom formula by combining up to six of our powerful single flower essences

Or, you can look at our list of essence categories and choose an appropriate topic to narrow down your choices, such as Healing the Past, or Relationships, for example.  But, you will still see multiple options of essence fusions, because each of our formulas approaches the issue from a different perspective 

Uplifting ConfidenceSo, how can you pinpoint which fusion will give you the best result?  Read the descriptions, of course.  But, on the left of the page, you'll also see beautiful images that represent each of our flower frequency formulas.  Look at those images.  You can almost feel their energy, can't you?  What catches your attention viscerally?  Do you love it?  Does it make you feel happier or more loving?  Does it make you feel uncomfortable?    

If you love an image most likely it is one that most resonates with your own personal vibration.  It represents your best and most ideal state of being.  That essence fusion can bring you into very best self.  Most likely the essence you have chosen is one designed to help you feel happier or more in balance  

If you feel turned off by an image, or want to reject it, most likely you are fighting integration of those energies and really need that essence fusion.  In that case it is likely as essence fusion that helps to overwrite the past, or deals with negative feelings, something you don't want to face or let go, or it might even be self-rejection.  It might be that in order to fully and more effortlessly release these issues without struggle you will need to take a control release formula first, such as CONTROL RELEASE or I AM FLEXIBLE

For deep-seated issues, sometimes you need to create a protocol of 2-3 essence fusions.  For example, you might take HEARTBREAK HEAL to release the pain of a broken relationship, followed by MY AUTHENTIC SELF so that you can stop acting in ways to elicit attention and love, and instead become comfortable expressing your true self so that you can attract a more ideal partner who will love you for who you really are  

Or you may wish to take DEEP WOUNDS OF CHILDHOOD to overcome a painful dysfunctional family situation.  So, you might begin with CONTROL RELEASE to help you let go of control issues you learned as a child to help you survive in a dysfunctional home environment, and then take BE KIND TO YOURSELF concurrently while you're taking DEEP WOUNDS OF CHILDHOOD, to provide a sense of loving nurturing that you never received.  Always think in terms of the whole picture as well as what you want to create or experience in the end  

3 sizes available

Which size bottle to choose?  For most people a 30 ml 21-day bottle of essence fusion will be sufficient to complete the desired shift.  The change actually happens quite swiftly--generally in about 3-5 days.  But, teaching your brain to accept this new positive way of feeling as a confirmed habit pattern takes about 3 weeks, on average  

About 31% of people will have a stubborn resistance to change and may therefore require 60 ml 40 days to affect a permanent shift or change in their way of thinking and feeling.    5% of people will need at least 66 days.  Often the time can be shortened by using one of our control release formulas

Some of our essence fusions are designed to be taken for 21 days and then repeated once a month for 3-5 days to ensure you remain in a positive state of being despite life's unexpected occurances.  We offer these essences in convenient 60 ml size  

15 ml bottles are available for as-needed or 3-5 day essence remedies



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