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Deep Wounds of Childhood

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"Deep Wounds of Childhood"

Prompts the release and healing of all types of childhood pain, including abuse, abandonment, and bullying.  Helps you make lasting peace with your past

Childhood issues are especially painful and negatively impact your life in many ways.  So, this profound essence remedy can be a little emotionally uncomfortable for a day or two while you are purging all the long suppressed damaging experiences of your childhood 

This essence is also helpful when the issues you have about your mother cause you judge yourself as a mother.  Helps you to feel more accepting of yourself and more nurturing toward your children  


For traumatic childhood abuse, you may need a 42 day remedy or a secondary essence fusion such as Forgiveness,  Sexual Abuse Release,  or I Am Not a Victim


If you experienced constant insecurity and fear or a judgmental, perfectionist parent, you may need to take Control Release prior to beginning this essence


We recommend taking 'Be Kind to Yourself' following or along with this essence to soften any temporary emotional discomfort and provide gentle comforting self-nurturing


Try Sweet Innocence after this essence  


Use for 21-42 days  

30 ml @ $30  ~  60 ml @ $50   


"I can see life and my life from a different point of view w/o so much interference. I found myself forgiving on a deeper level and in the process releasing un-forgiveness from places in my body where it had gotten stored/stuck"  Margie D


"I took the drops in the morning as directed.  The next morning I woke up with a dream still in my mind, where I was standing in a long hall, my goal was at the other end of the hall, and there was a mountain of junk between me and my goal.  The next minute the mountain of junk had been parted like the Red Sea, junk on either side, some of it gone, but a clear path from where I was standing to my goal, and the understanding that I could just walk the path to my goal, or I could let the junk distract me, I could let the junk pull my focus back to it, and not be focused on the goal, free will, my choice.  Every morning that week I woke up with dreams that were stuff to be cleared, which I sent into the Sacred Fire, and the next week the dreams were no longer clear in my mind, like they were just being cleared themselves, as I had built up some momentum.  Happier now than 2 weeks ago for sure ..."  Heather H  Allan SK CA



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