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Flower frequencies are not harmful or addictive.  So, you can take flower frequencies whenever you need them!  Use our living flower frequencies whenever you feel you have habit patterns, negative beliefs, or emotional traumas that still need to be healed

Feel-good flower frequencies and protective or clearing flower frequencies are designed to be used as needed

Daily-life live flower frequencies may be taken for 3-5 days or as needed

Flower frequencies healing fusions, and heart-healing live flower frequencies are specially formulated to help release long-standing issues from your past.  These essences need to be taken for 21 days or longer.  Since our formulas are very powerful and complex, in most cases you take only 1 bottle at a time and complete the entire before beginning another essence formula

Essences that deal with issues relating to your conscience, such as forgiveness, guilt, receptivity, or self perception will require at least 21 days to overwrite longstanding issues from your past.  But, these essences will not negate your conscience (if they did you would become a sociopath!).  So they cannot stop what you feel in the future.  Daily events and interactions with others will affect your conscience.  So, to stay clear and balanced, you will want to repeat these essences for 3-5 days periodically 

Each of our transformational flower frequency fusions and essence remedies contains a proprietary blend of living flower essences specially formulated to address multiple facets of a specific life problem.  All of our remedies and essence fusions have undergone stringent field trials to ensure they are effective

"I've tried many things, but to be honest your flower essences have helped me the most.  They have changed my life"Use our living flower essences as often as you want ... to support you through daily challenges, to stay motivated and empowered, to forgive and make peace with your past, to get 'unstuck', to shield yourself from negativity, or to quickly release the effects of a traumatic or challenging experience.  Our living essences will help you maintain grace and balance through all of life's ups and downs

Our live-flower potentized essences are more powerful and fast acting than traditional flower essences.  So, we recommend that you take only one transformational essence fusion or custom essence blend at a time.  Let your essence formula process fully.  Complete the entire bottle before beginning another essence formula 

There are some exceptions.  For instance, you can use our essence remedies or protection and clearing essences along with custom essence formulas or other essence fusions.  But, when possible, take essences fusions and formulas at least 2 hours apart 

Please don't use our potentized living flower frequencies for children or for animals.  Use our special pet living essences which are more gentle for children and pets, and those who are ultra-sensitive

Remember that our living flower essence remedies are a self-help option, not a therapeutic treatment.  Flower essences are not appropriate for those under psychiatric care or with a history of mental illness

Our living flower frequencies often reduce or eliminate the need for anti-depressants.  Feeling great can make you want to stop taking anti-depressants 'cold-turkey.'  However, these medications can only be gradually reduced under the supervision of a physician

We caution against using our living flower essences if you regularly use homeopathy.  Learn why   


available in 3 sizes for your convenienceHow to use our transformational living essence fusions and remedies: 

Our products are bottled in high concentration.  Each 30 ml bottle provides 21 daily doses of essence.  You simply add 30 drops to a 4 oz glass of water and sip.  Swish briefly in your mouth before swallowing to ensure the energy is transferred through your cheeks (bloodstream), roof of your mouth (pituitary and crown), and under the tongue (meridians).  Taking the essences in water helps to ensure the frequencies travel quickly to your cells, providing energetic information

Be sure to use spring water or tap water--NOT distilled or reverse osmosis.  (Water that does not contain minerals carries no electrical charge and therefore cannot access cells)

Maximum benefit is achieved when you take your essence on an empty stomach, such as first thing in the AM, or at bedtime.  Your body's internal vibration can rise more easily when unimpeded.  For custom essences, follow the instructions on the bottle or the instructions provided by your health care professional

It is always easier to clear issues when they first begin to develop rather than when you've held those feelings and memories for a long time.  If a trauma or issue is new, you might only need to take an appropriate essence remedy for 3-5 days.  Using flower essences to clear issues as soon as they come up, is an effortless way to always stay in balance.  You'll be free to respond to life's mishaps and events in a relaxed way  


"My progress has been so extreme it is insane!  I'm so freakin happy and excited to get my next one coming"How quickly to they work?  Shifts begin to happen rapidly--in most cases from minutes to as little as 1-7 days.  Some of our transformational essences can simply be taken as needed.  When an emotional issue is immediate, such as a car accident or a quarrel with someone, you may only need a single dose of essence, or you may want to continue for 3-5 days.  Most recent issues will begin to overwrite in 3-5 days.  In some cases, such as with our topical remedies Stress Buster or AH, you'll begin to feel the positive effects immediately

2 sizes of atomizer bottlesAtomizer flower frequency remedies are both topical and oral.  They may be sprayed lightly in the mouth and lightly misted onto the affected area.  The fragrance-free essence remedy will quickly dry without staining your clothes.  The effects are quite rapid

If your problem is long-standing or sanskara (traumatic or repeated experience that filters your perception and affects your ability to see a situation objectively), you will need to take your essences for a minimum of 21 days or as long as 42-66 days.  This allows the essences to clear the negative emotional pattern and gradually re-inforce a new positive habit pattern  

A normal dose is 30 drops of flower frequencies are added to 4oz or more of drinking water.  Roll each mouthful around in your mouth before swallowing.  You may also use an atomizer to spritz in your mouth

Some people require up to 66 days to over-write deeply ingrained mental habit patterns such as grief for loss of a spouse or the loss of a child.  If this happens, control issues may be present.  A second or third remedy may be required to break through your defenses.  We have developed a special remedy to help release control issues 

Sometimes releasing emotional issues is like peeling layers off an onion.  You may need to use several essence fusions one after the other, to clear multiple patterns.  If a second or third fusion or custom formula is required, begin as soon as you complete the first formula.  You need to complete the shift entirely for permanent results

Drops may also be administered topically to chakra points, acupuncture points, or on the affected area (point of pain or tension), or added to bath water

For infants and small children, topical or bath application is best. Adults may also enjoy using essences in the bath.  In the relaxing atmosphere of the bath your body can better absorb the frequencies.  Your pores open, ready to release and receive

Space Clearing:  We've created an amazing remedy to help you keep your home clear of negative harmful energies.  Simply add drops to a salt water cure.  Instructions to create your own salt water cure for space clearing are included 

For pets, add drops to 1/2-1 oz of water (15-30cc's) and administer by oral dose syringe.  You can rub the essence on their ears or forehead or gums if the animal won't accept an oral dose syringe.  Or you can add the drops to a piece of bread with a non-dairy, non-meat treat such as peanut butter.  Generally, after about 3 days, the animals has figured out that the essences make them feel better, and they readily accept their essences in an oral dose syringe

Simply by using our floral frequencies you can quickly and effortlessly regain and maintain balance and grace daily through even the most challenging situations.  How amazing is that!


What you will experience

Much in the way that beautiful music can touch your heart, our extraordinary floral frequencies are like music for your soul.  Resonating deeply within your being, our living vibrational essences gently elevate you into a higher state of serene balance and inner harmony that effortlessly heals those hidden recesses within your heart and soul.  The result is a feeling of lightness, happiness, and a return to your long-lost self and your ideal state of being

Essences that are designed to be used as needed (such as Rescue & Revive, Chill Out, Support, or Stress Buster) will be felt within moments

Essences directed to be taken for 3-5 days (such as Open Door to CoCreation, Love Magnet, or Nurturer in Balance) will begin to work very quickly, but need 3-5 days to complete your shift forward.  These essences are designed to be used as a need arises, rather than to address the past.  They are used periodically as needed

The majority of our essences are catalysts for change, unification, clarity, integration, and equilibrium.  They were formulated to heal the past and create specific shifts, transformation, or change within you.  These changes can't happen instantly.  They happen over a period of 21 days or longer 

In a 4-step process, natural frequencies within our living essences 'tune' your mind to a more ideal state, replacing the dense lower energies of negative feelings with the higher frequencies of elevated consciousness and positive thoughts and feelings.  Think of it like the vibration of a tuning fork gently harmonizing your brain to 'clear mental and emotional clutter' that is sabotaging your life and your happiness.  Read more about how our essences work ...


Here's what most people experience:

 Diagram of how essences work: RAISE --> RELEASE --> RESTORE --> CONFIRM 

1)  RAISE  3-5 days to raise your vibration to optimal level to allow for a shift.  Elevates the consciousness and allows a new elevated perspective

2)  RELEASE 1-3 days  Surfacing of negative thoughts and feelings that have kept you stuck in an unhappy way of being and need to be released from your body.  This temporary phase can be uncomfortable as feelings and memories rise to the surface to allow you to examine and understand them.  These feelings then quickly dissolve into a higher level of understanding.  Some people do not experience discomfort in this phase--only lightness

3)  RESTORE  Overwrite the old feelings to restore your true natural state of happiness.  A lighter feeling emerges and a new positive way of feeling is established

4)  CONFIRM  Establish and hold a new more positive way of thinking and feeling and maintain it long enough to solidify into habit.  You and improved!


Caring for our Potentized Living Essences

Our potentized living flower frequencies are not like flower esences.   They don't act like other essences, so don't treat them like you would other essences.  You are using a premium product that might just change your life for the better, so treat our living flower frequencies with care and respect

Do not refrigerate or heat our essences.   Keep them away from cell phones and other devices and appliances that emit or receive electro-magnetic signals.  Keep them away from light and xrays.  If you travel with our products use the silver mylar bubblewrap packaging in which your products were shipped to you.  Place them in the centre of your packed checked luggage--not in your carry-on bag or purse




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