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The evolution of flower essences!  Our exceptional living essences are a premium product designed for discerning people looking for evolution, 10 qualities that help to make our products superiortransformation, and a truly meaningful experience.  We invite you to test our live flower frequencies against other flower essences  


Are our products flower essences?  No. Our living flower frequencies are nothing like traditional flower essences.  They are loosely based on the premise, and for lack of a distinct classification by FDA and Google, we sometimes call them live flower essences.  But, our products are actually live flower frequencies. The frequencies are gently captured from living flowers without killing or harming the plants in any way.  They are a safe, non-invasive natural way to 'wake up' your body's own regenerative capacity and help restore your body and mind to ideal function



7 ways our products are superior to flower essences ...     

Traditional (Bach) flower essences begin by picking flowers and leaves and then steeping them to create a cold-brew tea.  The tea is then mixed with a fermented acid (brandy, vinegar, or shiso) at a 1:1 ratio, and succussed to create a 'mother tincture'.  To create a stock essence for use at dosage strength it is then diluted again at a 1:1 ratio, and succussed  

So, the main ingredient of flower essences is actually alcohol.  And, since alcohol releases dopamine in your brain, flower essences will make you feel better temporarily

Flower essences are homeopathy.  They must match the vibration of your negative feeling in order to neutralize it (Homeopathic Law of Similus).  This means the remedies are in the lower frequency range    

Aquillegia flowersOur living flower frequencies are entirely unique because they capture the higher 'living soul’ or energetic frequencies of organic flowers and selected wildflowers while they are alive and thriving … We don't want the chemical compounds  

Unlike flower essences, we do not harm or distress any living plants in the making of our products.  We leave the flowers as we found them.  That makes our products 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly!


See images/article of light photons emitted by flowers


To achieve the best product possible, we pay attention to every facet of nature that could affect our flowers ... moon phases, tidal bores, negative ions from thunderstorms, soil nutrients, time of day, environmental factors, weather, light and shade, and other natural phenomena.  We study their effects on the flowers so we are able to maximize the effectiveness of our live flower essences for you.  We also implant specific frequencies into the products to ensure they emit the highest and purest frequencies possible.  That's why they are so fast and direct in inducing psycho-neuro harmonization    

Essence Maker Lori studying bouganvillea


Your essence's creator inherently affects product quality, as this person's energy, thoughts, intent, consciousness, spiritual awareness, knowledge and skill become part of the essence.  After all, plants are sentient and highly intuitive and aware.  They choose with whom they share their wisdom  

 Meet your essence maker ...     



Why are our innovative methods better?  As a rule, live flower essences are superior to traditional flower essences.  Since they are captured without killing or harming the flowers, live flower essences will exhibit greater coherence and stronger life force energy.  They are are energetically much more alive and powerful

Rather than use plant compounds and pharmaceuticals which prompt chemical changes in your body that cause side effects, we use your body's own internal language of frequencies to effortlessly affect positive changes without side effects

Living flower frequencies gently and safely address the psycho-physical energetic connection in both people and animals because they are bio-identical to our body's own frequencies. They work synergistically in your body to nullify and overwrite negative beliefs, karmic influences and weaknesses in your personality that cause you to feel less than your very best.  Our products allow you to attune effortlessly and naturally back to your authentic self.  They help you live more in accordance with your soul's beautiful true essence


"I am about 15 days into the formula that you gave me and overall I am enjoying a lighter, more carefree feeling and twice now I have felt a noticeable, albeit short, sense of relief as if there were nothing weighing on my shoulders and I could just….be.  This is something I haven’t really felt for a long time."  Jamie P  Eastpoint FL


Our uplifting flower frequenc ies are like a garden of sunshine!Our powerful living flower frequencies help shake loose stagnant low internal vibrations, release damaging negative emotions that may precipitate health conditions, and help raise your internal vibration and consciousness to its optimal state.  Our essences won’t turn you into something you’re not.  They merely take out the debris and entanglement that prevent you from being the beaufitful person you really are at your core  

It's an accelerated, pleasant, effortless way to achieve perfect harmony between mind and body!  As you become rebalanced, your life begins to change in positive, constructive ways, with you empowered as the creator.  We like to think of our living flower frequencies as beautiful, harmonious 'liquid music' for your soul!  There is simply nothing like them on the planet!

Learn more about how our live flower frequencies can help you 


"I am amazed at the interesting breakthroughs I have had since starting this.  Yesterday morning I was driving and I just felt such overwhelming happiness come out of nowhere that I started to cry. It was nice."  Casey M  Salem CN


Unlike flower essences, you can feel the frequencies simply by holding a bottle lightly against the chest.  Like the sun radiates light and positive energy, our essences actually radiate their unique frequencies into your electromagnetic field as you hold them.  They gently and subtly shift you into an elevated state of being 

Discover the scientific evidence 

Whether or not you do feel the frequencies, they are communicating with your neural network, in much the same way that music moves you.  In fact, they do not need to be ingested to create a mild effect.  They can also be held, placed on the skin, sprayed in the air, or added to bath water or a foot soak.  They can be added to other products, such as essential oils, face creams, epsom salt, or bubble bath.  They are also food grade and entirely safe to be ingested



5 more ways our products are unique and superior! ...  Rather than alcohol, we use water as a carrier for the frequencies because water has a 'memory' and can be used to store information.  Water also comprises 70% of your body and is present in all your cells and body functions.  So, it is the ideal bio-compatible delivery agent for our frequencies

We also energetically optimize the spring water we use as a carrier.  Then we add carefully selected frequencies to each essence to instil specific qualities and healing potential.  That's how we ensure that the essence of each beautiful flower offers you its highest potential.  No one else uses this unique and proprietary method of preparation! 

We use premium triple-filtered grain alcohol rather than cheap brandy or vinegars.  Alcohol is the ideal preservative/stabilizer for the flower frequencies.  It comprises only 5% of the entire bottle (just 1 drop per daily dose)  



It doesn't end there!  Essence fusions are created by synergistically blending individual essences together using 'energy-field formulations'.  We use quantum science to measure the interaction of the energy fields emitted by each essence so that we can ensure the elements support and optimize one another's life-force potential  

Different plants grow better in harmony or symbiosis, while others are toxic or overpowering to each other.  Since we are capturing the 'intelligence' and DNA programming of the flowers we must respect this.  Competing energy fields will diminish one another.  Two flower essences may seem similar or complimentary in purpose.  But, that doesn't mean they like to be paired together any more than certain flowers do out in the wild  



Drop for drop our essences are 20X more potent and effective than Bach Flower Essences!  And they integrate seamlessly with many other natural products and enhance their potential, too! 

We conduct extensive field trials on each of our essence fusions, to ensure they achieve maximum results for the broadest spectrum of people or pets.  Overall we are showing a 99% success rate

Gentle and safe, our living flower frequencies have no harmful side effects.  They are organic and natural, with no chemicals or pesticides.  And they are fragrance-free and non-allergenic.   Our products can be used safely by recovering alcoholics and to assist in addiction recovery.  However, we caution against using our living flower essences if you use or have used homeopathy to treat health issues



Try them for yourself and see what they can do for you!   


Enlighten Up Effortlessly!



CAVEAT:  Our living flower essence remedies are not appropriate for those under psychiatric care or with a history of mental illness.  Our living flower frequencies often reduce or eliminate the need for anti-depressants.  Feeling great can make you want to stop taking anti-depressants 'cold-turkey.'  However, these medications can only be gradually reduced under the supervision of a physician 


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