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Behavior Balancing for Dogs & Cats  

Behavior Balancing for Horses   


We specialize in a new field of natural medicine called Bio-Frequency Healing (psycho-neuro harmonization through neural transmitter modulation)  It means we balance your body and pysche with naturally occurring botanical frequencies  

Our techniques are the result of 18 years of research and 6 years of field trials and case studies on both people and animals  

Basically, we have discovered where your body, mind, and spirit merge.  This convergence is the source of all healing, all wellness, and what makes you uniquely YOU!   It is the 'storage receptacle' for everything you learn and experience--both good and bad, and therefore contains the 'programming' that dictates your responses, your choices and your perspective of life

Disease is in essence a result of conflict between soul and mind

We have found a natural way instill emotional vitality, to optimally restore balance to mind body and spirit by applying the ideal frequencies that match your most positve state of being--happiness and wellbeing.  It works safely, quickly, painlessly, and effortlessly to elevate low frequency negative emotions and physical states into a higher state of wellbeing

Watch a video interview of Lori D'Ascenzo explaining how Enlightened Feelings can help you 


Everything is energy and that's all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.  There is no other way.  This is not philosophy.  This is physics."  Albert Einstein


Our case studies consistently demonstrated positive results on 100% of the animals who received living essences, and similar efficacy with people.  Our unique protocol draws from Russian space research, quantum physics, cellular biology, neurobiology, Psycho-neuroimmunology, Energy Psychology as developed by Louise Hay and Bruce Lipton, and the research of leading quantum scientists throughout the world.  But don't let the technical science overwhelm you

"You have been a profound miracle for me and my family.  I thank God for you and your gifts"  Polly D


In just one session, we can begin to precipitate an effortless change that begins at the very core of your energetic being and moves through your whole body, mind, auric field, and outward into your life.  Major lifelong issues come up to the surface for release and suddenly begin to resolve.  Limitations dissolve


Access the effortless way to create positive change


You don't have to struggle through remembering or reliving traumas or painful experiences, and trying to understand them.  You don't have to return week after week, analyzing or thinking about your problems.  You will simply let it all go ... quickly and effortlessly in just a few days, while retaining important realizations that will elevate your understanding and connect you to the loving wisdom of Divine Intent.  What could be more beautiful, more empowering than that?


Living Flower Frequencies to balance and elevate your emotions

Emotional Wellbeing for Animals


Contact us in Ontario Canada  1.519.586-2983  info@enlightenedfeelings.com

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