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We specialize in a new field of natural medicine called Bio-Frequency Healing.  It is the science of how your emotions affect you.  Simply put, we balance your body and psyche with naturally occurring botanical and universal frequencies that are bio-identical to the frequencies within your own body's nervous system. (The technical term is 'psycho-neuro harmonization through neural transmitter modulation') 



Our essence fusions are like a SPA day for your mental health

Basically, we access the place where your body, mind, and spirit merge.  This convergence is the source of all healing, all wellness, and what makes you uniquely YOU!  

It is the 'container' for everything you learn and experience--both good and bad, and therefore stores the 'programming' that dictates your responses, your choices and your perspective of life

By speaking to your body in its own language, we can gently instil emotional vitality and optimally restore balance and harmony to mind body and spirit.  We simply apply the ideal frequencies that match your most positive state of being--happiness, peace, and wellbeing.  Your own mind and body does the rest to create a positive shift 

Our products work naturally, safely, quickly, painlessly, and effortlessly to transform low frequency negative emotions and physical states into a higher state of wellbeing



Our advanced techniques are the result of 18 years of research into multiple fields of medicine including cellular biology,  neurobiology, psychology,  psychoneuroimmunology, Russian space technology, our own research, and the research of leading quantum scientists throughout the world.  We've also incorporated Energy Psychology and the Biology of Belief as developed by Louise Hay and Bruce Lipton, and combined that with more than 25 years experience and research in many natural health therapies, disciplines, and counselling, and more than 15 years years of field trials and case studies on people, horses and pets  


Watch a video interview of Lori D'Ascenzo explaining how Enlightened Feelings can help you



Everything is energy.  Match the frequency and that is the outcome you will get



But don't let the science overwhelm you.  Our case studies consistently demonstrated positive results on 100% of the animals and people who received our living essences




Would you like to learn how to work with our products professionally?



Distance shouldn't get in the way of your wellness!  We offer highly accurate and effective virtual consultations by phone throughout North America!  

In just one session, we can pinpoint your unique personal issues and how to dissolve them.  You will feel nurtured, heard, validated, and deeply understood

Client Testimonial "It was effortless!"Together we will precipitate an effortless change that begins at the very core of your energetic being and moves through your whole body, mind, auric field, and outward into your life.  Major lifelong issues come up to the surface for release and suddenly begin to resolve.  Limitations dissolve

You don't have to struggle through remembering or reliving traumas or painful experiences, and trying to understand them.  You don't have to return week after week, analyzing or thinking about your problems.  You will simply let it all go ... quickly and effortlessly in just a few days, while retaining important realizations that will elevate your understanding and connect you to the loving wisdom of Divine Intent.  What could be more beautiful, more empowering than that?


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Caveat as required by Health Canada and FDA:  For your protection and mine, the information contained on this website is provided as general and scientific information and is not intended as medical or psychological advice.  Our products are designed as self-help tools to raise your own inner vibration to a more positive state. However, our products may sometimes influence physical issues as a side effect.  Our products are not intended to diagnose or treat mental or physical health issues.  Please see a qualified health care provider



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