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Emotional and mental wellness is now the fastest growing medical field! 

Our self-paced home-study programs cleverly weave together advanced science, quantum physics, psychology, and holistic medicine.  Packed with information, revelations, and sweetened with profound perspectives, inspiration, and personal mentoring ...
We guaranty this is the most interesting and thought-provoking course you will ever take!
Our course materials are designed to be easily be incorporated into your current modalities to enhance the efficacy and perceived value of your own therapies and services.  We provide the tools, knowledge, skills, and products to help you effortlessly achieve better results for your own therapies and cervices by effectively addressing the hidden emotional root cause of health issues 
"...The course is really fascinating... it is well thought-out, easy to follow and understand.  I really enjoyed how it flowed and also the background and your story.  It helped create a context for your journey with the flower essences.  I really appreciate the bibliography for recommended reading. ...I also appreciate the 'bullet points' or tables for key pieces of information....It makes it very clear and easy to find."  Linda G  Soulscapes  Oakville ON
Enrol now!  Take your healing services to the next level and help as many people as possible to achieve happiness, inner harmony, balance and healing!  
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Our goal is to create a global community of like-minded health professionals all over the world, each with their own unique niche, expertise, and market share.  Together, we can create a new world of happiness, peace, prosperity, and oneness   



Choose the level of training that suits your business goals and client base  Each higher level of training substantially increases your income potential.  



Courses are delivered module by module to your inbox.  Learn at your own convenience.  Testing at the end of each module or chapter ensures you are highly competent and knowledgable on that topic before beginning the next module  




Please note:  Our products are not compatible with homeopathic remedies (whether used currently or in the past).  Answers to all your questions about our products 

Working with our Enlightened Feelings Live Flower Essence Fusions
Level 1:  Enlightened Feelings in Practice
Now available!

This entry-level home-study course is designed for health-care professionals who want to enhance the efficacy of their current therapies, expand their services, and take their practice to a higher level of success and income


The course comprises 6 modules, a set of testing cards, and a 'toolbox' of useful printed materials to use in your practice.  Packed with loads of extraordinary cutting-edge information, the course uniquely weaves quantum science with psychology, holistic principles, wisdom, and inspiration 


You will learn how to help people effortlessly let go of stress, depression, pain, childhood emotional scars, disabling negative thoughts and behaviours, and you will help them to find true happiness, inner balance, and meaning in life.  Isn't that an amazing gift to give to others?



The course uses accelerated learning principles to teach you how to competently prescribe and dispense our products and protocols, and how to integrate the science of psycho-neuro harmonization into your own diagnostic procedures and therapies to create a unique 'signature' service that will be in demand.  You will learn how to create unique protocols that ensure stellar life-changing results for your clients




Quote: It's like 'therapy on speed' !

In addition, you will become better able to effortlessly maintain an optimally balanced state of being and attract prosperity, which will positively affect all aspects of your life and professional practice


See more practitioner testimonials



This Level 1 training program offers rapid recovery from your investment.  You can increase your net income by $3,500-$24,000 per year through essence sales and personal testing services.  With just 2 tests per week and sales of 5 essences per week through those tests, this course will pay for itself in just 3.5 months.  You will earn a net annual income of over $10,000 annually from just 2 hours work per week    


This course can also indirectly increase your income at least 10-20% by enhancing the efficacy, perceived value, and effectiveness of your existing therapies and services.  You’ll enjoy more repeat customers, enhance customer loyalty, and generate more referrals




Included in the course:   

  • the science  
  • comprehensive product knowledge
  • testing & assessment methods including kinesiology, dowsing, polarity, Life Perceptions Screening, symptomatology
  • mind-body-soul harmonization 
  • emotional states and their origins and purpose, how to identify emotional issues by pathology
  • psychology 
  • symptoms and their emotional origins
  • how use & prescribe essences, how to create protocols
  • how to incorporate living flower frequencies into your services to create your own unique 'signature service'
  • holistic marketing, management & success
  • 'toolbox' of all the forms, informations sheets, handouts, etc. that you will need for your professional practice.  These helpful forms allow you exclusive use of our copyrighted materials
  • set of 76 testing cards  *Shipping costs for testing sets not included
  • on-line tests for each module and chapter
  • critiqued assignments
  • a critiqued practicum
  • oral test
  • certification
  • Additionally, we give you exclusive rights to your own 'territory'



BONUS INCENTIVE:  Practitioners who order $7,000 or more in products cumulatively within their first calendar year will receive a full credit for the cost of their Level 1 course 




COST:  $698  Presented in 6 PDF modules.  Designed for quick study and proficiency in an easy-to-read accelerated-learning format with sidebars, pull-quotes, space for your own notes, and a toolbox of pdf handouts.  Includes a set of 76 testing cards and a 'toolbox' of printed materials and forms to use in your practice.    


Modules are delivered to your in-box one at a time.  Study at home at your own pace.  On-line tests follow each module.  Assignments and practicum are required.  An holistic business and marketing module is also included to increase your professional success.  *Shipping costs not included for testing sets



Do you have more than one practitioner in your office that need to be certified?  You can register additional practitioners working at the same location or within the same family and pay just $300 per extra person for the testing, practicum review, and certification  (example:  3 practitioner students = $698 + $300 + $300).  *It is recommended that extra sets of testing cards ($29.98 each) be ordered so that each practitioner has their own set to use for practice



Certified practitioners will receive a diploma, a free listing on our practitioner website, free promotional materials for attracting clients, wholesale purchasing, distributorship for your region, and advancement to higher levels of EF training. Certification verifies you are endorsed by Enlightened Feelings as having met our high standards of practice.  We do not wholesale our products to health professionals who are not trained and certified by us  





Only a limited number of students in each city/region/state will be accepted.  YOU choose your start-date.  Registration fee is not due until we accept you into our program after your pre-test AND you are ready to commence the course    



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*Requisite:  Health professionals with certification in at least one recognized medical, alternative health, life coach, or mental health discipline. Reiki Level 2 counts as a health discipline as long as there is a 2nd health, coaching, or counselling certification. Course applicants may be screened for suitability before acceptance




LEVEL 2:  Enlightened Feelings Synthesized
Kinesiology Testing
This career-oriented digital home-study training program is ideal for health professionals who want to pursue a full or part-time career as a professional Flower Frequencies Practitioner.  It focuses on our single essences and how to create custom formulas for your clients
You will learn to perform custom testing and create custom flower essence remedies and protocols to develop a career-oriented practice that focuses on creating emotional wellbeing and inner harmony for your clients on a highly individualized custom level  

You will study 64 of our most popular individual flower essences, as well as learn custom testing techniques, surrogate testing, how to formulate custom essences, how to determine dosage and instructions



*This course offers an exceptional return on investment.   You are selling your time and expertise as well as products.  So, profit is significantly higher.  However, your initial investment is greater 
This course allows for part-time office hours with a full-time potential.  For example, if you book 6 new clients per week, you should generate between $75,000-$120,000 gross annual income for an invested time of about 15-17 hours per week  



COST:  $798   8-modules presented in digital download format, 'toolbox' of handouts and forms to use with your clients, and set of 64 single-essence testing cards.  On-line tests accompany each module, followed by our personal critiques.  You will also have assignments, suggested reading, and a practicum.  *Shipping costs not included for testing sets    
Certified practitioners will receive a diploma, a free listing on our practitioner website, and will qualify for wholesale purchasing.  Certification indicates you are endorsed by Enlightened Feelings as having met our high standards of practice  
8-module course includes: 
  • Comprehensive guide to 64 Enlightened Feelings individual practitioner living flower frequencies by name, category and use
  • Set of 64 single flower testing cards 
  • How to create custom essence remedies for your clients
  • Creating custom protocols
  • An expanded 'toolbox' of key reference sheets, handouts, and product reference cards. These helpful forms allow you exclusive use of our copyrighted materials
  • Additional science
  • Additional testing protocols 
  • Certification
 To better aid your in-home study and practicum, we recommend ordering a set of practitioner essences so that you can practice creating formulas and get to know the essences better.  We do recommend ordering this set as it allows you to become more intimate with the products by feeling each of the different plant frequencies and how they affect the body     


Certification as a Flower-Frequencies Practitioner allows you to practice in your region with our endorsement and products.  You will be listed on our practitioner website and have privileged password-protected access to all our practitioner resources, including promotional materials, and downloads of all the newest forms and materials you will need in your practice.  You will also wholesale privileges to purchase bottles, printed materials, and essences
*Requisite:  Successful completion of our level 1 course.  Previous training or experience in counselling or coaching


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LEVEL 3:  Advanced Botanical Frequencies Practitioner
Advanced Training expands your skills to help people all over the world.  You will learn how to perform testing by photograph and how to work with specialized single essences to increase your range of assistance to others  
You will gain expertise with 40 additional specialized single flower essences, as well learn as how to use essences with essential oils, tissue salts, and other products.  You will learn how to do facial analysis in order to perform accurate photo testing, how to work in the quantum matrix to help those in spirit, those at a distance, and balance world energies.  Certification at this level expands your client reach to a global level   
You will gain advanced understanding of emotional and psychological states including control issues, family karma, feelings associated with the chakras, blood types, organs and glands.  You will learn to work with children, those with addictions, physical issues, nutritional deficiencies, and organ imbalances, and how to incorporate other frequencies such as colour and sound.  This advanced course includes more in-depth science and application of Enlightened Feelings living botanical frequencies and how to coach your clients through their transformation  
This course offers an exceptional return on investment, since photo testing expands your services from local to worldwide.  The course is digital (on-line) with on-line testing, assignments and practicum.   Certification is conducted live during 1-day workshop
COST:  $898   includes digital course modules, toolkit, 1 set of 40 single essence testing cards, on-line tests, assignments & practicum, and 1-day workshop* with a second day for certification testing.  Certification Test is not taken as a class, but is conducted individually in person at our office the following day.  The purpose of in-house certification testing is to ensure each practitioner's high level of knowledge, competency and accuracy and to maintain highest standards of practice using Enlightened Feelings premium living essences 
*Does not include accommodations, food or travel.  Shipping costs extra for testing cards   

   Requisite:  health professionals with certification in Level 1 and 2 and a minimum of 6 months experience working with clients 

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LEVEL 4:  Enlightened Feelings Master Certification


We'll show you how to communicate with plants
Master Certification is available for certified Advanced Practitioners.  This hands-on live master course spends 1 day outdoors and the 2nd day in-class
Master Certification is not an in-home study program.  It is live in-house workshop that takes place at our office in Ontario, Canada.  Master classes are offered late May to September   
The first half of the workshop teaches you how to communicate with plants and flowers and become a 'plant whisperer'.    Following an organic lunch, you will then blind test single essences.  On day 2 you will and learn how to make your own Bach-style flower essences.   You will actually create your own essence, as well as 'invent' your own complex live flower essence remedy formula and conduct a field trial to prove its efficacy
Those successful in creating a new effective remedy will be awarded Master Certification and their essence remedy will proudly join our Enlightened Feelings remedy collection  
Master Practitioners are endorsed by Enlightened Feelings as part of our elite professional team.  Having effectively demonstrated a thorough, competent, and intuitive knowledge of the Enlightened Feelings living flower essences, you will receive referrals from us in your region or country.  Enlightened Feelings requires master certification in order to refer clients for custom testing to you within your region  
"The master flower essence workshop experience was amazing. The setting was perfect at Lori’s Enlightened Feeling’s gardens. So many flowers to choose from, so peaceful and picturesque. I really enjoyed my time out in nature. The whole experience allowed me to deepen my connection and understanding of the flower essences. I would highly recommend this course! " Lili Rinalli,  Master Flower Essence Practitioner Welland ON  creator of our essence fusion Uplifting Confidence
Requisite:  Advanced Level Certification with a minimum of 6 months experience working with clients
COST:  $398   includes 2-day workshop, vegetarian lunch on day 1, field trial review, certification.  If your field trial is unsuccessful, you will be required to formulate another field trial or repeat the workshop  
*Accommodations and travel not included

Enlightened Feelings Botanical Frequencies Certified AnimalPractitioner  
In this 5 module course you will study our animal essences, and learn how to test animals to uncover their emotional issues.  You will learn behaviour, anatomy, chakras, and emotions of dogs, cats and horses, and how to work with animals safely.  We will discuss how to apply both essence fusions and custom flower frequencies for greatest effectiveness.  Course includes a comprehensive guide to Enlightened Feelings living pet essences and pet remedies  
Following certification you will be qualified to treat  dogs, cats, and horses.   A folio of forms, hand-outs and materials to use in your practice will be provided upon successful certification.  These helpful forms allow you exclusive use of our copyrighted materials    
To be certified as a practitioner, you must take a 1-day workshop with certification testing following on the second day to demonstrate your proficiency in live-testing and photo testing of both people and animals.  Certification Testing is not taken as a class, but is conducted individually in person at our office.  The purpose of in-house certification testing is to ensure each practitioner's high level of knowledge, competency and accuracy and to maintain highest standards of practice using Enlightened Feelings premium living essences.  Certification will allow you to purchase all our products at wholesale prices and be listed in our on-line practitioner directory 
COST:  $798   includes digital course modules, 1 set of testing cards for individual pet essences PLUS a set of testing cards for pet remedies, toolkit of key reference sheets and handouts, plus on-line tests, assignments and practicum.  Shipping for testing cards is not included.  1-day certification testing and workshop is not included    
REQUISITE:  Certified or licensed animal trainer, professional animal caregiver, or training/certification in an animal health discipline or animal husbandry.  Successful completion of Enlightened Feelings Levels 1 & 2  
OPTIONAL:  You must successfully complete the Enlightened Feelings Advanced Level course in order to incorporate photo testing into your animal practice
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Enlightened Feelings Botanical Frequencies Certified Distributor

We need products distributors in UK, Australia, EU, and in regions throughout USA.  Distributors must be at least Level 1 certified to ensure familiarity with dispensing our products  

Distributorship does requires some investment:  

You must have a dedicated sterile area with sink for bottling that can pass inspection, as well a dedicated area for packaging and related shipping supplies.  You must purchase a stock of medical-grade bottles, bottled spring water, formula concentrates for all our products, as well as instruction pamphlets and labels, shipping boxes and packaging materials.  You must also be granted an alcohol import/export license (generally this is free) and meet all relevant federal and local regulations  

In USA you must also have an EIN #, a DUNS #

Distributors earn income through the sales of products.  If you have a bottling facility you can sell products both wholesale and retail.  If you do not have a bottling lab, then you will purchase our products wholesale and sell them retail.  You can also maintain your own Enlightened Feelings practice while being a distributor             

If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please indicate on your practitioner training application.  We do not accept distributors who are not certified by us to dispense our products



Contact us in Ontario, Canada   1.519.586.2983    Email Us


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