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"Quote:  "It's like therapy on speed"

We have a philosophy at Enlightened Feelings.  We believe that as you change yourself and raise our own vibration, you begin to effect others in positive ways.  You become like ripples on a pond, your grace gently but surely spreading outward into the world.  Others begin to want the happiness and inner peace that you have found .... and so they, too, begin to change in positive ways .... and so it goes

Testimonials are about the beautiful ways we give love and support to our health professional clients, and the beautiful ways they honour this.  We are so grateful to our clients for generously sharing their stories and validating the care and love and personal attention we put into all our products!  

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"1 bottle of Enlightened Feelings does what 3 bottles of other brands do.  You guys are great!!"  "I let everyone know I order from Canada and quality is worth waiting for...."  "I've tried every flower essence company out there and you are simply the best there is!  Much gratitude!"  

and ... 

"Thank you for always taking the time to respond and help.  You have no idea how much I always appreciate you.  That you make such outstanding products and you remain so humble.  Many people in your position would not go out of their way to stop and help."  Evelyn Reavis  Reiki Master  TX 


You're a genius Lori!  I wasn't going to say anything yet but I think I can safely say I'm off to a good start on your recommendations….    as someone with a fair amount of experience in meditation and being mindful of body energy I can say there is a fundamental shift happening that is very real and I am surprised I'm not constantly pinching myself to make sure I'm not dreaming.
How your products aren't immensely popular in a world in such need of healing is beyond me.  Maybe I am underestimating their popularity but certainly a one woman operation behind this boggles my mind.  People like me have been scraping for fragments of hope in new supplements and eating organic and adopting healthier living standards but with underlying issues never being solved they never really get out of the woods.  It seems you figured out such a fundamental piece of the puzzle in a bite size easy to manage therapeutic. 
I don't see how there won't be an incredible rush for demand sooner or later.  Please keep me updated on your course as I very much would like to peruse and understand this as much as I can.   … Its been many years since I've felt like I can get on board with something with my soul and it feels like what you are doing fills that void.  Derek B  Ottawa

"I would recommend this class and the experience.  The class will heighten your abilities to intuitively select flower essences that speak to you in a delightful and encouraging way.  It makes you feel like you are truly contributing to shifting yourself, people and animals to a new level"  Pam M  St Catharines ON

"Clients who have used your blends have really been happy.  I really like the pet blends, as well."  Laura Melnyk  Edmonton AB

"Thank you so much for everything and being one of the best teachers and supporters I have ever had."  Carrie H  Powell OH

"I love having the essences to help those I care about during good times and the challenging ones. I know I can’t make it through without them!"  Nancy Weil  Certified Botanical Frequencies Practitioner Tampa FL

Enchanted Garden Experience Workshop:  "Thank you for the most wonderful experience in the Enlightened Garden. I feel very honoured to be a part of the it !  Overall I would rate the whole experience a 10.  I enjoyed everything thing about the day!  I loved the time with my plant, our sharing and lunch was delicious!  Working with the essences was truly awaking for me!  I feel lighter and brighter and for that and the experience I am truly grateful!  You're an amazing person.   I have been blessed.  Thank you!"     Vicky G  Simcoe ON
Enchanted Garden Experience Workshop:  "Your workshop was such an amazing experience for me.  I loved learning more about what it is you do and how you do it.  I look at every flower differently now and wonder what lessons it has to teach us.  More so than anything else, your workshop helped me connect with myself again.  I've told all my friends what an incredible life-changing experience it was for me and recommended that they check out your website"  Chalcea H  Utah


Enchanted Garden Experience Workshop:  "What an absolute gift to meet you today"  We were overwhelmed by the beauty, power, and spirit of the day.  May you continue to be blessed with abundant energy to serve, heal, and help, and may these blessings come back to you a thousand fold"  Devorah F  Newmarket ON



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