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Welcome to Enlightened Feelings!  You didn't find us by accident.  You've asked a question within the past week or so ... and we are the answer

If you are like most people, how you WISH your life would be is much different than how it really IS.  If you are feeling unhappy, or 'stuck' in life, that's not the way it HAS to be!  In fact, your life can change quickly and effortlessly in a positive way!  


The joy of being you vert best self!


Ask yourself this ... If you felt truly happy and in serene balance, if you felt safe to express your authentic self, do you think your choices and decisions would be different?  Do you think your life and your health might change for the better? 


When you are out of balance or unhappy in any one area of your life, it begins to affect EVERY aspect of your life--your mental and emotional wellbeing, your physical body and health, your relationships, and your success and prosperity  

In fact, the physical symptoms you may be having and the negative outer world you are experiencing are SYMPTOMS that your thoughts and feelings are out of balance!    


Even though you might really want to change something in your life or self, if you don't know how, or you don't have the right tools, you'll feel stuck and unable to change



How amazing would it be if you could do something RIGHT NOW to invite positive change into your life?  Well, we're here to help you make that happen, quickly and effortlessly!  We have the tools you need to help yourself ... right here ... 


Imagine the lifeforce of living flowers infused into every one of your cells

We've helped thousands of people all over the world to become happier, more empowered, and more in alignment with their higher selves.  As you change and raise your own vibration, you help create a positive shift in the consciousness of your whole family, circle of friends, and ultimately, the whole planet.  So, everyone benefits when you become your very best self!

Our harmonizing living flower frequencies are the most effortless and effective way to dissolve all your lingering unhealthy negative emotions and painful memories by gently overwriting them with higher frequency states of being.  Our natural botanical frequencies are bio-identical to the emotional frequencies that match your most positive state of being--happiness, positivity, balance, and well-being.  Your mind and body readily accepts these higher frequencies into your thoughts and feelings and shifts into a more positive way of thinking and feeling without you even trying!        View the science
Feel more JOY and ease in life
Increase self-esteem and confidence
Attract positive things into your life
Become more successful
Have healthy, satisfying relationships
Stop self-sabotage
Heal your negative 'programming'

Forgive and heal your past

Eliminate the 'buttons' that people push

Improve your overall health and stop pain 



Enlightened Feelings live flower frequencies gently raise your internal vibration to quickly and effortlessly dissolve the effects of all those invisible unconscious blocks and negative thoughts and feelings you are harbouring: a lifetime's learning and accumulation of negative beliefs and experiences that are adversely affecting your daily life, cluttering your thoughts, and preventing you from experiencing happiness and success!  Learn how your past affects your health and every aspect of your life every day ...
 Nothing comes closer to making shifts faster or more gently
These living flower frequencies are 20X more powerful and effective than flower essences or homeopathy!  It's as easy as drinking a glass of water with a few drops of our transformative living flower frequencies!  The drops start to work immediately to transform your feelings effortlessly over a period of a few days or, in the case of deeper issues, over a few weeks
They are a safe, drug-free, effortless natural way to restore balance and inner harmony, to stay motivated and empowered, to forgive and make peace with your past, to get 'unstuck', to relieve stress or lift depression, to shield or protect yourself, or to quickly erase the harmful energetic effects of trauma, PTSD, conflict, or challenging experiences  
Use our living essences for just about anything!  ... to attract abundance ... heal your relationships, overcome your past, enhance your intuition and spiritual path ... or simply to feel happy!  Let's get started on your new happy life!
Effortlessly Break Free from your negative feelings


Not sure where to start?  

Here's a quick test to discover the exact areas where your life doesn't meet your desires ... 

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Caveat as required by Health Canada and FDA:  For your protection and mine, the information contained on this website is provided as general and scientific information and is not intended as medical or psychological advice.  Our products are designed as self-help tools to raise your own inner vibration to a more positive state. However, our products may sometimes influence physical issues as a side effect.  Our products are not intended to diagnose or treat mental or physical health issues.  Please see a qualified health care provider





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