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Welcome to Enlightened Feelings!  

Something very special is happening right now!  You didn't find us by accident.  You've asked a question recently, or made a plea for help.  And here we are with the answer!

We are delighted to offer the fastest, most effortless way to achieve happiness, success and personal triumph with our revolutionary potentized living flower essences!  Our goal is to give you the tools to shift to a state of balance, wholeness and inner freedom.  We want you to find your own answers, your own wisdom, and your innate happiness by clearing away any emotional debris that encumbers you and keeps you stuck.  It's that simple!

If you are like most people, how you WANT your life to be is much different than how it IS.  Take our happiness quiz and discover the exact areas where your life doesn't meet your desires  ...  and how to quickly and effortlessly create a little 'life makeover'!


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When you are out of balance or unhappy in any one area of your life, it begins to affect every aspect of your life--your mental and emotional wellbeing, your health, your relationships, and your success and prosperity.  Even though you might really want to change something in your life or self, if you don't know how, or you don't have the right tools, you'll feel stuck and unable to change.  That's where we can help ...


Living flower essences ... Freedom to choose a different future ... or a different past

Ask yourself this ... If you felt happy and completely in balance, do you think your choices and decisions would be different?  Do you think your life might change?  

Enlightened Feelings living flower frequencies are an effortless natural way to restore balance and inner harmony, to stay motivated and empowered, to forgive and make peace with your past, to get 'unstuck', to relieve stress or lift depression, to shield or protect yourself, or to quickly erase the harmful energetic effects of trauma, PTSD, conflict, or challenging experiences.  Use our living essences to attract abundance and harmonize your relationships, or simply to feel happy! 


How amazing would it be if you could do something RIGHT NOW to invite positive change into your life?  What if it could happen quickly and effortlessly? 

We've found a way!  Learn more ...


Every thing is energy ... match the frequency you desire and you cannot help but get that reality.Our potentized living flower frequencies were created to effortlessly to dissolve the damaging frequencies of negative emotions by overwriting them with higher frequency states of being.  Our botanical frequencies contain the exact frequencies that match your most positive state of being--happiness, balance and well-being.  They gently assist you to quickly and easily dissolve the effects of all those invisible unconscious blocks: a lifetime's learning and accumulation of negative beliefs and experiences that are keeping you from your life as it could be and SHOULD be!  

See the technical science 


Would you like to meet your best self?

You have shifted my entire life's course.  And I am watching you shift the lives of countless other people


Potentized living flower frequencies are the optimal way to restore balance to mind body and spirit to those who need a little extra help!  No courses ... no doctrines, no effort laced with struggle, no weekly counseling, no hypnosis, secrets or gimmicks ... just the amazing and powerful shift that naturally occurs when you raise your energetic frequencies and discover your best self 


So, let's get started! 


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