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Want an effortless way to quickly, effectively dissolve negative emotions and behaviour patterns, and painful traumas?  Would you love to feel true joy and inner peace?


Congratulations!  You've just discovered the EASIEST, most affordable self-help way to release the damaging effects of painful emotional experiences, restore the best parts of yourself, and experience true happiness!  We've helped thousands of people to quickly and easily change their lives in positive ways   


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"I've tried many things, but to be honest your flower essences have helped me the most.  They have changed my life"  Elizabeth H  Nashville TN


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What's our secret to such amazing results?  

We use the powerful life force frequencies of beautiful growing flowers to effortlessly dissolve harmful memories stored at the cellular and neurological level, and restore your inner Divine

Our natural botanical frequencies are bio-identical to the emotional frequencies that match your most positive state of being--happiness, positivity, balance, and well-being  

Backed by quantum science, these naturally-occurring plant frequencies are 20X more powerful and effective than flower essences.  They have no negative side effects, are drug-free, non-addictive, and are safe and gentle even for pets and children

All our frequency-formulas are extensively field-trialed in the real world to ensure maximum results across a broad spectrum of personalities and situations.  As long as you choose the right product for your needs and follow the instructions, the results are close to 100%



"Its really all pretty damn remarkable ... these essences just seem to always be guiding you toward that center point of balance no matter what point you're at."  Michelle H  Red Hook NY



More than 115 different formulas for all your needs!   Use our living essences for just about anything!  ... to attract abundance or love ... to get 'un-stuck, heal your relationships, resolve traumas, break free of unhealthy mental patterns, eliminate stress and anxiety, increase self esteem ... enhance your intuition and spiritual path ... or simply to feel happy!  Inner change is as easy as sipping a glass of water enlivened with a few drops of our natural live flower frequencies!



"Today Is The Best I Have Felt In Years!!!  I feel so happy and playful and grounded and...myself. It feels GREAT and AMAZING.  Thank you for my custom essence and your guidance. Love and appreciation"  Catherine W  Benicia  CA



With so many choices, you may be feeling unsure about which formula would be best for you.  We are able to achieve optimal results quickly and easily because we can test you to see exactly which frequencies your nervous system needs  

Our optional custom testing services are unparallelled, because we can accurately uncover the source of your issue and unconscious negative root beliefs without you having to talk about or relive your painful experiences.  The results are AMAZING!

You don't even have to travel to us!  Simply order a test, email a recent photo of yourself, and we'll tell you what you need with 100% accuracy!  We have 3 levels of testing to suit any budget or need


"My kids have all noticed how happy I am!  So has my husband.  Our relationship has never been this wonderful.  Never!  And it was so easy!!!  Like you said, "Effortless!' ...  You have been a profound miracle for me and my family, Lori!  I thank God for you and your gifts!!!!"  Polly D  Ammon Idaho



Nothing comes closer to making shifts faster or more gently


Ask yourself this ... If you felt truly happy and in serene balance, if you felt safe to express feelings and your authentic self, do you think your choices and decisions would be different?  Do you think your life and your health might change for the better? 


When you are out of balance or unhappy in any one area of your life, it begins to affect EVERY aspect of your life--your mental and emotional wellbeing, your physical body and health, your relationships, your finances, and your success  


In fact, constant negative experiences and health issues you may be having are SYMPTOMS that your thoughts and feelings are out of balance!  Even though you might really want to change something in your life or self, if you don't know how, or you don't have the right tools, you'll feel stuck and unable to change


Counselling and Hypnotherapy can help you to reframe or cope with emotional issues.  But, it cannot actually dissolve the embedded energy of those issues and unresolved negative feelings lingering at the cellular level.  Nor can counselling release your unconscious mental patterns and karmic DNA--up to 10 generations of unresolved, unhealed ancestral struggle and strife





"How very grateful I am that I found your web site. That I disregarded what someone else had told me and listened to my heart. My heart which is now full of love and gratitude. The shift has been nothing short of the miracle I have been searching for. To feel love and peace again. Forgiveness. To be smiling for no reason. Giving myself permission to feel whatever is coming up and let it flow through me. ... I can’t use the word grateful enough. I’m just full of gratitude.”  Wendy P  Utah



How amazing is it that you can do something RIGHT NOW to invite positive change into your life!  We're here to help you make that happen, quickly and effortlessly!  We have the affordable tools you need right here ... 


Our liquid flower energies gently raise your internal vibration, harmonizing your nervous system and brain to quickly and effortlessly dissolve the effects of all those invisible unconscious blocks and negative thoughts and feelings you are harbouring: a lifetime's accumulation of negative beliefs and experiences that are now adversely affecting your daily life, cluttering your thoughts, and preventing you from experiencing happiness and success!

Your mind and body readily accepts these higher frequencies into your thoughts and feelings and shifts into a more positive way of thinking and feeling without you even trying!  The drops start to work immediately to transform your feelings effortlessly over a period of a few days or, in the case of deeper issues, over a few weeks  



Thank you for making such a difference.  I wish you could see how you change people's lives.  I just wish you could hear us all talk about what profound changes the flower essences have brought about in us.  Profound."  Evelyn R  Texas



Change your feelings = Change your life.  

Make this the moment you choose to be happy!


Create heart-brain coherence
Feel more JOY and ease in life
Increase self-esteem and confidence
Break free of stagnant patterns
Feel secure, safe, and loved
Attract positive events into your life
Become more successful
Increase prosperity and abundance
Have healthy, satisfying relationships
Stop self-sabotage
Heal your negative 'programming'
Forgive and release your past

Eliminate the 'buttons' that people push

Improve your overall health and stop pain



Claim your FREEDOM now


"People like me have been scraping for fragments of hope in new supplements and eating organic and adopting healthier living standards but with underlying issues never being solved they never really get out of the woods.  It seems you figured out such a fundamental piece of the puzzle in a bite size easy to manage therapeutic … Its been many years since I've felt like I can get on board with something with my soul and it feels like what you are doing fills that void."  Derek B  Ottawa ON



The joy of being you very best self!



We've helped thousands of people all over the world to become happier, more empowered, and more in alignment with their higher selves.  As you change and raise your own vibration, you help create a positive shift in the consciousness of your whole family, circle of friends, and ultimately, the whole planet.  (We call it 'The Enlightened Feelings Effect")  Everyone benefits when you become your very best self!





 Let's get started on your new happy life!



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