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Relationship Essences


Your energy is constantly seeking a way to connect with every other energy you encounter.  When you feel that connection you are fully engaged with the Source that connects us all.  Every relationship, everything you do, succeeds or fails based on the potential of this connection  

Are you looking for an easy, effective catalyst for your personal relationships? These loving essence formulas will effortlessly transform how you relate to others, and how the world responds to you 


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Relationships in General  ~  Family Relationships  ~  Romantic Relationships


Learn about 7 emotional wounds that deeply affect your relationships


Our formulas are carefully formulated and extensively field tested to ensure efficacy across a broad range of situations and personality types.  Mental shifts begin after just a few days and begin to show in your outer world and how your respond to others.  Lasting results in 21-66 days.  Full instructions are provided with each essence remedy

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Confused about which essence remedy to choose?  Take our happiness quiz!  It will tell you which essences will be most helpful for you! 

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Relationships in General


Clear & Protect"Clear & Protect" 

Clear & Protect is a necessity for empathic and compassionate people who intuitively 'feel' the thoughts and feelings of others, and inadvertently absorb these energies.  It is also very beneficial for those in customer service or healing professions

Clear & Protect balances, nourishes and strengthens your energy field from the inside out, radiating a higher frequency that clears and protects you from negative thoughts, feelings and energies--both your own and those absorbed from other people

Works in minutes and leaves a light, happy positive feeling all day

Use as needed   

30 ml  @ $30  ~  60 ml @ $50  

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"Never never NEVER visit your family without it!"  Nancy Weil  author of "If Stress Doesn't Kill You Your Family Will"  Tampa FL





Do you have somone in your life whose negativity leaves you feeling drained or out of sorts?  Do you feel ill or out of sorts after being in groups or gatherings such as at work, school, or family events?  Do you have to work in a place that is not aligned with your values or your truest self?   Are you in the middle of a divorce or bad break-up?

Now you can safely shield yourself, stay positive in the midst of negativity, and set healthy boundaries.  Shield provides an energetic shield to protect you from psychic attack, negativity, and ‘toxic’ people

Shield also helps to counteract anxiety brought on by close encounters with others.  It is ideal for those who have to be in workplaces or situations that are not aligned with your personal and spiritual values, and for those undergoing divorce or a bad break-up

Use as needed  

30 ml  @ $30  ~  60 ml @ $50  

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Empath Attunement"Empath Attunement"

A powerfully transforming essence that begins by clearing deep subconscious karmic weaknesses which prevent you from fulfilling your empathic gifts and fully.  The essence then goes on to prompt an inner evolution.  You shift beyond the empathic ability to feel people’s feelings and begin to move deeper to connect at the soul level where you feel and perceive people differently—with deeper compassion, neutrality, and detached understanding.  At the same time as your energy moves outward, you are inwardly stronger, more balanced and stable, and feel secure in your power and protection  

Where previously your empathic abilities or introversion may have led you to feel insecure, anxious, or out of balance in social situations because you either sensed insincerity, were overwhelmed by sensory input, felt drained and out-of-sorts afterward, or felt no kinship with others, EMPATH ATTUNEMENT allows you to interact with others while feeling centred, confident and connected.  Your energy remains strong and you do not feel drained or out of balance    


Use as needed for up to 7 days at a time   

30 ml  $30 ~ 60 ml $50

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"I really loved (Empath Attunement).  I noticed it wasn't just shielding me....it was also clearing something.  My body wants more.  My thoughts are clearer and I feel peaceful.  The biggest change is I'm not bombarded with the thoughts and energy of other people anymore.  I'm unaware of what they think of me.  Nice."  Evelyn R  TX




Open Heart


NEW!!  "Open Heart"

Open Heart is designed to open up the hearts of those who are aloof, un-demonstrative, unaffectionate, and unable to communicate loving sentiments. It allows you to feel more comfortable demonstrating 'warm and fuzzy' feelings such as love and nurturing toward others  

This essence fusion can be very helpful for those who never experienced warmth and affection as children and therefore feel uncomfortable and awkward with these emotions


30 ml  $30   


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Karma Clear


"Karma Clear"

A very powerful clearing and purging remedy that leaves you feeling free and unencumbered.  Dissolves the negative effects from your past  


KARMA CLEAR overwrites guilt, karmic debt, unforgiven past experiences, and unhealthy energetic ties to those from your past.  It can even reach into past lives when needed  


Karma Clear may also help to clear hexes or curses, including ancestral curses.  Leaves you feeling clear and unimpeded

Use for 21 days.  Repeat for 3-5 days once a month to dissolve new karma before it negatively impacts your life  


30 ml  $30  ~ 60 ml $50

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"I started the Karma Clear about a week ago, and I feel some powerful transformations taking place. My intuition has really been firing and I can clearly see that positive changes are occurring. Some very profound things are being revealed during my sleep each night. The best part is that the changes are gentle and I feel supported and protected every step of the way." Michelle J  Raleigh NC




Control Release


"Control Release"

Allows the effortless release of judgment, criticism, perfectionism, fear-based security issues, and other control issues that thwart your relationships and prevent an effortless release of your deeply held emotional issues.  This essence is especially helpful when you experienced any of the following in childhood:  criticism, abandonment, a perfectionist parent, alcoholic or mentally ill parent, dysfunctional home, frequent relocation, foster care, abuse or rape, or family breakup

Use for 21-66 days   


30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml $50 

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I Am Flexible"I Am Flexible"
Soften your view of situations and everything changes!  Promotes allowance and acceptance, adaptability, flexibility, open willingness, co-operation, allowance for new ideas and new ways, risk-taking, and a greater sense of adventure.  Assists relationships by promoting a more open, neutral exchange and acceptance of other points of view
Also useful for OCD and some types of addiction.  May help to open the mind to new ways of doing things. May also be helpful for those who need to brainstorm or come up with a different approach to a problem or situation
Use for 21-66 days to release stubborn control issues or as needed for stress relief and mental flexibility and ease when renovating or performing other stressful activities or projects
30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml $50

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"I have long wondered what the statement 'don't resist' meant in terms of allowing change. Since taking the flower essences, I am able to realize my resistance reactions to change.  I realize the words, thought and feelings I have in relation to something I don't like IS the resistance. I have connected these thought patterns to feelings of tightness around my middle torso and lower chest. Right where the liver, kidneys and heart are."  Jeanne H  El Cerrito CA



Disslving Anger"Dissolving Anger"
Is uncontrolled or mis-directed anger affecting your relationships?  DISSOLVING ANGER quickly and effortlessly dissolves intense feelings of rage, anger, animosity, road rage, impatience, frustration, vengeance, even when those feelings have been long-held.  You simply cannot feel angry with this essence!  Quickly transforms anger into lightness and joy
Use for 21 days for long-held anger or for 1-5 days when needed 
30 ml  $30  

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"Imagine a huge ocean where the sound of a huge explosion is heard deep under water. Then moments later all kinds of crap surfaces. That’s how this essence has effected me. Old crap that was deep has been brought to light. And now I’m given the opportunity to examine and release."  Daniel O  Pico Rivera CA







Punishing someone by not forgiving them is like taking poison and expecting someone else to die

Forgive yourself.  Forgive others.  Find inner peace and greater happiness in the release of resentment, grudges, anger, indignation, and judgement

21 days + repeat once a month for 3-5 days to clear away new forgiveness issues before they begin to affect your life 


30 ml @ $30  ~  60 ml  $50 


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SerenityNEW!!  "Serenity"   

Promotes acceptance, grace, and making peace with the past and those people and things you cannot change.  Allows an effortless letting go and stops persistence of anxious or angry feelings.  Helps you to surrender and accept what cannot be changed so you can move on without bitterness  

Helpful when you can forgive but still feel the hurt and animosity of wrongs done to you and want to be able to feel free and in balance

Use 21-66 days

30 ml @ $30  ~  60 ml  @ $50  

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"I have to say, I am so grateful that I started the Serenity when I did. It has really helped me with all this craziness going on in the world, and despite all the craziness I have had some very beautiful and powerful moments because of the essence!"  Sarah A  Paso Robles CA





Respect Me!"Respect Me!"

Allows you to make peace with feeling 'different' from others or ostracized.  Empowers as it dissolves passive timidness and false and negative self-images that allow others to bully or demean you.  Purges repressed anger from a lifetime of feeling excluded, outcast, or not being treated fairly and with respect.  Promotes self-acceptance, assertiveness, and inner strength (and sometimes righteous anger in protest of injustice) that helps you to stand up for yourself

Use for 21 days

30 ml  $30     

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"What I have noticed so far is a calmness... A sort of bliss. I have been energetic, motivated, and almost giddy... Social situations that I would normal be terrified of ... I look forward to"  Meg K  Fonthill ON

"A big thaw.  I don't care what people think.  I feel unencumbered.  I give permission to myself to sing, allowing my divinity to be expressed."  Karen U  St Catharines ON




My Authentic Self"My Authentic Self" 

The greatest wound we can experience is to be rejected for being our authentic self.  As a result of that, we then try to be what we're not in order to gain approval, love, protection, or safety  

Do you feel needy, insecure, or off balance when in a relationship?  Or have you lost yourself within your relationship and no longer know who you really are?  Are you afraid to relax and just be yourself?  Are you trying hard in relationships and they still aren't working?  

In an effort to be accepted, sociable, cooperative, and liked by others, you may be compromising your needs and losing who you really are and what you need to sustain yourself.  Your real need is to reconnect with the essence of who you are, and re-own all the disowned parts of self

MY AUTHENTIC SELF is the ideal essence for those who have self-image problems such as low self-esteem, attracting the wrong partners, neediness or discomfort being alone, hiding your true feelings or true self and order to keep the peace, and for those who compromise their own needs in order make others happy

Not being your true self can result in loneliness (even when with others), unfulfilling relationships, low self esteem, and never getting your needs met.  How can you ever be loved just for yourself, or find the right partner for yourself, if no one gets to know the real you?

21 days + repeat once a month for 3-5 days

30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml  $50

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Heart SpeakNEW!!  "Heart Speak"

The latin origin of courage is 'cor', which means 'heart'.  The original meaning of courage was 'to speak one's mind by telling one's heart.'  In other words, HONESTY takes courage!  

HEART SPEAK deepens communication and intimacy with partners and others by allowing you to connect to your deepest thoughts and feelings and communicate them honestly, authentically, and openly.  The revealer of truth in a relationship, you will know exactly what your relationship is.  This fusion allows you to honour the sacred truth of others with graceful responding, not taking it personally even if sadness or disappointment 

The effects of this essence are cumulative and it needs to be taken by both parties at the same time.  It begins to work most effectively after about 3 days.  

When taken by an individual without a partner/relationship, this fusion opens you to more relaxed, authentic, heart-centred, eloquent honest communication that deepens your rapport and allows others to respond more favourably and respectfully to you in social settings as well as one on one.  You'll feel closer to others and more connected than ever before

30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml $50 (for couples) 

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"I noticed a few things. The 1st difference was that I was extremely social while traveling. I’m a head down, earbuds in, and nose in book flier.  But this time I wanted to talk to others and they wanted to socialize w/ me. I had great relaxing conversations w/ a lot of people at the airport and on the plane. I also felt more relaxed in interacting with family. I noticed I wasn’t concerned about what I should or shouldn’t say to make others like me.  My anxiety and anger over feeling like I needed to entertain others wasn’t there. … for the most part I felt I was able to be closer to others more than ever before."  Anita G  Maryland


I Am Lovable



"I Am Lovable"

A gentle sweet essence to help you to feel more lovable and willing to receive love.  By promoting self-love, I AM LOVABLE helps you to believe and understand when others tell you that they love you, and helps you to accept and receive when others want to do nice things for you

Use for 3-5 days.  Repeat as needed


30 ml  $30    

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Social Butterfly


"Social Butterfly"

Increases confidence, personal ease and comfort in social situations.  Ideal for those who feel awkward, shy, or introverted.  Helpful for blind dates or when meeting people for the first time

Use as needed 


15 ml  $15  ~  30 ml  $30

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"I was dreading New Years.  But, I took Social Ease and surprised myself by having a wonderful time at the party. I found a new ease when talking to people and I wasn't self-conscious when dancing"  Lori D  Thorold ON





Social Empowerment"Social Empowerment"

An amazing essence fusion that neutralizes the emotional and psychological impact of social rejection, bullying, mean or 2-faced people, and feeling misunderstood, awkward, or like an outcast.  This essence fusion fosters greater social rapport and helps you to be more out-going and better able to connect with others.  It fosters self-acceptance while instilling confidence and appreciation of others

Suitable for both children and adults 

 21 days + repeat once a month for 3-5 days

30 ml  $30  ~60 ml  $50

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"thank you so much Social Empowerment is doing wonders for me. I got like three or four numbers from some pretty girls tonight and people are just being nicer in general. I'm not used to it. I'm so much more open to meeting new people. I'm not afraid. I'm not scaring people away. I'm meeting better people. People are kind and warming up to me. People are NOT draining my energy. It's easier for me to go out into the world and meet people and grow successful socially. I am attracting tons of positive social good healthy energy. Thank you"  Jack M  Brooklyn NY

"I do believe the Social Outcast (Empowerment) has played a role in reducing my anger. There isn’t as much panic about being left out so I’m able to relax more. I’m noticing I don’t feel as much of a need to entertain people. Feeling like I need to entertain people so I won’t be abandoned has been a core belief of mine from childhood. It’s exhausting, makes me resentful of others and is a huge part of my anger."  Anita G  Maryland 
Family Relationships

Father Issues"Father Issues"

As a young girl, your father is your first experience with male love and with feeling loved.  So, issues with daddy can cause a woman to believe she is unlovable, or to sabotage herself by choosing unsuitable or 'unavailable partners' such as married men, troubled men or older men

Boys who lack a wise mentor and strong father image will grow up not knowing how to be appropriately assertive, and may lack ambition or belief in themselves and not feel entitled to be successful

FATHER ISSUES prompts the release and healing of all types of pain and resentment surrounding your father, including abuse, abandonment, and rejection.  For both men and women, this essence fusion instills increased assertiveness, worthiness and self love.  This essence fusion may also help to stop women from choosing 'troubled' or 'unavailable' men as partners, and help you to choose better partners   

21 days  30 ml  $30  ~  40 days 60 ml  $50  

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Mother Healing"Mother Healing"

Your first sense of how you belong comes from your mother and your family  

MOTHER HEALING releases, heals, and overwrites long-held emotional pain, anger, resentment, unwillingness to forgive, unrequited love, rejection, abandonment, longing for nurturing, and other negative feelings associated with unhealed mother issues  

When you are unhealed with respect to your mother, you will feel unlovable and unable to accept or receive nurturing and love from others.  You may not know how to nurture yourself or others in healthy emotionally fulfilling ways.  Breast cancer and miscarriage commonly manifest from unhealed mother issues.  Mother Healing allows you to transcend your past and see your relationship with from a higher perspective  

This essence is also helpful with healing all kinds of estranged or challenging relationships with women, including sisters.  It may also be helpful in allowing you to be less judgmental of yourself as a mother, and more nurturing and loving toward yourself

Use for 21-66 days

30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml  $50 

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"I began taking the remedy with the idea that despite working on my relationship with my mother, who was abusive in my childhood, that I still had old feelings and responses to her to clear.  Soon after taking the remedy I noticed that she was being a lot softer with me and I felt really happy rather than nervous or anxious talking with her. When I finished the remedy it was almost as if a magic spell had been cast on both of us as there was no longer any animosity or tension in our communication and relationship. The changes here are dramatic and striking. Most importantly, what seemed impossible before in our relationship had now become possible! Thank you for making this incredible shift in my life take place"  Kristina P  Bellingham WA




Family Karma


NEW! "Family Karma"

An incredibly clearing and neutralizing formula that helps to release the echoes of your ancestral history--both the cellular memory and the learned beliefs and habit patterns you carry from past generations.  FAMILY KARMA also clears your own personal karma and leaves you feeling peaceful and light  

This formula may help to dissolve family curses, and neutralize karma you have with your family

Use for 21-66 days 


30 ml  $30 ~ 60 ml $50


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Abandonment Heal


"Abandonment Heal"  

Releases and overwrites feelings of loss, sorrow, heartache, emptiness, and feeling unloved or unlovable caused by feeling rejected or abandoned.   Eases your grief and helps you find acceptance and inner peace  

Also helpful for a relationship breakup or death of someone significant to you

Use for 21-66 days   


21 days  30 ml @ $30


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Deep Wounds of Childhood"Deep Wounds of Childhood"

Prompts the release and healing of all types of childhood pain, including abuse, abandonment, and bullying.  Helps you make lasting peace with your past

Childhood issues are especially painful and negatively impact your life in many ways.  So, this profound essence remedy can be a little emotionally uncomfortable for a day or two while you are purging all the long suppressed damaging experiences of your childhood  


We recommend taking 'Be Kind to Yourself' following or along with this essence to soften the temporary emotional discomfort and provide gentle self-nurturing that feels like a big grandma hug

Try Sweet Innocence after this essence  

Use for 21-42 days.  For traumatic childhood abuse, you may need a 42 day remedy or a secondary essence fusion such as ForgivenessSexual Abuse Release, or I Am Not a Victim 


30 ml @ $30  ~  60 ml @ $50   

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"I can see life and my life from a different point of view w/o so much interference. I found myself forgiving on a deeper level and in the process releasing un-forgiveness from places in my body where it had gotten stored/stuck"  Margie D

"I took the drops in the morning as directed.  The next morning I woke up with a dream still in my mind, where I was standing in a long hall, my goal was at the other end of the hall, and there was a mountain of junk between me and my goal.  The next minute the mountain of junk had been parted like the Red Sea, junk on either side, some of it gone, but a clear path from where I was standing to my goal, and the understanding that I could just walk the path to my goal, or I could let the junk distract me, I could let the junk pull my focus back to it, and not be focused on the goal, free will, my choice.  Every morning that week I woke up with dreams that were stuff to be cleared, which I sent into the Sacred Fire, and the next week the dreams were no longer clear in my mind, like they were just being cleared themselves, as I had built up some momentum.  Happier now than 2 weeks ago for sure ..."  Heather H  Allan SK CA


Romantic Relationships



Heartbreak Heal

"Heartbreak Heal"

Created to heal a broken heart.  Allows you to cut the energetic ties and move on.  Ideal when you have ended a relationship, but have unresolved feelings that prevent you from wanting to begin a healthy new relationship 

Especially helpful when you have been hurt in the past or had your heart broken, and have now become defensive and mistrusting, or don't want to risk have another relationship.  Helps to dissolve emotional hurt that causes self-protective defensive behaviours.  Allows you to feel strong and radiate love  

A lovely remedy to open you to love again!


21 days  30 ml  $30

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"... enabled me to cut the chords with all my past relationships and realize I was worth more than just settling.  I began to love in the moment rather than needing assurance or insurance." Gabriella P  St Catharines ON

"Since taking the essence and the shift in energies I have noticed that I no longer spend time thinking and worrying about the past relationship. (Yeah!)  This new peace about that part of my history feels wonderful.”  Nadine W  Toronto ON




Divorce Heal

NEW!!!  "Divorce Heal"

Great for neutralizing ALL types of challenging relationships including parent-teen!  

A powerful heart-healing remedy to dissolve heartbreak, rejection, animosity, blame, judgment, rancour, and other long-held negative emotions, no matter what the relationship.  Helps you forgive, accept, heal, and let go of the past  

This neutralizing essence fusion is helpful for healing the pain, anger and resentment of any type of relationship, friendship, or partnership that has caused animosity, negative feelings, and inability to communicate in a loving way.  Try it for soured mother-daughter relationships!

"I absolutely loved the Divorce Heal flower essence. Thank you SO much!"  Julia VN  Hamilton ON


Use for 21-66 days as needed

30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml $50

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Love Magnet"Love Magnet"

Finding love is less about luck and more about opening your heart  

A light, flirty essence fusion that emboldens you to attract intimacy, romance, affection and love of all kinds.  Opens you to accepting attention from others while inviting you to be more adventurous and fun, and take the initiative when needed.  (You do need to actually get out in public and interact with people to actually meet someone new!)

Helps you to focus your energies and mind on feelings of love and closeness, while accentuating feelings of attractiveness and drawing others to you.  Attracts love, closeness, and affection of all kinds  

For best results use Love Magnet after you have dissolved any lingering grief, defensiveness, or despair with "Heartbreak Heal" .

Try I Am Deserving to ensure that you feel worthy of attracting a loving partner 

We also recommend "My Authentic Self" before taking Love Magnet.  It stops the need to play a role, to be the ideal partner, or to please others to gain approval, which only attracts the wrong partners.  Helps you to be comfortable being your authentic self so that you can attract someone who is truly compatible with you and likes you for your real self.  Becoming the REAL you is the best way to attract a mate that is just right for you and will love you for your true self!

Use for 3-5 days.  Then every 4-8 weeks as needed

15 ml  $15  ~  30 ml @ $30  

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"I thought some great romance would suddenly show up at my door.  But, instead, I found that my friends and family were inexplicably more loving toward me.  Then, on day 3 of the essence, out of the blue, a male platonic friend suddenly became cuddly and affectionate and wanted to take our friendship to a new level.  Not what I expected.  But interesting!"  Wendy W  Pt Colborne

"Love Magnet is definitely working. Physiologically, I feel good, I feel vibrant and energetic. And I'm also manifesting things that I have been wanting for a very long time... little things that meant a lot to me. In addition to that, I've been feeling more frisky in terms of feeling softer in my heart and overall disposition. I have even been kinder to my ex and more gracious. It feels like I've let a lot of this hard exterior shell go. Which is a good thing."  IT   MD



Deeply grounding, feminine, and receptive in an 'earthy' way.  Feels like Gaia with undertones of sensual 'femme fatale' ... quiet seductiveness with resilient strength  

A wonderfully feminine essence.  Try it before Love Magnet

Use for 21 days, then 3-5 days as desired

30 ml  $30


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 "I am truly enjoying Goddess Essence. In my case, I would not describe the feeling as flirty, I feel more the Femme Fatale or quietly seductive. And although I look exactly the same as I did last month, men are staring at me! Now I can't wait to try Love Magnet."  Mychelle W  San Diego CA

"The last time you sent me Goddess Essence I knew I was on to something. This is my second batch and it seems to be having an even stronger effect … I feel attractive and intriguing!!  But I’m not trying to feel this way, it’s coming from inside of me"  Mychelle W  San Diego CA





I Am Deserving"I Am Deserving"

To open your arms wide to love, you have to feel truly worthy of the blessings, love and opportunities that come to you.  That is why 'I Am Deserving' is so important!   

It overrides those negative messages you've been receiving from others and from yourself, that you are flawed or not worthy or deserving.  It helps to instill self-acceptance, confidence and ease  

Think of it as both an empowerment tool and a relationship tool!

 21 days + repeat once a month for 3-5 days


30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml  $50 


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Holding My Own Space

"Holding My Own Space"

When you do not feel equal in your relationship, it leads to feeling jealous, insecure, entitled, or acting to please or elicit a response, because you perceive yourself as either inferior or superior to your partner

Effortlessly hold your balance within a relationship without feeling needy, off balance, or insecure.  HOLDING MY OWN SPACE allows you to gracefully ‘soul dance’ with another in a relationship.  Stops the need to cling to a failing or unhealthy relationship.  Helps you to stay in balance so you can be more true to your own needs  

Also ideal for those cling to unhealthy relationships, or who keep being drawn back into a failing or unhealthy relationship

See also empowering essences such as My Authentic Self 


21 days + repeat as needed for 3-5 days

30 ml  $30  ~ 60 ml  $50   

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Love Empowered"Love Empowered"

You are either walking in the direction of love, or in the direction of fear and isolation  

This heart-opening essence promotes forgiveness, and restores love, trust and happiness again.  Designed for those who are in a committed relationship, but may feel betrayed, anger, distant, or defensive.  Enables you to heal and opens you to communication and restoring your relationship  

Helpful when you become overly focused on differences and disagreements, judgments, and conflicts between yourself and those you love.  You begin to feel alienated and defensive.  It seems easier to build walls and wait for others to make the first move

To restore closeness, you must heal your own attitudes and beliefs that are causing separation and defensiveness.  LOVE EMPOWERED helps promote communication and brings out your deeper feelings of love and co-operation to help you both sort things out  

Ideal when you have closed down emotionally or become defensive because you have been hurt or felt betrayed, but are unwilling to walk away from your loved one  

LOVE EMPOWERED may also help with conflict resolution and negotiation, when administered to both parties 

“For a whole week (my husband) took Love Empowered, and it opened him up so much, he was able to articulate his thoughts in a way he's never had and it also made him so lovable that our youngest daughter wanted to be around him more often”  Adilene M  CA 

21 days + repeat when needed for 3-5 days

30 ml  $30

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Love Magnet Trio 

A 3-step protocol to attract genuine love, affection and ... possibilities!   

Love Magnet Essence Fusions     .Heartbreak Heal  Begin with Heartbreak Heal to release defensiveness and emotional baggage from previous relationships.  Helps you become open and ready to enjoy a healthy relationship  30 ml
     .My Authentic Self   Next, it's time to stop the need to please others to gain approval and begin to be comfortable being your authentic self.  Becoming the REAL you is the best way to attract a mate that is just right for you!    30 ml
     .Love Magnet   Attract love and affection of all kinds ... and maybe even a soul mate!  15 ml


$75 value  $65  (Save $10)  

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*Individual bottles of your favorite remedies may be re-ordered in any size



Relationship Enhancement Set  

5 of our most helpful natural relationship remedies.  Use whenever needed

 Relationship Enhancement Essence Fusions    .Holding My Own Space   Helps you to hold your balance and independence while gracefully 'soul' dancing' with another  30 ml
     .Love Empowered  Holds your heart open and in a loving state.  Help to deepen love feelings, restore communication, and resolve conflicts   30 ml
     .Forgiveness  Find inner peace in the release of resentment, grudges, anger, indignation, and judgment  30 ml atomizer
     .Shield  for quickly clearing and shielding you from the energy-draining effects of negativity from those around you.  Ideal for those who are easily overwhelmed by others  30 ml
Heart Speak  When used by both partners it deepens your communication with authenticity, deeper honesty and intimacy    30 ml

$150 value.  $130  (save $20!)
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*Individual bottles of your favorite remedies may be re-ordered in any size



"Holding My Own Space"

Effortlessly hold your balance within a relationship without feeling needy, off balance, or insecure.  Allows you to gracefully ‘soul dance’ with another in a relationship.  Helps you be more true to your own needs  

Also ideal for those cling to unhealthy relationships, or who keep being drawn back into a failing or unhealthy relationship


 21 days + repeat once a month for 3-5 days

"Holding My Own Space"

Effortlessly hold your balance within a relationship without feeling needy, off balance, or insecure.  Allows you to gracefully ‘soul dance’ with another in a relationship.  Helps you be more true to your own needs  

Also ideal for those cling to unhealthy relationships, or who keep being drawn back into a failing or unhealthy relationship


 21 days + repeat once a month for 3-5 days

"I Am Deserving"

To open your arms wide to love, you have to feel truly worthy of the blessings, love and opportunities that come to you.  That is why 'I Am Deserving' is so important!   

It overrides those negative messages you've been receiving from others and from yourself, that you are flawed or not worthy or deserving.  It helps to instill self-acceptance, confidence and ease  

Think of it as both an empowerment tool and a relationship tool!

 21 days + repeat once a month for 3-5 days


30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml  $50 



"I Am Deserving"

To open your arms wide to love, you have to feel truly worthy of the blessings, love and opportunities that come to you.  That is why 'I Am Deserving' is so important!   

It overrides those negative messages you've been receiving from others and from yourself, that you are flawed or not worthy or deserving.  It helps to instill self-acceptance, confidence and ease  

Think of it as both an empowerment tool and a relationship tool!

 21 days + repeat once a month for 3-5 days


30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml  $50 



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