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Shield provides an energetic shield to protect you from psychic attack, negativity, other people's emotional debris, and ‘toxic’ people.  It protects those who are easily exhausted or negatively affected by crowds and exposure to too many people.   Also helpful for those who are ultra-sensitive to EMF's, computers, and environmental stimulus


"While taking Shield I found that I was able to stay disconnected from other people's emotions which was very nice!"  Donna S  OK


Now you can protect yourself (and your pets!) from those people in your life whose negativity leaves you feeling anxious, drained, or out of sorts.  Groups or gatherings will no longer leave you feeling so overwhelmed or drained.  You can even use SHIELD to energetically protect yourself during divorce or a bad relationship breakup


"The shield works amazingly"  Lisa L  Middletown CT


Shield is also helpful when you are in workplaces or situations that are not aligned with your personal and spiritual values 


Use as needed  

30 ml @ $30  ~  60 ml $50 


Also available ... Shield for Children   30 ml  @ $30

Shield for Pets   30 ml  @ $30


"I find it soooooo helpful throughout the day when I am around a school full of teenage kids!!!"  M K  Teacher St Catharines ON


"I have really been enjoying the essences!  I noticed the effects of Shield IMMEDIATELY and I am ready to order more. I never ever want to run out!"  Chyna W  Mill Creek WA



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