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The Art of Manifesting:

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Most people believe universal intelligence resides outside of themselves.  In reality there is no separation, no “this is me, that is the world or universe”.  Your consciousness is actually a facet of the universal whole.  The only separation is the one you were taught to believe in

This means you are born with the potent power to manifest anything you desire, simply as a natural bi-product of your belonging to the universe with the potent fuel of your feelings.  FEELINGS are the secret ingredient!


Unfortunately, negative feelings manifest into physical reality much more readily than higher emotions, because their vibration is closer to that of dense physical reality.  Negative feelings emanate FROM you out into the world around you

Feelings such as gratitude and love are high frequencies.  They are universal energies.  Therefore they are more aligned with the ethers.  That's why the universal law of manifestation is simple to learn but challenging to master!


Your present reality is, in fact, created entirely by your positive and negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes, whether or not you are conscious and deliberate with these mental stirrings. For example, when you think about debt or lack, it triggers the survival part of your limbic brain, because scarcity threatens your safety.  Your focus shifts to all the reasons for not-having.  You become reactive rather than proactive.  So, you actually manifest lack  

But, if you can tame the survival part of your brain by having positive feelings such as blessings and faith instead of fear, then positive things begin to happen 


Six stages, comprise the law of cause and effect:





INTENT is a tipping point.  It compels action, which creates results

Are you aware and intentional in what you choose to create?  Or has your reality evolved from your instinctual, habitual, reactionary, random or accidental thoughts and beliefs?

For most people, it is the latter


THE SECRET INGREDIENT  Intelligence and technical skill account for only 25% of career success.  The other 75% responsible for success comes from how you process the world.   As Benjamin Disraeli said, “You will never go any higher than you think”


The quality of what you manifest is only as good as your underlying FEELINGS.  It is your behaviour, attitude, enthusiasm, and optimism that really matters most!  Once you have internal success (waking up each morning happy and feeling a sense of purpose), external success has to follow

You can't be miserable and complaining 90% of the time and expect to feel passion, enthusiasm and success!  In fact, the frequency of complaining counteracts the frequency of abundance!  So, infuse enthusiasm into everything you do, whether it is washing dishes, cleaning cat litter, or dancing  


You are probably not even consciously aware of your underlying beliefs, or how they affect your life.  So, your first step is to examine your beliefs and experiences surrounding success, abundance and wealth, and whether those beliefs and experiences are serving you well or are causing struggle, inner conflict, and self-sabotage

Your beliefs are derived from the conclusions you form after experiences and observations: This is good -- that is bad

You use the lessons from your experiences to avoid similar circumstances and resulting pain or unhappiness.  Like software, these rules operate invisibly, below your conscious awareness, often at odds with your conscious desires.  And, in this way, they soon begin to sabotage your dreams and aspirations, your relationships, and your success


Your thoughts become your beliefs --> Your beliefs become your values --> Your values dictate your actions --> Your actions become habits --> Your habits become your destiny


There is no force within or outside of yourself that can manifest anything if your thoughts are encumbered by a myriad of conflicting feelings.  For example ... You may think you want to be rich and successful.  You may desire money.  But, if somewhere deep in your unconscious mind there is a belief or experience that rich people are greedy, selfish, unhappy, or walk all over other people, then you can never become rich.  Your higher self will not allow you to become like someone that you criticize or believe is not nice

Until you become consciously aware of all your inherent beliefs and deeper feelings, and choose to let them go, they will continue to direct your reality.  Life will seem random and unjust.  You won’t end up with the reality you desire or the one you are trying to achieve

That's why our unique flower essences can help you.  They release the negative beliefs and feelings that are stored in your unconscious mind and free you to align with the life you truly desire.  Learn more ...


These powerful flower frequencies can help elevate you from the restrictive lower vibrations of anger, guilt, shame, resentment, and scarcity into an open state of peace, gratitude and unconditional love.  When your thoughts are full of joy and blessings, magic seems to happen around you.  You attract opportunities, luck, and the right people into your life  

So, lets get started! ... 


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