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Creating Alignment Between What You Think and Feel

The law of creation expresses the principle that everything is born of energy.  Energy expresses itself through light, sound, or kinesis.  But energy’s soul is thought.  In fact, the 'Source' or God element of the universe is consciousness

Most people believe universal intelligence resides outside of themselves.  In reality there is no separation, no “this is me, that is the universe”.  Your higher consciousness is actually a facet of the universal whole--of God.  The only separation is the one you create

Happiness is when what you think what you say and what you do are in harmonyYou have within you the potent power to manifest anything you truly desire, simply through the energy of your thought, driven by the power of your feelings.  Manifesting is a natural biproduct of pure, uninterupted, unrefined thought aligned with feeling.  FEELINGS are the secret ingredient

The limbic brain is a primitive part of your brain that is in charge of your emotions.  Its primary motive is survival 

Thinking about debt triggers this emotional survival part of your brain, because debt threatens your safety.  If you can tame the survival part of your brain by having positive feelings such as blessings instead of fear, then positive things begin to happen 

The universal law of manifestation is simple to learn but very challenging to master.  First a thought.  Thought becomes activated by a feeling, a desire.  Unencumbered, uninterupted thought and feeling begin to crystallize as intent.  Intent is the catalyst for the movement or shifting of energy.  This creates a result.  These six stages, beginning always with thought and the emotion behind the thought, comprise the law of cause and effect

Your present reality is, in fact, created entirely by your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes, whether or not you are conscious and deliberate with these thoughts and feelings



THE SECRET INGREDIENT  The quality of what you manifest is only as good as your underlying FEELINGS.  Are you aware and intentional in what you choose to create?  Or has your reality evolved from your instinctual, habitual, reactionary, random or accidental thoughts and beliefs?

For most people, it is the latter 

There is no force within or outside of yourself that can manifest anything if the thought is encumbered by a myriad of conflicting feelings.  For example ... You may think you want to be rich and successful.  You may desire money.  But, if somewhere deep in your unconscious mind there is a belief that rich people are greedy, selfish, unhappy, or walk all over other people, then you can never become rich.  Your higher self will not allow you to become someone that you feel is not nice

You are probably not even consciously aware of your underlying beliefs, or their affect on your life 

Your beliefs are derived from the conclusions (beliefs) you form after your experiences and observations.  This is good -- this is bad

The goal is to develop guidelines and rules to protect yourself--to keep you safe.  You use the lessons from your experiences to avoid similar circumstances and resulting pain or unhappiness 

Here's how it works ... You have an experience or conversation.  You judge that experience based on how it made you feel--good or bad.  Your judgment makes you decide how that experience will affect your future actions--In other words, you form a rule.  Then, you store your new rule/belief in your memory to govern future actions 

Like software, these rules begin to operate invisibly, below your conscious awareness.  And, in this way, they soon begin to sabotage your desires, your relationships, and your success

the p ace where your body, mind, and spirit merge is the source of all healing and wellness, and what makes you uniquely YOUUntil you become consciously aware of all your inherent beliefs and deeper feelings, and choose to let them go, they will continue to direct your reality.  Life will seem random and unjust.  You won’t end up with the reality you desire or the one you are trying to achieve

That's why our unique flower essences can help you.  They release the negative beliefs and feelings that are stored in your unconscious mind and free you to live the life you truly desire.  Learn more ...

We have created our own transformational living flower essences especially for your prosperity issues ...


          'Align to Your Destiny' is the 'missing' link' for many people who can't understand why they aren't in a fulfilling career and cannot seem to connect with their  life's purpose.  This essence fusion connects you with whatever makes your heart sing.  That thing that brings you the greatest joy and satisfaction is what feeds your heart and soul, and what enables you to make your unique contribution to the world and those around you.  It can be something big, like a special talent for art, music or dance that you left in your childhood to pursue more practical pursuits.  Or it can be something subtle, such as empathy and the desire to help or heal others that is so innate and natural that you don't even recognize it as something special


Spiritual Power awakens the desire and motivation to make a practical, tangible difference in the world.  It allows you to feel grounded in your body and confident in your beliefs and the contribution you can make so that you are effortlessly able to 'walk your talk.'  (As Ghandi once said "There is no use in going anywhere to preach unless your walking is your preaching").  This essence fusion is especially important for holistic practitioners and those who are spiritually oriented, but is helpful for everyone


I Am Deserving overwrites the negative messages you receive from yourself and others that you are unworthy or undeserving.  You have to feel truly worthy of the blessings, luck, love and opportunities that come to you in order to receive these blessings.  This essence helps to instil self respect, feelings of worthiness, and expectations of getting your needs met.  Think of it as both an empowerment tool and a prosperity tool! 


          "Abundance" promotes open and joyful allowance of receiving.   Many people are great 'givers' but are far less comfortable with receiving.  Resistance to receiving upsets universal balance and wholeness....you cannot be less of one than the other.  Abundance helps to balance and activate you to welcome and receive benefits that are in alignment with your own value system as well as your actions  

Every time you perform a service or action, that outward-bound energy creates a void behind it.  The universe rushes in to fill that void.  In the universal law of energetic attraction, you receive what you unconsciously value and desire.  In other words, you tend to attract the types of things you personally value.    Expansion can occur with tangible benefits such as money, gifts, or an increase in business.  Or the essence fusion can expand intangible benefits such as luck, opportunities, unexpected help, opportunities to help others, ways to serve, or compliments and friendships, if these are what you most value.  

If you often say statements such as 'money can't buy happiness', or 'wealthy people/corporations are greedy', you will never attract money or wealth.  Your mind will not allow you to have something you deem to be bad, or something that isn't valued by you.  Pay attention to your thoughts and statements.  Are they positive in regards to money or wealth?  Or do they undermine your ability to have money?


          "Open Door to Co-Creation" affords a much higher level of effortless manifestation.  You literally become one with universal energies, rapidly manifesting your thoughts and desires as co-creator with the universe.  It is a wonderful essence for those with a higher degree of spiritual awareness, but is also helpful for anyone who expresses intent or has a vision or desire   


There are other things you can do to help yourself become more prosperous.  To manifest your desires more readily, you must maintain a higher vibration.  This means your health should be optimal, the food you eat healthy and nutritious, and you must practice forgiveness

Organic food carries a much higher vibration than commercially farmed produce.  Vegetarian diets free the body of heavy digestion.  Fresh live foods naturally possess more life energy than dead animals or processed foods

Regular cleansing and elimination of both mental and internal parasites frees your body of elements that can rob its vitality and strength.  This leaves plenty of energy to direct toward your personal interests

Keep your thoughts positive and uplifting.  Let go of tiny, restricted thinking.  As Benjamin Disraeli said, “You will never go any higher than you think” 

Hold your vibration at its highest by letting go of negativity.  Forgive everyone including yourself.  Let go of judgment.  Each time you create an emotional debt, a financial debt is likely to follow. That's because your subconscious may think it is not safe to forgive because you will get hurt again.  But, that emotional block interupts all aspects of your life--not just the one intended.  It can actually prevent you from receiving

Pay attention to how heavy and tense you feel when you start to judge the acts of someone.  Now choose a better feeling and see how that makes you feel.  It feels lighter, more serene and free   

Accept that you cannot change what was.  But, you do have the power to change what is now.  You alone can choose happiness.  Practice blessing those who have hurt you and watch your life change for the better.  These living essences can assist ... Forgiveness and Forgive My Past

Our flower frequencies can help you shift from the lower vibrations of anger, guilt, shame and grief and raise you into a state of kindness, compassion and unconditional love.  These feelings vibrate higher than any other emotions.  When your thoughts are pure and full of joy, magic seems to happen around you.  You attract opportunities, luck, and the right people into your life   


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