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Need a little help to choose the essence fusions you need?  Order a set of our testing cards!  Also a great tool for practitioners!

*If you are currently using or have used homeopathy in the past please see our FAQ page to learn more about why you should not use our products 

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Semi-Custom Test
Photo Test


Not sure which of our prepared essence remedies you need?  Simply tell us what you want to achieve with our essence fusions and we'll test your photo and create a protocol for you with the ideal essence fusions for your needs


Click on the link to learn more


Mini Photo Test
Mini Photo Test


Not sure if you have chosen the best flower essences for your needs?  Simply submit your order with the essences you think you need.  Add a mini test to your order and we'll do the rest!  We'll test your photo and tell you which essences you actually do need, so you'll get the best results with no waste of money or time

A mini test is especially ideal when you are overseas and do not want to spend a lot of money shipping essences that aren't the right ones for you.  Our mini test will ensure that you only receive essences you really need    


Custom Photo Test
Custom Photo Test


Custom Photo test pinpoints the exact flower frequencies that will bring balance to your mind and body.  A custom test includes a personal consultation with your test results, and personal one-one-one coaching and support while you are taking your custom essence formula

  • Shipping extra (varies depending on location--country, state, province or postal code).   
  • Custom formula ($60-$90) extra
  • Plus any essence fusions needed (such as a control release essence or protection essences)


It generally takes about 2 weeks before you receive the results of your initial custom test.  Due to time zone differences, custom testing is not available outside of continental North America


Self-Customized Essence Formula
Self-Customized Essence Formula


Select 2-6 single essences from our collection of practitioner single essences and we will create your very own custom essence fusion!   

Please do not request a blend using our themed essence fusions.  Each essence fusion is a blend of 5-9 different essences!   


Essence Fusions Testing Set
Set of 76 Essence Fusions Testing Cards


Not sure what you need?  Order a set of  our Testing Cards!  

Our NEW testing cards are amazing! The cards give you 8 different ways to test yourself and others for your hidden emotional issues, unconscious beliefs, and blockages. You'll be able to quickly and easily pinpoint the exact essence fusions you need, any time you want. The cards can also be used for a mini-rebalancing! 

They are a helpful tool for health professionals, coaches and counsellors, too!

These 3.5" X 5" full colour durable testing cards feature 76 of our live flower Essence Fusions.  Each card holds the frequencies of an essence fusion and has a full description on the back to help you pinpoint the right remedy for your needs    

The testing cards make it effortless to test yourself or your clients to pinpoint which essence fusions are ideal for your needs!   Simply hold a card against the chest and muscle test.  If self-testing, you can actually feel the energies of the essence fusions in these cards!  

Use our cards any time you want to know which essences to order.  Or, try them when you just need a quick re-balancing or rescue!  Simply hold a card against your chest for a few minutes and let its energy re-balance you




Activates and accelerates your body's own healing capacity using the frequency of DNA repair and a soothing frequency that prompts pain relief combined with living flower frequencies to raise your body's vibration.  AH may help to address a wide range of painful degenerative conditions such as arthritis, bursitis, chronic back pain, muscle strain, scarring, and inflammation that are caused by suppressed negative emotions such as anger, resentment, frustration, and revenge.  AH is ideal for degenerative conditions that have not responded well to traditional medical treatment.  

AH starts to sooth and rebalance energies in just a few minutes.  Users report they have successfully used AH for abscesses, tooth infections, to reduce acne scars or stretch marks, symptoms of Morgellan's Disease, fibromyalgia, and hip and foot pain.  The effects are cumulative  

AH may enhance the efficacy of natural therapies such as massage, acupuncture, vibro-accoustic therapy or reflexology.  Convenient atomizer to use orally or topically as needed.  Safe for use on children and animals.  

Available in Healers' Set and Natural Medicine Chest

Available in 30 ml Atomizer @ $30   or  60 ml Atomizer @ $50


"I broke my arm several months ago and it wasn't healing.  Doctors said surgery was probably my only option.  My sister gave me AH.  I've used it for just over two weeks and already the cast is off.  Xrays show that my arm has now miraculously healed."  Jamie W   Florida

From $30.00



Designed to energetically accelerate the healing of wounds, incisions, fractures, torn ligaments, skin rashes, etc.  Helps to mend and unite tissue from the inside out (opposite of normal healing which scabs over)  

Convenient atomizer.  Use orally or topically as needed to speed healing and diminish pain  

Suitable for children and animals 

Available in 2 sizes -- 30 ml Atomizer @ $30  ~ 60 ml Atomizer @ $50


Also available in Healers Set  and  Natural Medicine Chest


"I used the AH PLUS on a client with a fractured tibia (no surgery needed).  She felt an instant release. She described it as the leg felt an immediate CALM.... Amazing... thanks for all u do"  Mary Rose D  Dynamic Wellness Solutions  Woodbridge ON

From $30.00



Energetically helps to dissolve impaired flexibility in joints that have resulted from stubborn or inflexible mental patterns  

Available in 2 sizes 30 ml Atomizer @ $30  ~  60 ml Atomizer @ $50


"It really helps my hips.  I can now walk up and down stairs"  Gert S  St Catharines ON

"AH Flexible is helping reduce joint pain and surprising me by repairing my heel skin which in the last year became callused.  Woo Hoo!!"  Margie D 

From $30.00

Healers' Set
Healers' Set


4 natural essence fusions to augment your healing therapies.  PLUS an essence fusion to protect and clear the healer  

Stress Buster! ~  AH ~ AH PLUS ~ AH Flexible    30 ml Convenient atomizers for topical application   PLUS 30 ml Clear and Protect for clearing and protecting your own energy field

$99  ($150 value--Save 33%)  

Also available in 60 ml   $150 ($250 value--Save 40%)

Orig.: From $120.00
Sale: From $99.00

The 3 Protectors
The 3 Protectors


We've bundled our most popular everyday protection essences to help you save $$! 

  • EMF Shield uses nature's wisdom to counteract the detrimental effects of EMF frequencies on the human body!  Helps to relax the nervous system and calm hyper-alert parasympathetic response, allowing you to feel calmer and have greater energy and focus
  • Shield provides an energetic shield to protect you from psychic attack, negativity, other people's emotional debris, and ‘toxic’ people.  Also helpful for those who are ultra-sensitive to EMF's, computers, and environmental stimulus
  • CLEAR & PROTECT balances, nourishes and strengthens your auric field from the inside out, radiating a higher frequency that clears your energy field of negative thoughts, feelings and negative energies

     Use as needed  

30 ml set @ $80 (reg $90)  ~  60 ml set @ $120 (reg $150)

Orig.: From $90.00
Sale: From $80.00

Abandonment Heal
Abandonment Heal


Relieves and overwrites the feelings of loss, sorrow, heartache, emptiness, and feeling unloved or unlovable, rejected, or abandoned and replaces with a feeling of comfort and nurturing.  Eases your grief and helps you find acceptance and inner peace  

Powerful enough to heal rejection or abandonment by someone significant, such as a relationship breakup, absent parent, divorce, marriage breakdown, or death of someone significant to you

Use for 21-66 days

Suitable for children 

Available in 2 sizes -- 30 ml @ $30  ~  60 ml @ $50

From $30.00



Promotes the elements necessary for tapping into universal abundance including allowance, receptivity, expansion, self forgiveness, and worthiness.  Attraction is based on your personal value system--whatever is emotionally important to you  

Use daily for 21 days.  Repeat monthly for 3-5 days  

30 ml @ $30  ~ 60 ml @ $50 


"I purchased Abundance and Open Door to Co-Creation for myself and they have been amazing. They really create a sense that everything "will be just fine" financially. And, that feeling is essential for taking positive action in the world to improve one's situation"  Michael G  Bowdoinham Maine

From $30.00

Prosperity Pack
Prosperity Pack


A 4-step process to attract abundance and possibilities!   

     .I Am Deserving  Begin with feeling worthy of having more  30 ml
     .Abundance   Next, remove energetic blockages in your energy field and become open to attracting and receiving blessings   30 ml
     .Success  Then instill motivation, confidence and organization to plan and succeed   30 ml
     .Open Door to Co-Creation  Effortlessly manifest whatever you envision  15 ml


$105 value  $90  (Save $15)  

Orig.: $105.00
Sale: $90.00

Career Support Pack
Career Support Pack

3 powerful essences to help you handle stress, challenges and negativity with ease so you can stay calm, focused and centred.  

 .Stress Buster  to help you handle stress with grace and ease 30 ml
     .Shield  places an energetic shield of protection around you to deflect the harmful, draining energies of toxic negative people.  Fortifies boundaries and helps you feel stronger.  30 ml
     .Success   Helps you to feel confident, motivated and organized  30 ml

Learn more about these empowering essences

$90 value  $80  (Save $10)  


*Individual bottles of your favorite remedies may be re-ordered in any size

Orig.: $90.00
Sale: $80.00

Adapt to Change
Adapt to Change


Assists you to effortlessly and gracefully adapt, move on and accept change.  Ideal for starting school, moving to a new city, or any life change that you may be resisting.  

Safe for children and pets (please specify to receive proper instructions and dosage) 

15 ml @ $15  ~  30 ml @ $30    

15 ml for children  @ $15  ~ 30 ml for children @ $30  

15 ml for pets @ $30  ~  30 ml for pets @ $30

From $15.00

Align to Your Destiny
Align to Your Destiny


This essence is like an open sail that draws you to your destiny and spiritual purpose to help you enjoy true fullfillment.  It strengthens your will to make choices more in alignment with your highest spiritual intention.  It addresses unconscious past life issues and karma that are preventing you from stepping into your destiny, and enables you to receive on all levels.

21 days   30 ml @ $30 


Beat The Cravings
Beat The Cravings


Instills a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment that helps you to let go of cravings or addictions.  Helps you feel stronger than the craving.  Promotes strength and discipline

Supportive adjunct for dieting, to stop smoking, food or sugar cravings, etc.  Use ongoing throughout the day while you are addressing the craving or addiction. 

We recommend 'Strength & Resolve' to work in conjunction with BEAT THE CRAVINGS

See also DRAMA FREE 

Use 1-3 times daily for 21-66 days 


30 ml @ $30  ~   60 ml @ $50

From $30.00

Be Kind to Yourself
Be Kind to Yourself


For those times you really need gentle self-nurturing and self-kindness.  Provides a feeling of comfort like a nurturing mother.  Also ideal when you really need a hug and no one's there to give one

Use for 3-5 days as needed

30 ml  $30

From $30.00

Beloved Inner Child
Beloved Inner Child

This gentle loving essence reclaims your inner child.  Gently nurtures, heals, and helps you love your wounded or self-abandoned inner child.  Helps to you feel more playful, innocent, happy and carefree.  It lets your inner heart sing!

Use for 3-5 days as needed, or for 21 days for deeper issues


21 days  30 ml @ $30

From $30.00

Breaking Bad Habits
Breaking Bad Habits
Instills a sense of strength, grounding and fortitude to help you break bad habits or addictions, clear clutter, or stop procrastinating  
We recommend 'Strength & Resolve' to work in conjunction with Breaking Bad Habits.  
Use 21-66 days.  Use for 42 days for greater ease in breaking bad habits.  Use for 66 days for stubborn mental addictions such as smoking.  Choose the size of essence that is right for you
30 ml  $30   ~  60 ml  $50

From $30.00

Breaking Bad Habits Protocol
Creates an 'I can do this" resolve and inner support for overcoming bad habits or clearing clutter.  Ideal when you just don't have the strength or will to do it on your own
Has demonstrated to help with smoking cessation, unhealthy eating practices, clearing clutter, and some types of addiction (such as Oxycontin)  
Use for 42-66 days

     .Strength & Resolve   60 ml
     .Beat the Cravings    60 ml
     .Breaking Bad Habits   60 ml

42 day supply  $150 value  $130  (Save $20) 

Orig.: $150.00
Sale: $130.00


Addresses the emotional issues that cause breathing issues such as Asthma, COPD, snoring, coughing, and sinus congestion.  Promotes deeper breathing and clears air passageways and sinuses.   Helpful for snoring, Asthma, respiratory  infections, and COPD

30 ml  $30


Broken Heart Heal
Broken Heart Heal

Especially created for the most challenging types of grief that are so life-altering, and for grief that persists for a much longer period of time, such as the loss of a partner, parent, or child.  Also useful following divorce or rejection  

Gently and gradually releases deep heartache, grief and loss.  Shifts you through and beyond long-term grief.  Turns sorrow and grief into acceptance and understanding when your loss seems so unfair and your whole life has changed.  Also helps to release guilt and reluctance associated with moving on with your life

Use for 42-66 days 

We recommend 'Be Kind to Yourself' to follow this essence

60 ml @ $50 


"Broken Heart Heal was huge for me.  I didn't realize how much I was weighed down by all of my losses.  That was huge.  I tell everyone I can about your flower essences."   Evelyn R  Hunt TX




A lovely sweet, light essence to help you feel happy and carefree--no matter what your age!  Especially helpful when you are feeling too serious or stoic  

Suitable for both adults and children.  Especially helpful for children who are fussy!  Specify if ordering for children, as the dosage/instructions will be different.  

Use as needed.  

Available in 2 sizes  15 ml @ $15 ~ 30 ml @ $30 

Carefree for Children  15 ml @ $15 ~ 30 ml @ $30 

From $15.00

Calm & Secure
Calm & Secure for Children

stress relief

A lightly calming stress relief remedy for children. Quells common situational anxiety and fear.  Use when needed


30 ml @ $30


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