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Each of our products comes in bottle sizes that provide the right number of drops you need to complete your personal shift 

For example:  A 30 ml bottle of living flower essence fusion provides 21 daily doses to help dissolve long-held emotional habit patterns and instill new, more positive behavior responses.  Emotional issues or unconscious behaviors that are newly formed often shift in just 1-5 days, so they may come in 15 ml size and larger.  Some essences, such as protection fusions, can be used as needed.  Some deeply-ingrained issues, such as grief or control issues, may take up to 66 days to dissolve 


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Custom Photo Test

Custom Photo test pinpoints the exact flower frequencies that will bring balance to your mind and body.  A custom test includes a personal consultation with your test results, and personal one-one-one coaching and support while you are taking your custom essence formula


Semi-Custom Test

Not sure which of our prepared essence remedies you need?  Simply tell us what you want to achieve with our essence fusions and we'll test your photo and create a protocol for you with the ideal essence fusions for your needs


Mini Photo Test

Not sure if you have chosen the best flower essences for your needs?  Simply submit your order with the essences you think you need.  Add a mini test to your order and we'll do the rest!  We'll test your photo and tell you which essences you actually do need, so you'll get the best results with no waste of money or time

A mini test is especially ideal when you are overseas and do not want to spend a lot of money shipping essences that aren't the right ones for you.  Our mini test will ensure that you only receive essences you really need    


Self-Customized Essence Formula

Select 2-6 single essences from our collection of practitioner single essences and we will create your very own custom essence fusion!   

Please do not request a blend using our themed essence fusions.  Each themed essence fusion already contains 5-9 different essences!  



Activates and accelerates your body's own healing capacity.  Ideal for chronic conditions such as arthritis, back pain, inflammation.   Use topically as needed for pain.  Available in 30 ml Atomizer  or  60 ml Atomizer

From $30.00


Designed for accelerating healing of wounds, incisions, fractures, torn ligaments, skin rashes, etc.  Helps to mend and unite tissue.  Use topically daily to speed healing and diminish pain.  Available in 2 sizes -- 30 ml ~ 60 ml

From $30.00


Helps to dissolve pain and impaired flexibility in joints resulting from inflexible mental patterns.  Available in 2 sizes 30 ml ~ 60 ml 

From $30.00

Healers' Set

Set of healing essence fusions to augment the effects of your own healing techniques and therapies  

Stress Buster! ~  AH ~ AH PLUS ~ AH Flexible    30 ml atomizers for topical application

PLUS 30 ml Clear and Protect for clearing and protecting your own energy field   

30 ml  SAVE $50!   Upgrade to 60 ml size bottles!  Regular $250  SAVE $100!

Orig.: From $150.00
Sale: From $99.98

Abandonment Heal

Relieves and overwrites the feelings of loss, heartache, and feeling unloved or unlovable that is caused by rejection or abandonment by a parent, partner or anyone important to you

From $30.00


Promotes the elements necessary for tapping into universal abundance including allowance, receptivity, expansion, self forgiveness, and worthiness.  Attraction is based on your personal value system--whatever is emotionally important to you  Use daily for 21 days.  Repeat monthly for 3-5 days  30 ml ~ 60 ml  (Order the larger size to repeat monthly)

From $30.00

Adapt to Change

Assists you to effortlessly and gracefully adapt, move on and accept change.  Ideal for starting school, moving to a new city, or any life change that you may be resisting.  Save for children and pets (please specify to receive proper instructions and dosage) 

15 ml  ~  30 ml for adults  ~  30 ml for children  ~  30 ml for pets

From $15.00

Align to Your Destiny

This essence is like an open sail that draws you to your destiny and spiritual purpose to help you enjoy true fullfillment.  It strengthens your will to make choices more in alignment with your highest spiritual intention.  It addresses unconscious past life issues and karma that are preventing you from stepping into your destiny, and enables you to receive on all levels. 


Beat The Cravings

Instils a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment that helps you to let go of cravings or addictions.  Helps you feel stronger than the craving.  Promotes strength and discipline.  Available in 2 sizes 

From $30.00

Be Kind to Yourself

Helps you to pay attention to your own needs and be more self-nurturing and kind to yourself

From $30.00

Beloved Inner Child

A gentle self-nurturing essence to heal your wounded inner child and help you find your playful, innocent happy self again. Suitable for children

From $15.00

Breaking Bad Habits

Promotes the desire to be free of negative habits and clutter and makes it easier to let go.  Best when used with STRENGTH & RESOLVE.  Use as often as needed.  Available in 2 sizes

From $30.00


Addresses the emotional issues that cause breathing issues such as Asthma and sinus congestion.  Promotes deeper breathing and clears air passageways and sinuses.   Helpful for snoring, Asthma, respiratory  infections, and COPD.  Please specify if using for adults, children or pets as the formulas and instructions are different

From $15.00

Broken Heart Heal

Helps to shift you through and beyond a loss that has altered your whole life.  Gradually diminishes grief from loss of a spouse, child, or parent.  Helps with the grief of divorce.  Especially helpful for grief that is resistant to healing.  Comforting, when your loss seems so deep and unfair.  Use for at least 42 days for spousal or parental grief


Calm & Secure for Children

Assists with trepidation issues such as shyness and fear of new experiences.  Instills greater confidence.  Use as needed

From $15.00

Career Support Pack

3 powerful essences to help you handle stress, challenges and negativity with ease so you can stay calm, focused and centred.  30 ml  Save $10!

Stress Buster! ~ Success ~ Shield

Orig.: $90.00
Sale: $80.00

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