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Semi-Custom Test

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Not sure which of our prepared essence remedies you need?  Simply tell us what you want to achieve with our essence fusions and we'll test your photo and create a protocol for you with the ideal essence fusions for your needs

STEP 1  Place your order for a SEMI CUSTOM TEST

STEP 2:  Send a selfie to us explaining briefly why you want a test and what you want to achieve with our prepared essence fusions

STEP 3:  We will test for the essence fusions that will be most helpful for you to achieve your goal and call you with your personal results.   You'll receive insights into what you are really feeling and why, as well as an essence protocol designed just for you.  If we find that you actually need a custom essence formula rather than our prepared remedies, we will advise you   

Semi-custom tests are are designed to pinpoint the ideal essence fusion formulas for you, along with dosage and duration for taking the essence remedies.  Cost:  $45


PLEASE NOTE:  If you request a $10 mini test without submitting a list of the essences you think you want, we will automatically upgrade it to a semi-custom test and charge accordingly

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