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Each of our products comes in bottle sizes that provide the right number of drops you need to complete your personal shift 

For example:  A 30 ml bottle of living flower essence fusion provides 21 daily doses to help dissolve long-held emotional habit patterns and instill new, more positive behavior responses.  Emotional issues or unconscious behaviors that are newly formed often shift in just 1-5 days, so they may come in 15 ml size and larger.  Some essences, such as protection fusions, can be used as needed.  Some deeply-ingrained issues, such as grief or control issues, may take up to 66 days to dissolve 


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A lovely sweet, light essence to help you feel happy and carefree--no matter what your age!  

Suitable for both adults and children.  Especially helpful for children who are fussy!  Specify if ordering for children, as the dosage/instructions will be different.  Use as needed.  Available in 2 sizes

From $15.00

Chakra Balancing Set

Set of 10 essences provides multiple benefits, as each formula addresses the emotional causes and vibrational immbalances associated with disruptions in the chakric system.  Balances and protects 9 chakras

Root Chakra  ~  Sacral Chakra  ~  Solar Plexus  ~  Heart  ~  Higher Heart (Thymus)  ~  Throat Chakra  ~  Zeal Point  ~  3rd Eye  ~  Crown  ~  PLUS 30 ml  Clear and Protect   

15 ml dropper bottles  or  30 ml size

Orig.: From $165.00
Sale: From $125.00

Individual Chakra Essences

Order 30 ml chakra essences individually.  Choose from:

Root ~ Sacral ~ Solar Plexus ~ Heart ~ Higher Heart (Thymus) ~ Throat ~ Zeal Point ~ 3rd Eye ~ Crown

From $30.00

Chill Out

The essence of wellbeing and serenity.  Release all worries and helps you 'stop to smell the roses'.  Feels like you are on vacation!

Relaxes children and pets and calms over-active hyper behaviour.  Specify if ordering for children or pets as dosage and instructions will be different

Use for 3-5 days whenever needed.   Available in 15 ml or 30 ml 

From $15.00

Chi Tonic

Helps to restore your life force energy and vitality when you are weakened or depleted, or have a debilitating condition.  Increases will to live.  Suited for both people and pets.  Available in 30 ml & 60 ml

From $30.00

Clear & Protect

Clears negativity and forms a shield of protection.  Balances, nourishes, strengthens and protects your energy field from the inside out to increase your inner balance and confidence.  Gradually heightens intuition so you see things more clearly.  Use as needed.  Available in 2 sizes 

From $30.00

Comfort and Solace

Comforting remedy acts quickly to promote acceptance, release guilt, and dissolve heartbreak, despair and emptiness.  Especially helpful when you have been the caregiver or guardian in a relationship, such as with a pet, child, parent, or terminally ill loved one.  Very helpful when a pet has to be euthanized.  Provides an extra boost of comfort and strength when taken for 3 days preceding euthanization of your pet

From $30.00

Control Release

Promotes the release of judgment, criticism, perfectionism, security issues, and other control issues that prevent an effortless release of your deeply held emotional issues,  Control issues develop in childhood when you do not feel safe or secure.  Control issues can prevent you from releasing your past completely, as you instinctively want to stay safe and not feel emotional pain  

This essence is highly recommended before beginning an emotional healing remedy for your past if you have experienced any of the following:  criticism, not feeling safe, a perfectionist parent, alcoholic or mentally ill parent, dysfunctional home, frequent relocation, foster care, abuse or rape, family

From $30.00

Deep Wounds of Childhood

Allows you to release childhood pain of all kinds (such as bullying, birth trauma, abandonment, abuse, mother or father issues) and make peace with your past.  Also available in 60 ml for resistant childhood issues

We recommend also taking a self-nurturing essence such as BE KIND TO YOURSELF or LOVE YOURSELF to replace the nurturing you missed as a child

From $30.00

Dissolving Anger

Quickly dissolves and releases long-standing anger, resentment and grudges against self and others

From $30.00

Divorce Heal

A powerful heart-healing remedy to dissolve heartbreak, rejection, animosity and rancour, and other long-held highly-charged negative emotions.  Helps you heal and let go of the past and find peace.  This essence is helpful for healing the pain of ANY type of relationship or partnership that has caused anger, animosity and negative feelings.  Also works to dissolve animosity when you are still in a relationship with lots of negative feelings

From $30.00

Drama Free
Dissolves the tendency to focus on the negative and dramatize your problems.  Also helps keep you from getting drawn into other people's dramas and crises.  Helps you to feel positive enthusiasm.  Very helpful to calm adrenal stress.  Order 60 ml to help dissolve adrenaline addiction (42 days)    

From $30.00

EMF Shield

EMF Shield

Uses nature's wisdom to counteract the detrimental effects of EMF frequencies on the human body!  Flower frequencies help to relax the nervous system and calm hyper-alert parasympathetic response     

21 days  30 ml  $30  ~  33 days  60 ml @ $50

From $30.00

Empath Attunement

A powerfully transforming essence that clears deep subconscious karmic weaknesses which prevent you from fulfilling your empathic gifts and fully.  The essence then goes on to prompt an inner evolution.  You shift beyond the empathic ability to feel people’s feelings and move deeper to their soul level where you feel and perceive them differently—with deeper compassion, neutrality, and detached understanding.  At the same time as your energy moves outward, you are inwardly stronger, more balanced and stable, and feel secure in your power and protection

Where previously your empathic abilities or introversion may have led you to feel insecure, anxious, or out of balance in social situations because you either sensed insincerity, were overwhelmed by sensory input, felt drained and out-of-sorts afterward, or felt no kinship with others, EMPATH ATTUNEMENT allows you to interact with others while remaining centred, confident and connected.  Your energy stays strong and you do not feel drained or out of balance 

This essence has also demonstrated the ability to clear hexes and curses


Use as needed  30 ml  $30 ~ 60 ml $50

From $30.00


Feel the commanding difference between authentic personal power vs control. This uplifting formula helps to instil confidence and motivation

From $30.00

Empowerment Trio


3 powerful essence formulas to help you to become your very best   

$90 value  $80  (Save $10)  

     .My Authentic Self  Feel wonderful being your genuine self!  30 ml
     .I Am Deserving  Feel worthy of success  30 ml
     .Success   Feel confident, motivated and organized  30 ml

Orig.: $90.00
Sale: $80.00

Faith Hope & Trust


A lovely uplifting essence formula that helps to overwrite dread and hopelessness with a more positive optimistic outlook


Father Issues

Prompts the release and healing of all types of emotional pain surrounding your father, including abuse, abandonment, rejection, and feeling unlovable.  Assists men who are not assertive or have not had a positive male role-model to mentor them.  Assists women who often choose 'unavailable' partners


Family Karma

An incredibly clearing and neutralizing formula that helps to release the echoes of your ancestral history--the memory you carry from past generations.  It also clears your own personal karma and leaves you feeling peaceful and light.  This formula may help to dissolve family curses, and neutralize karma you have with your family 

From $30.00



A general fortifier and womb heal that opens up the pelvic region and restores endocrine balance.  Do not use if pregnant or nursing.  This formula can prompt menses.  Use for 21 days only  


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