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I Am Not A Victim

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"I Am Not A Victim"

A deep healing essence that helps to release victim mentality and the detrimental effects of having been victimized.  Also helps to awaken a realization of your own subconscious role in repeatedly attracting victimization.  Reaches right back into past life experiences when needed  

Releases feelings of powerlessness and the need for approval from others.  Increases the ability to set boundaries and to hold your own space and stand up for yourself  

Since victim mentality becomes deeply ingrained, this essence formula requires a minimum of 42 days to release, and may require 66 days in some cases  

We recommend following this essence with a self esteem essence fusion such as Love Yourself, Self Esteem, or Self Acceptance


Administer for 40-66 days 

40 days   60 ml $50



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