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Helps overwrite the energetic incoherence of post traumatic stress (PTSD) and highly traumatic emotional experiences.  Works quickly and effortlessly to dissolve shock, despair, disillusionment, and panic caused by trauma.  Dissolves chaos and static within the energy field and instills a feeling of smooth, expansive wholeness and joy

RESTORE also instills supportive grounding and balance to keep you feeling solid and stable.  It helps restore optimism and innocence that was lost

When used for 3-5 days immediately following a trauma it will quickly act to reverse the negative effects of the experience and restore balance.  Use for 21 or more days when traumatic stress is long-held

RESTORE is also very helpful for those who are highly sensitive and easily distraught or shocked by violence, negative movies, books or television shows, or are overwhelmed by social injustice, animal abuse, or all the wrongs in the world, and feel helplessness to change anything.  Helps to promote calm acceptance and releases the feeling of burden and injustice


Use as needed for hyper-sensitivity

Use for 21-66 days for PSTD  

30 ml @ $30  ~  60 ml @ $50


"I absolutely loved RESTORE .... it was grounding, uplifting and I just felt it was right"  Neeta K Toronto ON


"I have already noticed an improvement in my mindset and well being from the Flow and Restore essences I have started using."  Holly J  Sarasota FL



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