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Soul Retrieval

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"Soul Retrieval"

Restores fragmented or disowned aspects of self and helps you reclaim your own inner child.  Helps overcome negative past life experiences that are sabotaging you in this lifetime.  Allows you to accept and integrate your negative qualities to create wholeness  

Helpful for those who have suffered an emotional trauma that caused an internal disconnect.  Also helpful for those who reject or disown their own 'shadow self' or negative attributes.  This is also a good essence if you feel you have dark entities persistently around you


Use for 21 days

30 ml  $30   


"Old memories of self, mistakes I made and would not face, have come up.  I remembered the times I was not treated with respect, and suddenly realized it was because I was giving away my power by disowning myself.  As the essence progresses, my creative self-expression and inner child have returned.  Nice"  Lori D  Thorold



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