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I Am Flexible

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I AM FLEXIBLE promotes allowance and acceptance, adaptability, flexibility, open willingness, co-operation, allowance for new ideas and new ways, risk-taking, and a greater sense of adventure.  May help to open the mind to new ways of doing things 
Assists relationships by promoting a more open, neutral exchange and acceptance of other points of view.  Ends rigid or stubborn inflexibility, rigid adherence to doing things the same way you've always done them, stubborn pride, self-righteous 'I-am-right-and-you-are-wrong' attitudes, fear of change or changing, and inability to adapt.  
This is a great stress-relief formula!  Also helpful in times of stressful change, such as during house renovations.  May also help to open the mind to new ways of doing things, making it helpful for those who need to brainstorm or come up with a different approach to a problem or situation 
Useful for OCD and addiction to pain medications
Use 21-42 days for control issues such as an inflexible attitude
Use daily as needed for stress relief
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"I have long wondered what the statement 'don't resist' meant in terms of allowing change. Since taking the flower essences, I am able to realize my resistance reactions to change.  I realize the words, thought and feelings I have in relation to something I don't like IS the resistance. I have connected these thought patterns to feelings of tightness around my middle torso and lower chest. Right where the liver, kidneys and heart are."  Jeanne H  El Cerrito CA


"I just wanted to tell you I had the best restful night of sleep last night that I have had all year. Thank you so much."  Pauline P  NOTL ON




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