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Nurturer in Balance

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"Nurturer In Balance"
Helps you hold your balance as a natural nurturer.  This essence fusion is so very helpful for naturally loving nurturers who fall out balance due to always looking after everyone else's needs except their own!  
It is ideal for women who are self-sacrificing, especially for their family, as well as those whose careers are in nurturing professions, such as nurses, alternative healers and empaths, and for those who tend to be 'rescuers' and want to 'fix' or help everyone
NURTURER IN BALANCE keeps you from being overly nurturing, from taking your work home with you mentally and energetically, and from 'rescuing'.  It instills the balance needed to stop you from being a selfless martyr and prompts you to look after your own needs while you help others
NURTURER IN BALANCE may also bring out nurturing, loving qualities in those who struggle with being  nurturing.  
NURTURER IN BALANCE may also assist with weight issues that result from constantly absorbing the energies of others
Use for 3-5 days as needed
30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml $50



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