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Love Empowered

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"Love Empowered"

A heart-opening essence to promote forgiveness, and restore love, trust and happiness.  Designed for those who are in a committed relationship, but feel betrayed, anger, distant, or defensive.  Enables you to heal and opens you up to communication and restoring your relationship  

Helpful when you become overly focused on differences and disagreements, judgments and conflicts between yourself and those you love.  You begin to feel alienated and defensive.  It seems easier to build walls and wait for others to make the first move

To restore closeness, you must heal your own attitudes and beliefs that are causing separation and defensiveness.  LOVE EMPOWERED helps promote communication and brings out your deeper feelings of love and co-operation to help you both sort things out  

Ideal when you have closed down emotionally or become defensive because you have been hurt or felt betrayed, but are unwilling to walk away from your loved one.  

LOVE EMPOWERED may also help with conflict resolution and negotiation, when administered to both parties 


21 days + repeat when needed for 3-5 days

30 ml  $30



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