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Open Door to Co-Creation

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"Open Door to Co-Creation"
This essence will quickly make you aware of the power of larger universal forces that are at work in partnership with your focus, thoughts and feelings. Feel your energetic  'edges' dissolve as you merge with universal oneness to co-create your future.  Your thoughts rapidly flow into manifestation with ease.  There is less resistance to obtaining your goals
Use with thoughtful careful deliberation and highest intent for what you wish to create or manifest ... (because you can just as easily manifest unintentionally)  
Use for 3-5 day intervals as needed 
15 ml  @ $15  ~  30 ml  $30    
"I used the Open Door to Co-Creation for 4 days with a very specific focus, and it worked perfectly. Then, 3 weeks later I used it with no particular focus and what I experienced was a profound gratitude "high." I had profound and deep feeling of gratitude towards everything! It's wonderful"  Michael G  Bowdoinham Maine
"I took the Open Door to Co-Creation at the onset of a migraine and it quickly went away.  Usually my migraines last for 3 days.  Is the essence releasing unexpressed energy or helping me hold my power?"  Elizabeth T  Niagara Falls



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