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Social Empowerment

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"Social Empowerment"

A stronger, more complex adaption of SOCIAL BUTTERFLY designed originally to address bullying  

Fosters acceptance, confidence, and self-appreciation.  Neutralizes the emotional and psychological impact of mean or 2-faced people, social rejection, bullying, and feeling misunderstood or different from others or an outcast.  Helps a child feel more socially adept and able to interact without feeling self-conscious or afraid  

Also helpful for introverts.  Helps you be more outgoing and take the initiative   

May also be used by adults at higher dosage.  Specify if ordering for children, as dosage will differ


Use 21 days + once a month for 3-5 days  

30 ml @ $30  ~  60 ml $50


"After just 3 days on Social Empowerment, my 8 yr old granddaughter not only seemed happier and began to make more friends, but she also figured out all on her own that she needed to be a better friend to others in order to have friends.  She LOVES this essence and actually asks for it"  Wendy W  Pt Colborne ON 


"It's the best thing I have done for my 8 yr old son!  Here's why ... Peer tutor said that my son is clearly articulating himself and his sentence word structure comes effortlessly.  Where prior he was scattered and easily distracted.  His OT reported that his letter formation is neater and he is more willing.  He seems happier and much more confident.  All these recent milestones are such a blessing!"  Laura A  Toronto ON 



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