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Womb Heal

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Promotes gentle psychological healing after miscarriage, hysterectomy, or abortion.  May promote menses.  Do not use if pregnant or nursing


"I feel a lot lighter than I did at the start and a lot more comfortable in my own skin.  I let go of a lot of guilt, pain, resentment, self-loathing and fear during the process...I'm so glad I did it."  Carla W  UK


Try Sweet Innocence after completing this essence.  It will leave you feeling as fresh and happy as an innocent child


Use for 21 days.  Do not repeat

30 ml @ $30  



"Today was the first day after using Womb Heal (yesterday morning and this morning) and Forgiveness (last night and about to use again tonight before going to bed)...I have to say that even though today is the first day of my monthly cycle, I feel a deep sense of relaxation and a certain kind of "well being" that I can not explain both in my core and in my abdomen.'  Anna C  White Plains NY



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