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Mini Photo Test

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Feeling overwhelmed and confused trying to select the best flower essences for your needs?  

Solution:  Add a mini test to your order and we'll ensure you get the ideal products for your needs!  

A mini test actually saves you money!  It ensures optimal results and you don't waste money ordering essence fusions that aren't right for you.  You only receive essences you really need, along with personalized instructions 

Here's how it works:  Order a mini test.  Then take a selfie and send it to us.  Tell us what which essence fusions you think you need.  The essences you choose will tell us your personal story and goals.  We'll test you and then let you know which essence fusions will actually achieve your goals.  Nothing is ever charged to your credit card until we consult with you on the test results and your order is ready to ship

Full instructions are emailed with your confirmation notice when you place your purchase order   


Available anywhere in Canada or continental USA


It's the effortless way to get the essences you actually do need, with custom instructions, so you'll get the best results with no waste of money or time  


Step 1  Select all the essences you think you want or need  

Sept 2 Place your order for your chosen essences and add a mini photo test.  Don't worry....No charges are placed on your credit card at the time of your purchase order  

Step 3  Send us a quick selfie.  Instructions are included in your order confirmation.  Include your order # and what you want to achieve with the essences you've chosen.  We'll do a quick photo test to see which essences you actually need 

Step 4  We'll email or call you with the test results and our recommendations

Step 5  Once you have your results, you decide which of these essences you want to order at that time.  Your order will then be placed on your credit card and we will ship your essences to you with your personal instructions


PLEASE NOTE:  If you request a $10 mini test and send your photo without submitting a list of the essences you think you want, we must upgrade it to a full test and charge accordingly 


If you are currently using or have used homeopathy at any time in the past for treating maladies or emotional issues, we do not recommend taking our living flower frequencies.  It will skew the results.    

Topical essences are OK to use.  Homeopathic tissues salts (minerals) and topical homeopathic remedies are also acceptible.  They will not affect your results with our living flower frequencies  (Please see our FAQ page to learn more about this)  



Instructions for submitting your photo will be included with your order confirmation. 

Your photo should look similar to this....look straight into the camera, and fill the entire space with your head and shoulders.  It's OK to smile!





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