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Align to Your Destiny

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"Align to Your Destiny"

Manifest your true vocation and essential identity!  To feel truly successful and fulfilled, your life has to reflect your spiritual truth.  That is why identifying your passion and purpose is so important!  

This essence is like an open sail that draws you to your destiny and spiritual purpose to help you enjoy true fullfillment.  It strengthens your will to make choices more in alignment with your highest spiritual intention.  It addresses unconscious past life issues and karma that are preventing you from stepping into your destiny, and enables you to receive on all levels.  This powerful formula can be life-altering in the shifts it gently helps to facilitate!


Use for 21 days

30 ml @ $30 


"I just received the flower essences!  As I held the Spiritual Shift (Align to Your Destiny) to my solar plexus, I felt a white energy surround me." Diana J  Boca Raton Florida


"I absolutely loved the positive effect the Spiritual Shift (Align to Your Destiny) essence had.  It's simply amazing....I can't say enough to describe its powerful effects. The nice thing is that it also seems gentle for enabling such change.   For meditation I was blown away by how much more visual of an experience, and with how much ease I could release any blocked emotion or physical discord I had.  I am noticing I am less resistant to opportunities that in the past I would've been too shy to experience.   I am also more trusting that the outcome of things will be more positive. 
It's effective alright, and you are correct that it keeps working even after you stop using it. Between the essence and the work I did, I find things are still changing.  A lot of challenging things are happening to me, however I am going through it with a lot more grace than I would have in the past, and I also noticed I have less anxiety over really sad / traumatic things" 
 Terry Mawhin  Reiki Master  Ft Erie ON


"I felt and experienced improvements when using I Am Deserving  and have just finished the wonderful Align to your Destiny, which I feel has been the most powerful for me so far."  Nina L UK


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