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Drama Free

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"Drama Free"

Designed especially for those who are inverting their true power, leadership and charisma by always focusing on the negative and dramatizing their challenges and tribulations rather than their blessings and positive achievements.   Helps quell the need to be a 'drama queen' to gain attention and sympathy.  Ideal for those who tend to over-react and blow things out of proportion, and those who try to elicit sympathy, attention, and emotional support from others by dramatizing what they are enduring.  Promotes tolerance and non-judgment and supports you as you choose to use your dramatic qualities as positive, inspiring, enthusiastic leadership or in acting/theatre

DRAMA FREE is also helpful for those who associate with negative people and 'drama queens'.  Stops you from taking on other people's dramas, crises, and problems.  DRAMA FREE keeps you from being knocked off balance by dramas and helps you remain neutral in the midst of chaos.  

This essence formula is very helpful for adrenal fatigue and for adrenaline 'addiction' (use for 42-66 days for adrenaline imbalances)

Use 21-66 days to break negative drama habit  

Use for 42-66 days to break adrenaline addiction

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