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A yin essence fusion to support and strengthen your feminine energies and qualities.  A blend of the frequencies of fragrant, highly feminine flowers  

Become the essence of Venus, Aphrodite, Gaia, Goddess and Mother Earth combined.   Deeply grounding and receptive, an opening of subtle enticing sensual femininity that others can sense and feel within you.  Feels like Gaia with undertones of sensual 'femme fatale' ...seductiveness but with resilient strength


Use for 21 days.  Repeat when desired for 3-5 days at a time

30 ml @ $30


 "I am truly enjoying Goddess Essence. In my case, I would not describe the feeling as flirty, I feel more the Femme Fatale or quietly seductive. And although I look exactly the same as I did last month, men are staring at me! Now I can't wait to try Love Magnet."  Mychelle W  San Diego CA


"The last time you sent me Goddess Essence I knew I was on to something. This is my second batch and it seems to be having an even stronger effect … I feel attractive and intriguing!!  But I’m not trying to feel this way, it’s coming from inside of me" Mychelle W  San Diego CA



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