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Father Issues

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"Father Issues"

Prompts the release and healing of all types of emotional pain surrounding your father, including abuse, abandonment, lack of healthy mentoring, and rejection.  When you are unhealed in respect to your father, you will believe the universe is ungenerous.  You may not be able to assert yourself in healthy ways or move into your true potential.  You may not have healthy relationships, unconsciously choosing people you can 'rescue' or fix, or people who are 'unavailable' or troubled  

Father issues negatively impact the lives of women, in particular, because a father is a girl's first experience with male love.  So, issues with daddy can cause a woman to believe she is unlovable, or that she must earn love, or she may sabotage herself by choosing unsuitable or 'unavailable partners' such as married men, troubled men or older men  

This powerful profound essence fusion can be life altering.  It often brings startling realizations into conscious awareness ('aha moments'), and may sometimes release uncomfortable feelings for a day or two while you are re-framing and purging your harmful past experiences


Use for 21-42 days

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